The Spider in the Hall! - A Dose of Encouragement

If you have read other posts on this blog you will know that my husband travels often on business.

Although some people think this has perks - it rarely does.  In fact there are so many other things that are downsides of this fact.

The Spider in the hall being just one of those.

When we moved into this house in December 2010 we noticed a lot of spiders appearing in the first 6 months here.

Suddenly we would be sitting quietly watching a dvd in the lounge when something would run along the floor past us and Fred would have to jump up to get it and kill it before it disappeared again.  Slippers were even known to have been thrown across the room in some cases.

These spiders were not wee tiny things but quite big and therefore noticeable when they tried to sprint the length of our room.

The 2 good things about that time was that

  • Fred was not travelling much so he was there to do the killing (please don't judge us for killing them).
  • It came to an end, we presumed the spiders had been hiding somewhere after being free to roam the house while it was empty before we bought it and now they had all ventured out and been GOT.

I'm not saying we didn't get any spiders since then but to be honest we got more outside on the patio than we did in the house and the ones in the house were not big.

Until September last year that was.

It was enormous!
I mean really enormous!

But worse than that - Fred was away on business!

I was on my own in the house!

It was 1.15 in the morning when I should have been in bed fast asleep but well.....

All I could think of was

That thing could make it to our bedroom 
and the door of our bedroom doesn't close properly 
and this thing could be crawling all over me in bed. 

 I would never be able to sleep.

It has to go!

But there was no Fred to get it for me.

Now just to prove that I did not zoom in on this spider to make it look BIG you can see it compared to the mirror which is about 4.5 feet long and 2 feet deep.  The spider was just approaching the corner and was about 1.5 feet from the mirror.

Before I decided how to kill it I had to take a picture because otherwise Fred would never have believed me about the size of it.

My biggest problem was I did not want to squash it on the wall because I did not want to mark the paintwork - too lazy to have to clean it!

I would have to act quickly before this thing ran off.

But I didn't because the spider seemed content to just sit there while I took the picture and stared at it considering my options.

No way was I going to try to scoop it onto a piece of paper and try to take it outside - it would have been far too close to my hands.

It had to be the flick it off the wall and stamp on it method!

But I was in my slippers and my feet are small so I had to go get a newspaper and would you believe that brute just sat there on the wall and waited for me to come back.  I think he thought I would be no match for him.

Then with a swift flick off the wall (making no mark), I threw the newspaper on top of it on the floor and jumped on top of the newspaper.  


I actually think it was so big it couldn't move as fast as smaller spiders.

After what probably would have looked to others like a little flamenco dancing on the newspaper it was definitely dead.

Well I felt so good (not because I had killed a spider) but because I had managed something I usually relied on Fred to do and I would be able to sleep unworried about the spider.

But then the thought struck me

What if there was a spider's mate somewhere in the house?

How quickly I could go from one feeling to another!

How quickly my mood could be changed by one little thought!

But the devil sure knows which little thought to put into our minds - that one little thought that will be the one to do his evil work.

He knows just when to slip it in to rob us of any joy we have.

He tries it all the time.
He is an expert at it.
He thinks he knows us so well.

And let's face it he does know us well.

He knows all those thoughts, feelings, fears, reactions, worries that he can attack us with.


God knows us better than anyone.

God does not attack us.
God does not rob us of joy.
God does not throw discouraging thoughts at us.
God does not plant niggling fears in our minds.

God is the one who gives us joy.

God is the one who helps us overcome all that the devil wants to pull us down with.

So next time you feel your joy being sucked away by the devil and his whisperings in your ear think about this story of the spider and 

imagine you are flamenco dancing on the devil 


Jesus has the victory over the devil and so do we.

Don't let the devil hold you back!


  1. I don't like spiders either, and can understand what its like to let our imagination run a bit wild. Thank you for sharing the truth that God is the one who brings us joy!

    1. You are right Kamea that is the truth.

  2. Anonymous12:38

    What a beautiful illustration of how God makes us "more than conquerors", Sandra! Enjoyed your post this morning as I visited at #LiveFreeThursday. I have to admit, your words brought a smile to my face because you painted such a vivid word picture, even without your daring feat of spider photography!

    1. thank you Janet, glad I made you smile

  3. Oh my, I think I would creep out with a spider that size!

    1. I know but it is amazing what we will do when we have to

  4. Thanks for such a great, illustrative (true) story here, Sandra! The pic of the spider caught my attention on #livefreeThursday and I just had to click on over. Whenever I see a spider today, I'm gonna think of flamenco dancing all over the joy sucking devil!

  5. flamenco dancing on the devil - ha! I usually say "kick boxing the devil"
    I know how it is when you have to suddenly conquer the big bugs on your own, figuratively and literally. Now that you met that challenge, you can do anything!

    1. Yes Angela whatever way we can do we will do it.

  6. My house has roaches. We live in the tropics in the mountains and there's no way around them. My husband and I play a game in the evenings when we're cuddled up together watching TV that whoever spots the roach gets to send the other person to kill it (with a shoe.) Not my favorite game in the fact I wish I never had to play it, but at least it keeps the bugs out of view.

    1. Oh no I really feel for you, I once had a large cockroach walk over my foot - horrible!

  7. I remember turning the light on in my bathroom one night and seeing a spider the size of a 1/2 dollar on the wall directly across from me. I froze! I do not care for spiders AT ALL. Especially the big ones. I too called my husband in to take care of it. I'm always afraid they'll jump at me or something!! Makes my skin crawl.

    1. Oh Pam I know that skin crawl feeling - yuck

  8. Love the connections you made to our amazing God from an annoying little spider. :) Thanks!

  9. I'm a military wife. I have been stuck in the house with bats, spiders, geckos, and snakes. It is quite the feeling to conquer not just the unwelcome intruder, but also our fears. I think we have to practice 2 Cor. 10:5b and take captive those nasty little buggers of thoughts too!

    1. Exactly conquer everything with God's help

  10. I cannot stand spiders and that one is a MONSTER! I can't stand to kill them because they "crunch" and that gives me the creeps.

    1. Oh no not the crunch Marie, I was literally singing to make sure I didn't hear anything as I danced on it.

  11. I had an exterminator come once to get a spider in my basement and he actually bagged it to take it to his work buddies because it was so big and he wanted to show it off. 😁

    1. Oh my Amy I'm glad I didn't see that one.

  12. I'm shuddering at the thought. I love how God helps us find our brave! The devil is a joy-robber which makes him easy to spot!

  13. The devil is always hanging around to make us miserable but God can remove the spirit of fear from us.

  14. Cute! And I'm so blessed to have two little boys who delight in killing man-eating spiders when my husband's working nights!

  15. Spiders don't freak me out as much as Parktown Prawns (Google them - you'll see they're like alien insect demons!). I once used half a can of Doom to kill one.

  16. Ugh! I am not a fan of spiders, and I'm not sure I could have handled the situation as well as you did. Even with knowing what I know about not being afraid and fearful... I've done the slide a jar over the spider and weigh it down until some one can take care of it.... and it has taken quite a while of waiting for that opportunity to arrive...


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  17. Anonymous18:42

    My husband just found a bazillion baby spiders on a giant web in our garage. He thought it was sawdust stuck to a web and almost touched it - eeek! I love how you turn your stories into encouragement!! Thanks for sharing at the Pinterest Love Weekend Pin-It Party :)

  18. Awesome story! I feel the same way about spiders. I can kill a snake easier, no lie. (Unless it's poisonous) Wonderful analogies, flamenco dancing on the devil. :) Thanks for visiting me so I could read this!

  19. I cannot believe the size of that spider! You're brave, lady! Great post! Visiting from #dancewithJesus.

  20. OMG! I am not usually scared of spiders, but uuummm that's just too much lol loved this

  21. Anonymous17:26

    I love it! Great analogy. And yes, I would have an issue with that spider too!

  22. What a fabulous story and lesson.

    I hate spiders though... eeek! You could have told me this without the picture. I had the weebie jeebies while reading! lol

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely week.

  23. Amen sister. The rotten devil was trying to do that to me yesterday afternoon. xo

  24. Sandra, I was dancing right along with you, having killed my share of spiders, roaches, and even a snake once...God's grace is sufficient for whatever we face!

  25. Oh goodness, I do not do spiders and that is the biggest one I have ever seen! How very brave to have to defeat that spider and what a powerful message you found in that. Thanks for sharing. Blessings from #BloggerCareGroup :)

  26. I've seen some big spiders, but that one I would have gladly surrendered the house over to him. :) I'm so glad God knows me better than anyone else and that we have the victory over Satan. Thank you for linking up with Thankful Thursdays.

  27. We try to keep spiders out of our house, but our porch has some small ones. They do catch bugs which is good, but they are becoming a nuisance as they increase. A flyswatter is a good tool to use, but we also have bug spray. I love the picture in my mind of you dancing on the newspaper. We do know who plants fear thought into our minds and can catch him early. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  28. That is one scary spider! I totally understand. I would not have been able to sleep to if it were anywhere within close proximity to me.

    And I also agree about evil thoughts, worries and baseless anxieties robbing us of our joy and peace. Every time something scares me, I could not sleep well. Only to find out it was nothing really. I just magnified it with my own fear and imagination.

    Hope you conquer all evil thoughts and well, remove all spiders in your home. :)

  29. Thanks Sandra for sharing faith and encouragement in Words of Comfort Link Up.


    Tayrina from

  30. Crazy story, Sandra! I know how you feel. I love your parallel of how the devil tries to steal our joy with the just "right" (or wrong!) thought ... And that God is bigger than that spider!

  31. That is one big spider. I can't believe how God teaches us so much in the things that we fear the most. God is always bigger and braver than our greatest fears and Satan himself. Thank you for sharing these words at The Weekend Brew.

  32. Such a practical lesson with this fun story. Blessings, and a spider free weekend to you!