3 Truths About God's Grace - Coffee & Conversation

Do we really understand God's Grace to us?

Here we are taking just a few minutes to consider

3 Truths about God's Grace

It is a Healthy Christian Exercise to consider, read about and dwell on God's Grace to us on a regular basis.

So let's look at three truths about His Grace that will help to focus our minds on how wonderful God is.

1.  We Don't Deserve God's Grace  -   ROMANS 5 v 8

God's Grace is great & powerful

God has extended His grace to us through Jesus.

We were still in a state of continual sin but God still extended His Grace to us before we loved Him.

2.  We Can't Earn God's Grace  -  EPHESIANS 2 v 8-9

God's Grace to us is so hard for us to grasp at times.

We cannot understand exactly what it is or define it fully.

But if it weren't for His Grace we could never know salvation.

3.  We Can't Lose God's Grace  -  ROMANS 8 v 38-39

God's Grace is His -  not ours.

God is the only one who could bestow His Grace upon us 
and hence can be the only one to take it from us.

We have this promise in Romans to remind us of this fact.