Memorizing The Lord's Prayer + Free Printable - Coffee & Conversation

Have you heard of the Lord's Prayer?

Have you ever recited the Lord's Prayer?

Have you ever read the Lord's Prayer in the Bible?

Well let's make 
Coffee & Conversation 
 into a cuppa with the 
Lord's Prayer!

I'm offering this Free Printable of the Words of the Lord's Prayer as a resource to help you to memorize the Lord's Prayer or to give to someone else to help them to learn this prayer.

It is one of my assortment of free printables which can be found in my Resource Library

The Lord's Prayer 

We find the Lord's Prayer in 2 of the Gospels

Matthew ch 6 v 9 - 13


Luke ch 11 v 1 - 4

Jesus gave the disciples these words to pray as a great example of how to pray, as a template of prayer and also as a prayer.

It reminds us to 
  • acknowledge who God is
  • bring our petitions to Him
  • seek forgiveness for our sins
  • ask for help and guidance
  • seek protection and to recognise evil
  • come to God in adoration of Him
plus so much more that is too much to cover here in this short blog post.

Brief Tips to help you learn the Lord's Prayer 

  1. The Lord's Prayer printable is available to download in both A4 and Letter size.  So it can be used to help you memorize this gift that the Lord Jesus gave us to come before God the Father.
  2. Break it up into 3 sections, the first 5 lines about God, the next 6 lines about our requests, the last 4 lines about praising God
  3. Then break it up further into individual lines to learn off small amounts within each section and lead on to learning each full section.
  4. Read it through in it's entirety at the start and at the end every time you spend some time to learn it. This will help with the placement in your mind of all of it.
  5. Print out 3 copies and actually cut one copy up into the 3 sections and then another copy up into all the individual lines and then keep one of the full prayer to check as you practice putting the sections or individual lines into place together.
  6. Make it a challenge to memorize it. You can even print out a 4th copy & make it into a puzzle of the whole prayer by cutting out each individual word. 

Have you downloaded the Free Lord's Prayer Challenge yet?

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