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Durbuy (The Labrynth) - A to Z of Places I have visited

For the next few months I am going to write about some places I have visited and do them in alphabetical order.
Still wondering what I will do for the more unusual letters like Q and X etc. but maybe I will have a brilliant idea later.

My D for the series is Durbuy, a small town in the Luxemburg region of Belgium.

We lived in Belgium for over 6 years and loved our time there especially seeing so many new places.

One day trip we made from our home in Tervuren (on the outskirts of Brussels) took us to the Labrynth (Maze) at Durbuy and being a Mathematical person I am also a logical person so I love to have a puzzle of some sort to work out.

The Maze Was Very Large 

and it was also very tall.  No seeing over the top of those hedges but if you managed to get up higher somehow (you'll find out later) you would have seen that

there was something at the centre of the Maze.

Fortunately we did get a map of a kind to help us find our way to the activity at the centre.

So Off We Went 

and to start with I had the map.

Fred was looking at it along with me and our son Jonathan was coming behind taking some photos.
It was a lovely day with the sun out and we were very comfortable in our short sleeves but because the hedges forming the maze were so tall parts of the trail were in the shadow and that meant a lot of dark patches for the photos.

Fred is 6 foot tall so looking at these photos now I'm presuming the hedges were between 7 and 8 feet high.

At one stage Fred ended up with the map on his own - I was probably lagging behind talking to Jonathan.

Then Fred was off and I had to

run to catch up with him before we would get lost.

Fred had decided that he knew exactly where we were and where we were going and so he took the lead and we just followed.

Of course he was right (as always) and a little while later we had arrived at the centre.   

Walking In There

we saw some other people were sitting waiting and there were a few people dressed as soldiers. 

 One of them had a map of the regions of Belgium so that everyone could see where we were. 

Soon some other people arrived and the soldiers took charge and gave some commands for us to stand and then they picked out some from the crowd to come to the middle of the clearing and the rest of us had to sit down on benches around the perimeter of this area.

Well Guess Who Got Picked


My husband is always full of fun and always willing to enter in at times like this and Jonathan and I were happy to sit and watch and laugh and laugh.

The soldiers tried to teach them all to hold a gun (really a large stick) making them look and act in a very funny manner and then

they had to be able to do something with their hands held up - I don't remember what that was because we were just laughing so much at them all.

Each one of the "volunteers" got picked on for a part of the training 

and then they had to practice marching.

After our bit of entertainment we had to find our way towards the exit of the Maze and Jonathan found himself a great place for a view over it all.

Now you know how we have those first two pics looking over the maze.

We took some photos of him up there as well as him climbing up and down it and he got some photos from that height too. 

Then He Took a Nice Pic

of his old mum and dad sitting below.

Before we left he took another nice one of us on a wooden seat under a trellis.

It is a lovely place and we had a relaxing time there even though we had to navigate a maze.

An entertaining day in the middle of a puzzle in Belgium

If you are ever in that area of Belgium do make the effort to go and I hope you get a nice sunny warm day as we did.

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