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The Wooden EverEarth Noah's Ark Toy for Young Children - Review

We will share the
  • Unboxing
  • Views & Features of the Ark
  • Animals
  • Our Opinion
  • The reaction of our grandson


The Ark was double boxed and padded with polystyrene and extra cardboard boxes

It was all a tight fit so this gave us great confidence for an unharmed Ark.

We then saw that the smaller boxes contained the animals wrapped in polystyrene bags.

As we had thought, the Ark was in perfect condition when we eventually got it maneuvered out of the box which we had to tear partly.


The two sides were almost identical

Side 1

Side 2

The main difference was the top was closer to one end than the other.  

At the end with more space the top of the Ark had two swing opening doors.

Both sides of the Ark could be opened & part of the roof lifted off.

Plenty of room inside the bottom of the Ark for the animals and a set of steps went from the top to the bottom.

Investigating these features let us see and feel the movement and thickness of the wood.


As we unwrapped the animals they were placed on and entering the Ark

and around the Ark


We were very impressed with the sturdy frame and the simple decor to the outside of this wooden Ark.

The inside was not forgotten when it came to detail as it featured a step/ramp and segregated area in the main section of the Ark; the top area had the opening down to the lower section and room for some of the animals too.

The outer side doors were a large part of each side and were attached at the top with strong string/cord which were very apt for a boat.

The finish of the wood left us with no doubt that this was a gift that would not be easily broken or damaged which is very important when it is for a young boy who is eager to investigate everything.

The Reaction of our Grandson

For his first birthday Matthew had received a piano (by Melissa & Doug) and the keys had been excitedly played or should we say banged.

On seeing this, his second birthday gift, Matthew just launched in to explore it and did not speak to any of us for quite some time.

Matthew takes a good look around and into the top of the Ark

Matthew discovers the openings on each side of the Ark

Matthew discovers the roof comes off

Matthew is intrigued with the rope for opening the sides of the Everearth Ark

Every bit of the Ark was opened, closed, turned around and every animal examined carefully, matched up with its pair and allotted a position outside and then inside it's home.

Matthew was happy to share the Ark with his duplo as well as the animals

The final thing was:

  Testing how it was to be moved.

Matthew slides the Everearth Ark across the floor headed for the hallway

This 2 year old was very happy with his gift because not only was it strong and could take the care (abuse) of a boisterous 2 year old but it also left enough room for different arrangements of play and for imagination which led to a lot of talk then about what the animals were going to do and where exactly they would reside.

Nanny and Grandpa were very happy that on being pushed across the wooden floor the Everearth Ark did not leave any marks!!!


The only thing I felt was disappointing was the fact that Noah and his wife and family where not part of the toy (or at least the husband and wife).

The Everearth Ark is very expensive but we know without a doubt that this Ark is of extremely good quality and will survive the adventures with Matthew and his little sister Ruby when she is older and any other grandchildren we may have.

I have not been compensated for this review - it is just my opinion of the gift we got for out first grandson.