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How to Organize Craft Punches

Over the years I have collected a lot of Craft materials 
but not used all that I gathered together into my Craft Armoire.

One of the reasons for this was that I had not organised my supplies in the best way to make sure I would regularly use them.

I had found many storage items large and small for storing my crafts but now I was determined to get more organised.

Today I'm going to tell you about how I organised my 



Originally I had my punches in square matching cardboard boxes of 
3 different sizes 

the larger border type punches together in the largest box on the right
the small & medium sized ones together in the small box on the left.

Then a mix of small & medium sized ones 
together with the large ones that were leftover from the large box 
in the medium box below

Yes you can clearly see it was not a good arrangement for storage
  1. Sizes were mixed together
  2. Types were mixed together
  3. Subjects were mixed together
  4. Boxes had to be opened to even try to remember what punches I had
  5. Punches on top of punches meant ones had to be lifted out to see the others.

I also tried using clear plastic boxes to store them thinking I could maybe have the same types or same subjects together and see through the sides.

This was the result:

I only got two boxes used when I realised I was going to need 4 of them if I wanted to keep them well sorted and 4 of these boxes would take up much more space.

If I didn't want to use 4 then it would always mean that some punches were on top of others and I would forget what I had and every time I was thinking of using a punch I would still need to go through all the punches which meant I would still be moving and opening boxes and to be honest I'm too lazy for that.

So I was back where I had started!!! 

Then I saw an interesting item one day online in Ikea's Kvissle Series

It's called the Letter Tray

With this item 
  1. I would not have to lift one box off another and open boxes and then sift through punches lying on top of each other
  2. I would be able to see all the punches in one section without even touching any of them.

So I got all my punches out again 

and started sorting them into subjects & types like borders,  designs, 



So off to Ikea and I bought the Kvissle Letter Tray

I knew beforehand that I would have a choice of places to keep the tray unit as it could fit unto a couple of different shelves in my Craft Armoire (Ikea give you all the dimensions) 

and I knew it would be so much better than my previous system for my punches and I was right.

Corner & small border punches

Animals & Plants


Large Borders


It is now

       easy to open, 
              easy to see the punches,  

                     easy to lift them out 

and then maybe the most important fact of all 

it is
       so easy to return the punch to it's position - yes!

I will  NOW put each punch away as soon as I use it 

it is just a matter of pulling out the right tray and placing it where it came from.

Doesn't it look so neat here in my Craft Armoire

even now when I got a few extra punches and put them in the wicker basket in front but that is easy to lift out and then I can pull out the trays.

Please try not to be tempted to buy more punches

Baskets, Boxes & Bags - Organising My Home

There is so much to organize in any home
I'm sure you are like me
which means

we would rather have something that
looks nice
to help keep us organised.


There is nothing better
Great Storage Solutions

than the 3 B's


When I was working on the Dressing Room and Storage Closet Overhaul & Inventory I had done a bit of a mixture and it was all centred really around those
Baskets, Boxes and Bags that I love.

Some of you who laughed at these labelled baskets

in my Hall cloakroom will have fun today again
(just a little hint of what is to come)


Previously I had done a very quick tidy up in the Storage Closet because I had to get the floor cleared so that the walk-in closet could be a proper walk-in closet!

Now that meant that the closet did not look too bad on a cursory glance but the storage shelves and containers definitely needed more attention.

It is difficult to get pictures taken because of the smallness of the closet and only artificial lighting but I hope these are not too bad.

Left Hand side First set of Shelves

Doesn't look too bad here but top and bottom can't be seen here as it is too close to get a full length picture and they needed more work done on them, and some of the scarves had got mixed up so they got sorted neatly.

And then I got out my heart labels and strings.

I got these tags on Ebay and loved them so much I sent for more.

Because of being tied with string you can tie them tight or loose and let the tag hang just the right length to suit whatever basket you are using.

The top shelf had a smaller blue box than the two you can see in the BEFORE picture but there was room beside it to move the middle sized blue one up beside it leaving room for the third dark wicker basket which had been elsewhere in the closet so my sets of baskets are all together here now.

Right Hand side First set of Shelves

The top shelf here was not being used properly at all but because it is rather high up for me I couldn't use it for baskets or anything heavy that I might want on a regular basis so after looking around at the rest of the closet I decided that moving my Puzzle magazines up there would be better than having them take up a shelf under my shoes and would free up more space for my shoes, so up went the puzzle books.

I fixed up the handbag shelves as they get very untidy as I pull out and push in handbags all the time.
Then I change d the use of the three matching baskets here to take my sun caps, Fred's caps and my belts and of course labelled them too.

Okay there were definitely baskets here and yes a set of blue boxes but what about the bags?

The handbags?


we need to go downstairs for
the bags
more boxes.


In my Study the piece of furniture that was tackled now was the white console unit which is from the Hemnes range in Ikea.

I particularly love this range in white although I like it in the other colours too.

So this is what it looked like to start with.

What I needed was something to sit in the sections that would look like a good fit for them instead of all the different things I had stuck in them in the mean time.

The expanding files you can see in one of the bottom sections have now gone into the craft armoire in another Organising post and some other things have been housed in the armoire too but I have still to find a home for a few things since I have rearranged with my new
(wait for it)


with chalkboard panels

that I shared in my Storage Bargains

I just love them

and my other

A4 sized Butterfly and Silver Boxes

so now with the large chalkboard boxes in the bottom sections

and the Butterfly and Silver Boxes in the top sections

and the top cleared up

my console unit looks like this

Then I must show you the lovely stationary box I have which I keep letters in and paper to write letters (unfortunately not many letters are written these days) 

Well now you are thinking

"she still hasn't done the bags!"

I love bags because they are very useful for storage and of course for carrying items to and from places that I go regularly.

I have my Ark bags that I mentioned in other posts and they are used for taking Sunday School materials to Church on Sundays or if I do a School Assembly.

But then below there is (clockwise from top left):

  • my other Ark bag which is wider and this is the one that goes to the Kids After School Bible Club each Monday Afternoon to carry my Bible, songs, small games items and other miscellaneous items that I may need.
  • my Craft bag
  • my two bags for storing large songs and quizes
  • and my Ladybird Tesco's Bag which I use to keep my wool.

and loads too many other bags to mention


many times a bag

is better for storage than a box or a basket.

So even though I was sorting out and tidying up I was working with

"Things I love"



and dare I admit it

I still have more

Baskets, Boxes and Bags to use elsewhere!

10 Storage Ideas for Spices - Organising My Home

I like organising but sometimes I just don't have the proper space or storage container to suit my needs.

Spice storage is something I have had to think about each time we have moved house and I have to say that I looke at many different storage ideas for my spices over the years and have used a few different types.

So when we were getting a new kitchen put in to our present home I again had the opportunity to look at storage for my spices.

So when we were getting a new kitchen put in to our present home I again had the opportunity to look at storage for my spices again.

This time I was going to have a larder / pantry for the first time since we bought our first home and we were designing it as a walk-in pantry (although we would not be able to walk in too far as we were determined to get all the shelf space possible fitted in.

Because we were having full say as to what drawers, cupboards shelving etc. we would have in the kitchen I was open to storing my spices in various ways so here are 10 storage ideas I looked at for my spices.

10 Storage Ideas for Spices

1.  Drawer Storage for Spices

I was keen to have sets of long drawers with a mixture of shallow and deep.

However I never have more than about 15 herbs and spices so this would have been too large for me but oh how accessible all my jars would have been.

Omega National Spice Drawer Insert

2.  Lighter Drawer Storage for Spices

Then also I was interested in having pull out shelving which is a bit like drawers so I thought this type might be good.

This is narrower so would fit better in those 50 mm or 60 mm cupboards where I was going to have the pull out shelving but in the end the cupboard I did allocate for one of these ended up having to be less deep (front to back) because of extra piping etc. needed behind it.

3.  Worktop Storage for Spices

Some of my worktop space was going to be deeper out from the wall so I considered allowing some of my worktop space to be used for the spices.

Again very accessible for quick grabbing but in the end we decided we would have enough on the worktops and did not really want to have this type of metal storage which would take a lot of cleaning.

3 Tier Standing Spice Rack

4.  Rotating Storage for Spices on the Worktop

I am extremely fond of things being easily "got at" so definitely I would have been interested in looking at rotating storage for nearly anything.

However again the thought of having to clean this on regularly stopped us taking up the worktop space with this.

Kamenstein 30020 Revolving 20-Jar Countertop Spice Rack Tower Organizer with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years

5.  Rotating Storage for Spices on a Cupboard Shelf

In a cupboard this type of storage can not normally be as high as we could have it on a worktop so this was an option.

It definitely was an option for us because I do like rotating storage to make it easy to grab things and I had been planning to put three other rotating storage items in my new larder but when we checked the measurements again we would not be able to fit them all in.

X-cosrack 2-tier Lazy Susan Turntable 10inch Bamboo Spinning Spice Rack

6.  Wall Storage for Spices

Do to the layout of the new kitchen there wasn't going to be a section where we could have some wall space clear that could be used for  mounting some form of open shelving or racks.

If I had been able to consider wall storage this quite simple metal rack would have been very interesting.

mDesign Metal Wall Mount Kitchen Spice Rack

7.  Cupboard Door Storage for Spices

We would have our long larder / pantry door and several other smaller cupboard doors that could be used for extra storage space on the inside.

This was then a thought for a while but in the end we decided that we would rather not have jars knocking together as we opened the door every time we wanted anything within the cupboard let alone the spices themselves.

Spice Storage Rack Organizer Pantry Door

8.  Cupboard Shelf  -  Plastic Storage for Spices

Now in the end we knew that we really wanted to keep our herbs and spices inside our new larder basically to have most if not all the food stored together.

The place we knew we would have room was along the wall on the shelf behind the 3 rotating storage containers as otherwise there would just be wasted space there.

It would have to be free standing or something easily attached to the wall of the larder.

First I looked at plastic versions.

Prodyne A-845 Spice Rack, 20 Bottle

9.  Cupboard Shelf  -  Wooden Storage for Spices

Then I looked at wooden versions.

But most of them seemed to sit out a distance from the back of a shelf and I didn't want to lose too much of my shelf depth.

2-Tier Wooden Rack Seasoning Shelf Spice Rack Shelf Space-Saving Multifunctional

10.  Cupboard Shelf  -  Metal Storage for Spices

Then I looked at metal versions.

I am quite partial to black metal and had already ordered two items for another part of the kitchen that were black metal so I felt drawn towards something like those and this is what I found.

So I had my solution and I believe it ended up being the cheapest of all the ones considered so that was an added bonus.
Who doesn't like to save a bit of money?

Scroll Wall-Mounted, Traditional Spice Rack 

The one I got was even cheaper than this one but when I went back to get the picture and name of it I found it was no longer available in Amazon.   However to me they look exactly the same.

Although this one states wall mounted, so did mine but it does sit perfectly on my shelf and I have never bothered to attach it to the back of my larder.

This is mine below, all full up and sitting in my pantry / larder.

I do like my decision and in fact I like it so much that I'm now trying to get another one to match it to put beside it to the left where I have some more space and I could store my other small jars and bottles of things for baking etc.  but because it doesn't seem to be available anymore I may just have to get the one shown here as the dimensions are the same.

Although this one states wall mounted and so did mine it does sit on my shelf and I have never bothered to attach it to the back of my larder.

Thinking of redoing your kitchen, or adding some extra storage then why not pin this for later.