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The Coffee Mug - A Dose of Encouragement

I have a very annoying habit 
             -  according to my husband Fred.  

     You see everywhere I go in the house, I leave a trail of coffee mugs behind me.  Well really I think it's only in our bedroom and study and the living room, but I suppose that's bad enough.


Admittedly I do love my coffee in bed on a Saturday morning (compliments of Fred) but then Fred enjoys his tea and toast too!   

      Now my coffee has to be made just right, and sometimes for a treat some cinnamon added and it all frothed up in the mug, a home-made cappuccino.  


Anyway I do tend to take a mug of coffee with me to the study when I'm working at the computer and I never really drink all of it.

So you've guessed it - 

Fred found a mug of coffee in the study the other day which had congealed and was (according to him)

         "considering becoming an experiment for new life forms".  

He was not amused. 

"How can you ever drink out of that mug again?"  he said,

as he carried it at arms length into the kitchen.  

     Well to me that was no problem because I am a great fan of boiling water and dishwashers.  I left the offending mug to soak in boiling water planning to put it through a couple of cycles in the dishwasher later. 

      A few hours later I was passing the mug when I noticed how all the gunge had come away from the sides and bottom of the mug and was ready to be poured out.  

     Suddenly it struck me that exactly the same thing happens to us as we sit in the presence of the Lord each day - all the ugliness that has caught hold can be gently drawn out by God's Spirit.  Then as we confess to God and accept His forgiveness we are made clean and pure again just like the mug when it was finally taken out of the dishwasher.  

We find a wonderful prayer in the Bible that puts this request to God and we know that what we ask of Him believing in Him, He will keep His Word to us.

But you know what the good thing is, with God it doesn't have to take as long as the mug soaking and going through the dishwasher.

                  Now guess what is sitting beside me as I type this - 


Another coffee mug
   and I will try to remember to take it with me 
when I leave the study this time.

A Dose of Encouragement from a Coffee Mug.

Thanks for dropping in today and remember 

God wants to make us clean.

Are you a coffee fanatic like me?

I'm thankful God loves coffee drinkers like me, are you?