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An Organised Dressing Room!

The first thing we did in the dressing room when we moved into this house 4 years ago was to put in fitted wardrobes along two walls with mirrored doors which make the room brighter and bigger.

This was not as straightforward as most wardrobe fitting companies want it to be because we had slanted ceilings and it affected both walls in two different ways so some of them just said

              "No, sorry we can't do that"

Well we did get it done and it was one of the best things we have done as it used up space along one wall in the room which was not tall enough for normal wardrobes and space on the other wall which we were able to use right up to the normal height of the ceiling and gave us 6 sections of wardrobes and shelving space.

It also meant that there was still plenty of space in the room for us to put up an extra double bed when there are more family coming to visit.

We use the electric EZ Bed for this.
I purchased it on a TV channel which is not the norm for me as I rather see these channels but I also got one of my best ever buys from there too - my steamer.

However because we kept meaning to get the plaster on another wall fixed and the room painted and new carpet put down I never really sorted out the wardrobes properly until now.

Yes we had one wall with huge cracks and bits of plaster always falling on the floor.

But now these cracks have been dealt with

and the room has been painted

and the wardrobes have been sorted.

Along the high wall

Left Wardrobe

Too many shirts were pushed in together and mixed up
a quick removal of all the short-sleeved shirts and then colours put together better
left a not so crushed pile of shirts
and 2 neater looking rails.

The top shelf didn't need to be touched at all.

Middle Wardrobe

This one was a bit of a crazy mixture so some things were able to be thrown out and some removed to be put elsewhere leaving room for all the short-sleeved shirts and a few long things.

The top shelf was fine, the shelf below just needed to be rearranged to hold the four pillows for use with the EZ double bed we can add to that room.

The bottom of the wardrobe still holds the grey container as before but Fred's 2 music/sound things which had been placed there (still inside the packing paper from our move to the house) have been taken out and a basket is there now with some gifts for Christmas in it.

Right Wardrobe

You can clearly see the slanted part of the ceiling here as this wall meets the lower wall.

This rail now is neater with the trousers and t shirts and polo shirts.
The top shelf just needed tidying up and still has some space left.
The shelf below it was a real mess with a mixture of travel things and a large box got last Christmas for Fred's belts but then he complained and said the sections of it are too small and the belts will get ruined having to be rolled up tightly.   Now that shelf only has 3 containers on it.
The belts are now all on the lower shelf which had originally been a mixture as well, and so messy looking with the hangers.

I need to think more about the belts and see if there will be another solution for them instead of taking up a whole shelf.

Along the lower wall

Left Wardrobe

The left hand rail here had been a mixture of my jackets and Fred's suits but now is better organised with Fred's suits easily reached and our summer jackets in the corner that is harder to get at.

The right rail had too many items crushed together so it now has my dresses.
On the bottom of this section we keep the emergency ladder which can be hooked over the window of the Dressing Room in case of fire.  The space in the corner beside it  is free - I love to have some free space because inevitably there will be something else needing a home when I tackle the games room.

The shelf at the top is now neater with the use of another 2 grey containers which have summer clothes in them.

Middle Wardrobe

This one was easy to work with very little change at the bottom.
A few clothes removed so rail is not as full.
Top shelf has the first grey container I got and these containers are just brilliant.  They are made of material and cardboard and are firm but pliable some have little windows and they come in several shapes and sizes.

I got them on Amazon and this is just one example of them.

Right Wardrobe

Quite a few items were summer clothes so they were packed away in one of the grey containers so no longer too many clothes hanging here.

I found that the slanted roof to this wardrobe was ideal for storing extra hangers so all the hangers making a mess previously in one of the other wardrobes are now neatly placed here on the top shelf along with a containers holding one of my large American Quilts.

My Hair dryer & brushes etc. had always been a problem on the top shelf and now I have them on the bottom and there is a lamp beside them because we keep this for when someone uses this room as a bedroom and need a bedside lamp.

I am looking forward to getting the new carpet for this room now.

And because a lot of the wardrobes still have free space at the bottom I'm considering which types of boxes or containers to get to fit there, and you know how I love Storage boxes!

This sorting was a joy to do because of the decorating having been completed and making everything feel like a fresh start.

Time consuming but counted as  FUNWORK  because I was happy while doing it.

An Organised Storage Closet!

Today I have good news because I have

Finished my Storage Closet

Now my husband will be very pleased because (you know me when I start to sort things out in one place it messes up another) the area that was messed up in order to accomplish this task was the floor of the Dressing Room just where we walk through from the bedroom to our ensuite.

Needless to say Fred doesn't like tripping over things in the dark and that's what happened when he was up early and didn't want to put on the light to disturb me.

Any way back to the task.

This Storage Closet was just a rectangular walk-in cupboard off the Dressing Room  with nothing in it but some water pipes.

Such a waste of space

When we bought the house we had already decided that we were shelving that space as soon as possible.
Then I had the idea of using some of it to do what I had longed to do for years 
(more about that later).

So with the shelving etc. all done a few years ago at the same time as our wardrobes were all fitted in the dressing room it should have been used properly, but instead of that we put things in but didn't take enough time to sort everything properly and then ended up with too much stuff in it and the floor got covered and you may remember I showed a few pics of it in an earlier post when I started it but it needed now to be finished off properly.

On the left hand side behind the door I already had
 baskets and boxes
but then I got them sorted out and labelled.

Lowest shelf contains 2 large baskets:   Travel items   &   Ski Suits

Next Shelf up contains 2 large baskets:   Small  bags and containers  &  Bath Mats

Next Shelf up with a set of 3 baskets contains:  White guest towels,  Facecloths  &  Ensuite hand towels.

The shelf above that contains 2 darker baskets:  Pashminas / shawls  &  Winter Scarves

The shelf above that contains a lidded box and a dark basket:  Old Photos  &  Lightweight decorative Scarves

On the right hand side beside the door I already had 
baskets and handbags
but then I got them sorted out and labelled too.

Lowest shelf contains 2 large baskets:   Beach Towels   &   Bath towels

Next Shelf up contains:  Larger handbags

Next Shelf up with a set of 3 baskets contains:  Shoe expander & insoles etc.,  straps off large bags  &  my belts.

The shelf above that contains:   Smaller handbags

The top shelf had been so underused but now it has all my puzzle magazines.
Yes I know I have piles of them- mostly because I don't do them as often now because of the word game, logic puzzle game and number game I have on my iPad and all the time I spend blogging!
But I do love logic puzzles of all kinds and find it so relaxing to sit and solve them.

On the left hand side further into the closet 
there is a second set of shelves specially sized for Fred's shoes
never too bad but still too many shoes.

His shoes are now neatly stored and the right types together.

The few exercise items that had been thrown into the bottom shelf are now in a basket on the floor under the shelving behind the door.

I put up 2 hooks and his baseball caps are now hung up at the left of the top shelf.

On the right hand side further into the closet 
there is a second set of shelves specially sized for my shoes
never too bad but the bottom shelf was full of my Puzzle books.

My shoes are now neatly stored and the right types together.

The Puzzle books removed from that bottom shelf and it is used for shoes now as well so they can be spaced out a bit better and not on top of each other so much.

I put up 2 hooks and my baseball caps are now hung up at the right of the top shelf.

At the back of the cupboard facing the door there is one long shelf at the top (sloping ceiling) and then my great idea had been to put in rails instead of more shelves.
These shelves are not for clothes but for 
tablecloths and throws etc.

The tablecloths etc. are now more neatly stored and a few more put on the rails.

This simply means that they do not get creased by being folded up and put in drawers for periods of time - especially the tablecloths.

The last of the handbags were removed from the top shelf and I actually have a bit of extra space but I'm sure it will get used up when I sort out the Dressing Room.

Under the hanging rails (which are set at 3 different heights for ease of placing and removing items plus see what is there) there is still room on the left for a rucksack and 2 seagrass lidded baskets which hold sheets and pillowcases for our bed and on the right 2 small suitcases and a covered material container for sheets and pillowcases for the EZ bed which we put up in the dressing room when all six of us are here.

Now just to let you see some of my heart labels close up.

Aren't they cute?  I love them.

So I now have An Organised Storage Closet and I NEED to keep it that way.

This was more Housework than Funwork I'm afraid but very satisfying to see the end result.

Please tell me that I am not the only person to have difficulty in keeping this type of cupboard tidy.


My Friends Laughed at Me! - Coffee & Conversation

Yes they laughed at me!

My husband rolled his eyes at me!

My kids laughed and said that was just like mum!

Well I do like labels.  


And then they all asked why I had done it?

Am I really strange?

All I had done was show them the labels I had put on three baskets in our cloakroom cupboard.

Well when you have a husband who asks the same question each time he goes to the cupboard to get a hat or scarf or gloves - then this is a very sensible thing to do, or so I thought.

Do you label your baskets?

 I mean the ones you are using for storing things or keeping things neat in a cupboard, not the ones you use to go shopping. 

Later when it was pointed out to me by someone else that I had written "snoops" instead of "snoods" on my basket label I had to laugh as well.

 Please tell me I am not the only person who labels their baskets. 

Anyway this is not the only place I have labelled baskets and I get a sort of satisfaction out of using the same labels and trying to write neatly (usually without spelling mistakes).

You also might enjoy my labelling in my
Organised Storage Closet 

But to be honest I have to admit it is not just because of my husband that I label things - Yes I need to do it because I forget as well as him.    Or maybe I just get a bit mixed up and not completely forget that I have put something away somewhere but which basket is each thing in is often my problem.

The thing is trying to do all the 
 Organising of the House and using nice containers and labelling them (exactly right Ha Ha) can be more time consuming than it should be.

Oh to have a perfect memory and all the energy to keep a perfect home!

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