Tuesday, March 24

Kids Songs for Hand Washing - Stuck at Home & Need Help?

Are you stuck at home?


Need Help?

The Kids Must Wash Their Hands!!!


Are they Tired of Singing Happy Birthday all the time?


Would you like ideas to use with your kids and grandkids instead of the Happy Birthday Song?

Some people were tired of this weeks ago so I'm going to put up videos & free printables for you to use to teach your children new songs that are the right length for our

(at least) 20sec. handwashing routines.



Please read to the end of the post as there is a
 TIP for the parents


at the

1.  I Like the Pit Pit Patter of the Raindrops.

A song our grandkids love to sing in the car with us and if you sing it through at the speed I sing it in the video then it is just over the 20 secs. But if you want to sing it fast then sing it twice and it will be the more than enough time for that important handwash time.


Now watch the video below to learn the tune

2.  Wash Your Hands  (to Baby Shark).

Everyone loves Baby Shark so why not change the words slightly

Because it is so well-known you won't need a printable for this one or really even a video to help you learn it (but for the fun of it I just might do one later).

The Words:

Wash Your Hands    (instead of Baby Shark)

sing it twice


why not personalize it by getting the children sing each others names or your name

ie.  Wash your hands  mummy, mummy, mummy
      Wash your hands  daddy, daddy, daddy
      Wash your hands  nanny, nanny, nanny
      Wash your hands  grandpa, grandpa, grandpa

3.  Love One Another Like Sister and     Brother.

A song that is very easy to learn and very easy to sing and definitely lasts over the 20 secs. Fred timed me before we did the video and he said 25 secs.  But I think I actually sang it slower on the video than I did when he was timing me.


Now watch the video below to learn the tune

4.  I Can Do All Things .

This is a song that will help the kids to learn a Bible Verse at the same time so a double blessing here.

It's based on Philippians 4 v 13  and the reference is actually included in the song too.

Click through HERE for a sound recording of the song that Fred and I make a few years back.

Hopefully I will add a video for the song later.



I can do all things, all things.
I can do all things, all things.
I can do all things, all things.
Through Christ
Through Christ
Through Christ
Who strengthens me
Philippians  4  13
Philippians  4  13
Philippians  4  13

This song was always very easy to learn because of the repetition.

5.  Jesus Love is Very Wonderful .

Normally sung as a great action song but this one is a good length for hand-washing.

Click through HERE for a sound recording of the song that Fred and I make a few years back.


at the

TIP.  The Lords Prayer.    

Parents what an opportunity this is to teach your children the Lords Prayer.

Of course before you do this you might like to use the time you are washing your hands to say the Lords Prayer because my son did tell me that it is the right length for our 20 sec hand washing regime.

Our oldest son is a Pastor and Theology lecturer in a Bible College and he assures me he instructed his students to use this as a good opportunity to pray while they were all still at the college during the start of this awful time, now they have gone home and the teaching is all online.

Because it is so well-known you won't need a printable for this one or really even a video to help you learn it (but for the fun of it I just might do a nice Graphic for you  later).

To download any of these songs etc.


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Confined to Home & Looking for Encouragement

Are you stuck in the house?

If you are confined to home

             or self-isolating

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    or perhaps the weather is just too cold or stormy to get out

 then you probably want some encouraging & fun ways to pass your time or the kids time.

If So  


Now that you have found this blog post you are at my blog Sandra's Ark which is the first place on that list above where we can be encouraged together.

1.   Sandra's Ark 

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Thursday, March 5

5 Travel Books about Northern Ireland - Need Help?

People are always telling me they Want to visit Northern Ireland.

People are always telling me they are partly Irish but have never been to see Northern Ireland or Ireland.

People are always telling me they love Ireland but unfortunately most of the time they think Belfast and Dublin are in the same country and only an hour apart.

People used to walk up to me when we lived in America and say "I just love your accent - say something"

Well for anyone who wants to visit

 Northern Ireland

 here are

 5 travel books

 which might be helpful.

PLUS make sure to read on to get the EXTRA TIP at the end.

There is an affiliate link in this blog post.

Round the Hidden Coast of Northern Ireland from A to Z

We have a great coastline and plenty of it.

Rocky crags,  tucked away bays,  spectacular peninsulas and luscious golden sandy beaches.

Then of course we must not forget the ruins, churches and castles etc.

A Walking guide for Northern Ireland

We may not have the sunny weather of Florida and Spain but we still have great places to discover by walking.

Our mountains are not just talked about worldwide, they are even sung about.

Then of course we must not forget the Dams and reservoirs which are great attractions.

Rick Steves Snapshot of Northern Ireland

Rick Steves is famous for these snapshot travel books so probably a good one for short glimpses of many places.

Belfast Travel Guide 2020

This is a very up-to-date guide to Belfast.

You will need to think about where to stay, where to eat, and what other entertainment is on offer and especially where to get a coffee or a wee cup of tea.

Lonely Planet Pocket Belfast & The Causeway Coast

This one may be handy one to get instead of buying the two above for Belfast and the Coastal areas as it is a pocket edition.

Also it is in kindle if you don't want the pocket paperback version.

Don't forget your extra tip below


Most of us like to take lots and lots of pictures when we travel but don't remember to take enough notes so that we remember later just where that amazing picture or the strange picture was taken.
Especially if you are like me and you get your days and your meals and your places all mixed up when there are so many in that fantastic trip we took the previous year.

I that sound a bit like you then this extra book might be something to consider buying or if you are "crafty" maybe you could take their idea and make one from a notebook.  Mind you I think a lot of notebooks are so expensive these days that this turns out to be very reasonable in price.

I Don't Need Therapy I Just Need to go to Northern Ireland

Whatever you decide I do think you really need to come to

 Northern Ireland


 see our beautiful

 WEE Country.

If buying through Amazon via the links in this blog I get a little commission but that does not mean any extra expense to you.

Tuesday, March 3

A Recipe for St. Patrick's Day - with FREE Printable

While I was writing a post a few years ago about Saint Patrick's Day my husband suggested I should have added my own

 St. Patrick's Day recipe.

Really he was just thinking of his favourite

 "wee green things" 

which is his name for the

 "Peppermint Squares"

I make for him.

I have to admit they are so yummy that they are quite addictive even for me and I am not usually keen on mint.  

So I decided to put the recipe here just in case anyone else likes "wee green things".

This recipe originally came to me from Fred's Mum but the problem was my mum-in-law never measured things out accurately (you know a handful of this and a scoop of that) so I had to do that part of it myself and I think I got it perfected after a couple of years into our marriage.  (Even if it is a mixture between UK & US measurements.)

So I think it can have the 

I really should have made up a St. Patrick's Day name for them  -  maybe you can suggest one?

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