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A Recipe for St. Patrick's Day - with FREE Printable

While I was writing a post a few years ago about Saint Patrick's Day my husband suggested I should have added my own

 St. Patrick's Day recipe.

Really he was just thinking of his favourite

 "wee green things" 

which is his name for the

 "Peppermint Squares"

I make for him.

I have to admit they are so yummy that they are quite addictive even for me and I am not usually keen on mint.  

So I decided to put the recipe here just in case anyone else likes "wee green things".

This recipe originally came to me from Fred's Mum but the problem was my mum-in-law never measured things out accurately (you know a handful of this and a scoop of that) so I had to do that part of it myself and I think I got it perfected after a couple of years into our marriage.  (Even if it is a mixture between UK & US measurements.)

So I think it can have the 

I really should have made up a St. Patrick's Day name for them  -  maybe you can suggest one?

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10 Minute Chicken Korma

Ok this is obviously not made from scratch!

This is also made the way my husband likes it (with his favourite extra ingredient)!

However if you are like us and always (well mostly) wanting to make dinner in a hurry because there are so many other things we want to do, then you probably want some meals that are very QUICK and can be made in 10 minutes or less.

Even if you only want a 10 minute meal occasionally and you like Chicken Korma then this is for you.

Pre-cooked chicken (enough for 2 people)
Jar of Korma Sauce
3 tablespoons of desiccated coconut
3 tablespoons of icing sugar (powdered sugar)
1 bag of Microwaveable Rice ( we prefer Uncle Ben's Lemon & Rosemary)
1 small tin of pineapple rings (Fred's favourite extra ingredient!)

If you do not want 
extra coconut in your Korma 
to have it sweeter 
to include pineapple 
just ignore those parts and you can have it ready even quicker.

1.  Pour the contents of the jar of Korma Sauce into a pan over medium heat
2.  Cut up the chicken into the pan (I use scissors) and give a quick stir
3.  Add the coconut and give a quick stir
4.  Add the sugar and give a quick stir & turn up heat
5.  Place rice in Microwave to cook for 2 minutes (or whatever time the instructions state)
6.  Cut pineapple rings into pieces (again using the scissors), add to pan and give a quick stir
7.  Pour rice from bag on to two plates
8.  Quick stir again of all ingredients in the pan and then pour out on top of rice on the plates.

Of course while I'm doing most of the above, Fred cuts the pineapple, sets the table and pours out drinks.

Well it is more fun with a bit of help.

If you are like our grown up children (who do not live with us any more) then you are probably saying something like

"Oh no you can't make Korma like that!"  

While we just laugh and tuck in.


Nowhere in this blog post am I claiming that this is a healthy meal!

In our house we like to have meals we like and some of them are really healthy and some are not so healthy however the size of portion is not enormous.


Salmon with Peppers

 Do you have a meal that you know you will probably have the ingredients you need in the house at any time?

Well this is one of those recipes because this works great with frozen salmon fillets as well as fresh ones.

I normally have everything that is needed because they are things we would use often and because we are fond of salmon I always have some in the fridge or freezer (so easy to defrost quickly).

This was the first meal my husband had after he had been so ill for days with food poisoning and lets face it he is not a great fish eater but he does love this.

So it basically is very easy to prepare and cook and in total takes about 50-60 mins


Salmon fillets   enough for 2 people
Red Peppers  1 per 2 people
Green Peppers   1 per 2 people
Onions    1 per 2 people
2 table spoons olive oil
8 table spoons balsamic vinegar
boiling water
Black pepper
Lime/Lemon Juice
Enough Rice for 2 people


1.  Mix the oil and balsamic vinegar together in a Pyrex/casserole dish not too small.

2. Cut up onions and peppers in lengths and add to dish stirring around in the mixture.

3.  Place in a preheated hot oven for 10 mins then  add some boiling water and stir around, leave in oven for another 5 mins or until the vegetables look like they are starting to soften.

4.  Place the salmon on top of the vegetables, grind some black pepper over the salmon and then drizzle salmon with lime/lemon juice as much or as little as you like.

5.  Place dish back in oven and cook for a further 8-10 mins.

6.  Then grill on medium/high for approx. 5 mins.   Salmon should be soft but nicely browned on top.

7.  Serve Salmon and vegetables on top of rice and scoop up remaining juices from dish to pour over rice.

As you can see from the picture I had two different types of Salmon fillets this time simply because I grabbed the first two packets I found in the freezer 
(shape doesn't matter to us).

We love this meal and have it at least three times a month.

NOTE:   When we want to feel even more healthy we just leave out the oil
 and it is fine that way too.

If you try it let me know what you think.