Psalm 51 v 10-12 - Memorizing the Bible

I could never do it!

          Do what?

Memorize a chapter of one of the Books of the Bible!

          Yeah that's not so easy,  BUT  you can learn a verse or a few verses of the Bible.

Let's look at a few verses from one of the Psalms

Many people think they could never manage to memorize a whole Psalm or a whole chapter of Scripture.

It is a rather daunting challenge especially if you have never learned any scripture before.

But we are not going to tackle a full Psalm we will simply take on three verses of the 51st Psalm

verses 10 - 12

"Create in me a clean heart, O God,

and renew a right spirit within me.

Cast me not away from Thy presence, 

and take not Thy Holy Spirit from me.

Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation, 

and uphold me with Thy free Spirit."


So in memorizing this verse we will look at 4 things:
  • Memorising Tips 
  • A Music Video of Psalm 51 v 10-12
  • Some Freebies to help you.

Memorising Tips
If you read the Top 10 Ways to Learn Scripture you will see that I give 10 tips to help in this process but we don't have to use all 10 of them on each verse - just the ones that suit best with the verse.

For Psalm 51 v 10 - 12 I'm going to advise using tips 1, 2, 7, 8, 9 & 10

1.  Read the verse often, every day, multiple times in the day.

Leave a bookmark in your bible and every time you go past it grab the bible and open at the verse etc.  (you will pick up other ideas later in this post).

Reading and repeating somethings over and over is the natural way to get it into your head.

With this verse it is obvious to think of it and separate it to learn into the three parts ie. the 3 verses

"Create in me a clean heart, O God,

and renew a right spirit within me.


Cast me not away from Thy presence, 

and take not Thy Holy Spirit from me.


Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation, 

and uphold me with Thy free Spirit."


2.  Write out the verse several times.

Why?  Because he action of  WRITING  helps us learn anything.

The first verse above can be written on two lines of a page and the next verse on the next two lines and then the last verse on the next two lines.

So you are writing it in three parts just as reading it in the three verses as in no.1 above.

7.  Understand the meaning of the verse.

We will never memorize anything properly without having understood the meaning of it and knowing the meaning helps us remember the order of the parts of the verses.

In these verses we have three sections which refer to two things each and these two things are similar.

Hence we work on the pairing of these similar things. 

First pairing 
Create in me a clean heart   &   Renew a right spirit within me

Second pairing       
Cast me not away from Thy presence & take not Thy Holy Spirit from me

Third pairing       
Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation & uphold me with Thy free Spirit 

This is not just a scrambled prayer it is well structured and obviously the Psalmist had been thinking seriously about how He should pray.

8.  Make it easy to see the verse clearly and regularly each day.

In no.1 above I mentioned your bible and a bookmark


we cannot have our Bible at hand every moment of the day so if you feel you need frequent readings of the verse like pop-up reminders then do the following:

Get a post-it pad and write the verse out clearly on it then tear off the post-it and stick it on
  • the mirror you will use first thing each morning and last thing each night
  • the front cover of your Bible
  • the front cover of the book you are currently reading
  • the door of the fridge
  • the inside of the door of the cupboard where you go to get your favourite mug for that cup of coffee

9.  Make or use Bible Verse Graphics 

The picture of Psalm 51 v 10 - 12 near the start of this post is an example of a Bible Verse Graphic.

A picture with the words written on it clearly.

By making these yourself you will learn as you create them.


by using ones made for you that you keep close to hand to see and read frequently such as my Free printable for these verses

I also post a bible verse graphic every morning on my
so if you want to be encouraged by a verse each day or have a graphic you can SHARE to your timeline or SAVE in Facebook then click through to my Facebook Page and be sure to like and follow the page to see those graphics in your feed each day.

or Word Search Puzzles

While finding the words of a Bible Verse in a Word Search Puzzle you will be spending time around the words and this also helps to learn the verse.

or Phone Screensavers / Wallpaper

What better use of your phone - to keep that verse in front of you each time you go to check your messages.

For this you will need it to be a suitable portrait shape and size so most of the normal verse graphics you see will not suit.

I have a few verses made out for screen savers & you can download them from

and finally my favourite way 
but it is not always possible to use this method

10.  Sing it.

It is well known that in singing a song you can easily learn the words of the song.

Fred & I have made several short videos of songs/choruses to help you memorize certain verses and you can watch the one for Psalm 51 v 10 - 12 below


 I've also prepared a playlist of Short Songs to memorize Scripture on YouTube:

Some Freebies to help you.

Don't forget that many of my posts on the blog have bible verse graphics and I have some of these available as free downloads in my

also that's where you will find the phone screen savers for some verses.

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I Love Reading - A Dose of Encouragement

The greatest thing about Reading is the fact that it is
one of the easiest hobbies to have.

I was encouraged to read at a young age because my mother was an avid reader using the library as if it were her own personal set of book shelves.

Everyone who worked in the library knew my mum.

When the library started to really confine each person to only 4 books at a time it wasn't good enough for my mum so she got a library card in my gran's name and one in my dad's name and took out the extra books for herself using them.  Of course the librarians knew and just let her do it - all books were always returned and quickly as she needed to come for her next fix of reading material.

We also had several books at home because she used to go to house auctions and buy box loads of books.

So I was intrigued by the books of Enid Blyton such as the The Faraway Tree and of course the Famous Five and the Secret Seven to start with and then on to The Chalet Girls by Elinor Brent-Dyer and Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield.

Eventually I got caught up with Agatha Christie mysteries and fell in love with Miss Marple and Poirot.   I believe that my enjoyment of her novels are one of the reasons why I mostly still tend to pick out Mysteries and crime novels to read.

But that was all years ago so what about my love of reading today.

Why do I read?

Because even though many years have passed it still gives me great pleasure 
to sit down and read.

I get so engrossed in a good book that time slips by so quickly and what do they say?

"Time flies when you are enjoying yourself"

So I am obviously enjoying myself.

Where do I read?

Anywhere at all provided I have something to read.

In the summer months I like to sit in the back garden and read.

I know that some people have a particular place in the house to sit and read but I will sit anywhere although I quite like to be in one of our recliner chairs or have my feet curled up under me on the couch.
I like my comfort!

What do I read?

I'm not a newspaper person at all.

I'm not really a magazine person either.

It used to be books but then it became ebooks as well.

When we travelled we used to have to think about space and weight in our suitcase because of the books we wanted to take on the trip.

When I was going out for the day I wanted to make sure I had a handbag that would hold my current book.

Now with ebooks things have changed and I just have to make sure my handbag is not too small that I can't have my kindle in it

or my iPad because of course I have the Kindle app as well.

But now I am also into reading blogs.

As I mentioned previously I tend to read a lot of crime or murder or mystery stories but with reading more blogs now I get a lot more of a mixture of topics with much more non fiction and how-to tutorials.

However the main book I come back to all the time is the Bible 
because I believe it is God's Word 
so therefore 
it is the most important book to read.

When do I read?

When I am in bed - I am rather a night owl so propping up the pillows and a cold drink beside me is ideal.  My lighted cover for my kindle is good for this so that I don't disturb Fred as he falls asleep.

When I am relaxing by the pool or on the beach on holiday - in fact that is almost all we do on some of our holidays.

When I am waiting for something to cook - unfortunately I get caught up in the story and I am known for burning the sausages!

When I am waiting to meet someone in a coffee shop.

When I have to spend time waiting in the car.

When I am in front of the computer supposedly writing my blog - I can be easily distracted.

Anytime I have some time.

Who do I read?

Well I don't think I can remember the last time I read Enid Blyton.

But I do still read Agatha Christie as you can see in my blog post
  I Love Poirot

I am also fond of books by:      

Randall Arthur
Lynwood Barclay
Terri Blackstock
Sigmund Brouwer
Davis Bunn
Brandilyn Collins
Nelson DeMille
John Grisham
Dee Henderson
Karen Kingsbury
Frank Peretti
Penelope Stokes

I have had the pleasure to meet Randall Arthur (although that is his pen name) when he accepted my request for him to come and speak at a Ladies Brunch I helped to lead in Belgium once a month.

Just like his books he is a lovely, gracious man.

I was also pleased to be involved in the launch of one of 
Davis Bunn's books

Most of the authors listed above are Christian authors and I do prefer to read Christian fictions because of the bad language that I find in most other books and the terrible unhealthy descriptions of despicable acts that people seem to think must be included these days.

Because of that type of thing I stopped reading a book, after a few chapters, one day as I rode the tram home in Belgium and threw the book into the rubbish bin.

I do not believe in putting things into my mind that are 
disgusting or brutal.

So What Would I Recommend?

Often when another woman would ask me to suggest a novel my first thought will be the first one I read by Penelope Stokes called                       
The Blue Bottle Club     
I loved that book and have gone back and read it twice since.


Another book I would tell others about is the first one 
I read by Davis Bunn called                   The Presence               

and when you read it you will understand the title.

A non Christian book that my daughter and I both loved and talk about with great affection is 
The Time Traveller's Wife  
and some day I will read it again and review it on the blog.

I have reviewed various books on my blog so if you are looking for a book to read do have a look at the Book Reviews Page  and then enjoy a good read.

I can not finish this blog post without recommending the most important book of all, the book that can change your life forever and I truly mean forever 
- that book is the Bible.

That book can be found in most of the bookshops and libraries.
That book can be found freely on the internet.
That book can be read on a kindle
That book can be read via an app on your or iPad or any other tablet.

There is no excuse for not being able to get a copy of the Bible now but if you would like some advice or help in starting to read it then just head over to Reading The Bible which is my page with help and tips about reading the Bible and the books of the Bible.

You can also have a look at the very short 321 video at the top of my side bar.

If you enjoy reading in apps then you might like to try some of the Bible Apps available for phone and if you like to listen to audio books you could also try the Bible App read by David Suchet 

*I am not compensated by anyone or any organisation mentioned in this blog post


Christian Songs for Kids - Dare to Be a Daniel

Some time ago I talked about not being able to find many powerpoint presentations to illustrate Christian Songs for Kids.

I had got to the point where I was making my own to use in our Church, Sunday School and an After School Bible Club our church ran in a nearby primary school each Monday.


I am going to share songs with you providing a 

(Powerpoint or Picture or details of how you can make it) 

(chords also available)

Recording / Video
(to learn the song) 

Then if you would like to download the visual of the song there will be a link provided to my creation, or I will direct you to where else you can find it.  

Also don't forget you can go to the side bar on the right and sign up for an email reminder of my posts. Then you will know when the next song is posted.

Today we are on the Theme of

 Bible Characters

The song I have chosen is 

Dare to Be a Daniel

This is a very short song based on the qualities of the Old Testament character Daniel.

Our children grew up singing it and now our grandchildren are enjoying this song too especially since their daddy was named after this person.


I made this presentation for projecting the words.


for printing out individual cards

To Download a copy of these pictures in A4 or Letter size
click  HERE

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Dare to be a Daniel, 
Dare to stand alone.
Dare to have a purpose firm 
And Dare to make it known.

To Download a copy of these words with chords for guitar or piano click  

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Dare to be a Daniel  -  
Place hands in front with palms together to show prayer 

Dare to stand alone  -  Stand to attention with arms straight down at your side

Dare to have a purpose firm  -  Point up with one hand

And Dare to make it known  -  Marching on the spot


Special "Thank You" to my husband Fred who looks after the Recordings and Chords


The words and music for this were written by P.P. Bliss

The chorus we sang for so many years is apparently simply the chorus to a song P.P. Bliss wrote which had 4 verses and was named after the first line of the song - "Standing by a Purpose True"

You can find out more about it at

Why not Pin this for future use:-

I Hope you enjoy the song and this is a help to you.

If you are interested in finding out about more 

Christian Songs for Kids 

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