Thursday, November 13

Who Needs Encouragement Today? - A Dose of Encouragement

A friend of mine needed some encouragement today.

     My husband needed some encouragement today.

          Our oldest son needed some encouragement today.

My friend has been in hospital and just got home today so she needed something to make her smile even though she is still in some pain.

My husband is just starting to get rid of his cold but has a pile of work to do so he just needed a few things to help take his mind off the work deadlines and relax more.

Our son has been ill in bed in his apartment for the last two days so he needed to phone us and have a little chat just for the company and a little moan about the person in the apartment below him who had music playing most of the night even though he was out working a night shift.

If Jonathan were here with us I would be making homemade soup for him - he always likes that and I would probably sit down and watch a Poirot or Lewis DVD with him (we both love detective stories), but he's in a different country so we just have a chat on the phone.

Fred got a little laugh with me fooling around in the kitchen while getting lunch and of course he got a cuppa mid morning with one of his favourite chocolate snacks taken in to him in his office (he works from home when not travelling).

My friend Amanda is often on facebook so posting a video of one of her favourite songs, then later some greetings there and a bit of teasing will hopefully have helped to make her feel loved and cared for.

These are just some of the little everyday types of things that we do to encourage people and help them along when things are a bit difficult and sometimes we don't even feel like we have made any great effort to do them.

Then the phone rang after 5pm and all I had to do was lift it and greet another friend and then just let them talk about a certain thing that is on their mind.  I needed to say very little but just with a caring attitude and maybe more importantly I was willing to sit and listen to their concerns about a relative.

Yes sometimes all we have to do is be the person that listens.
We don't need to have answers, just listen.


Because only people who really care will be ready to listen and one of the greatest needs someone can have is to know someone cares about them; 

someone cares enough just to let them talk.
This is someone who loves them.

This is what happens when we are obedient to God's Word.

Little did I know that I was going to need some encouragement today as well.

I never imagined that I was going to have someone make accusations about me and two other people today that were untrue and get so annoyed at us that they had to apologise for swearing online.
All because we didn't want other people to feel inferior or unappreciated.

What did I need then?
To know that there were other people who would listen to how I felt and would care about the situation.

Where did I get that?
From two sources.

Another group of bloggers who are great encouragers.
Yes that's what they are.
They help when someone needs help,  they tell each other when they have found a good blogging tip and they celebrate with someone who has achieved something they never thought they could manage to do.

And also from God.
He has told us He cares for us, He loves us, He wants good for us, He will comfort us, He will always be with us if we put our trust in Him.
I know He cares for me personally and He loves me personally, He wants good for me, He comforts me and He will never leave me.

I also know that if you have put your trust in Him you will be able to say exactly the same things.

So take heart today and if you are in need of encouragement then 
say those same things to yourself 
 be encouraged by God.

This is what happens when we are obedient to God's Word

And in case you would like to hear Amanda's favourite song I've got it here for you.


  1. Yes it is good to encourage one another, that is what Jesus told us to do.

    1. Exactly Margaret, I believe we are fulfilling part of our calling when we do so. Thanks for dropping in.

  2. Such a good post! Yes, Yes, is so important to life each other up!

  3. You and I wrote on almost the exact same topic yesterday. I agree - sometimes the very best thing we can do for a friend is simply sit and listen.

  4. Oh I love love love this! I truly agree with you on so many points. Listening and just simple friendship can be so powerful in this hard world. I believe there is so much good out there and that God is always there. Thank you for sharing this Sandra!!!

  5. I could use a dose of encouragement. When I open my Bible it's right there for me, too.

  6. We are all called to be encouragers--and receive encouragement. I have been bouncing back and forth on that spectrum lately... Thanks for this post. I needed it.

  7. Sandra,
    What a great post! It reminded me of Maya Angelo's quote: I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
    And it is so very true, so so very true. I have truly been touched by those who genuinely care - and I will strive every day to offer encouragment and love to those around me.
    Thank you for this today!

  8. "Hello, My Name is ENCOURAGED!" I love this! Great post! :)

  9. Thanks for linking up Sandra. Encouraged is a great new name. And thank you for being an encouragement to your family and your friends. They are so blessed to have you.

    1. It was lovely to see the announcement about the link up when I just needed to be encouraged about what I should write on Wednesday

  10. Thanks for the encouragement! And even encouragers need encouraging sometimes! Sweet reminders....
    Bless you with GREAT JOY on your amazing adventure journey with Jesus!!

  11. I love that, "Hello my name is encouraged." It's much better than, "Hello my name is worries..or afraid."

  12. It is a true art to just listen when more than anything you want to give advice. Encouragement is the ability to listen when needed, share a funny story, send a card and all the other things you mentioned above. Great reminder for all of us. Blessed you joined in The Weekend Brew.

  13. Thank you for sharing your inspirational moment with everyone at Inspire Me Monday :). We never know how a little act of encouragement will change another person's day (maybe even ours!).

  14. Encouragement is a gift that can be shared by all. The great thing about it that often the encourager also becomes encouraged, when they see how their encouragement helps that person who needed it. Thanks for sharing!
    Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

  15. What a blessing to be an encourager of others. It is often little things that make a difference. A phone call, or cup of favorite drink, a hug, a kind word, and sometimes silence. Thanks for sharing with us here at "Tell me a Story."

  16. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to love through listening and small acts of encouragement! It's hard for me to let God's encouragement sink in sometimes, even if I read it again and again and again. Sometimes it just has to be experienced through other people. Beautiful writing, thank you!

  17. You definitely made me smile. You mentioned watching Poirot. My husband and I like it, too. And dealing with some of the issues you are is filled with reality. Thank you for sharing so straight-forwardly. Blessings...

  18. All of us are in need of encouragement at some point. It is amazing what a hug, smile, words of encouragement, etc. can do for someone who is in need of being uplifted.

    Thank you for the post.

  19. Beautiful Post! God really is the best encourager!

  20. Oh this post was like a cool drink of water! I have been going through a really difficult season, and when someone brings encouragement to my day I feel heard and seen and above all I feel known by God. #bloggercaregroup

  21. Is it great how God puts us in each other's lives to encourage and be encouraged? I loved your post at Tell Me A True Story. ;) Mary-andering Creatively

  22. Such an important job to encourage each other!

  23. "He has told us He cares for us, He loves us, He wants good for us, He will comfort us, He will always be with us if we put our trust in Him."

    I love this encouragement and God has used you today to encourage me! Thanks for linking up to Inspire Me Monday!

  24. Thanks for "a dose of encouragement"! And thanks for linking up at Monday's @ Soul Survival. Happy Thanksgiving! Donna

  25. I loved this post and your dose of encouragement. You encouraged me too as well as your husband, son, and friend.

  26. Encouragement is wonderful. It takes our troubles away if only for a moment or so. Thanks for posting this and have a good week.

  27. A loving post ~ everyone needs encouragement and to give encouragement ~ thanks,

    Happy Holidays
    artmusedog and carol

  28. Encouragement, in any form, is always a blessing!

    It seems as we encourage others we also encourage ourselves!

    Thanks for this exceptionally encouraging link to the letter E.