Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Daddy ........ Chips???

Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!

Who likes to have to make them? there must be someone?

Several years ago there was a television ad for McCain oven chips

         Daddy ........ Chips?

Our family loved it and forever, yes even still now we go "Daddy.......chips", when there are two things we would like but have to make the decision between the two.

Oh why can't things be simple we often say. Sometimes I am heard to complain why do things all happen together, why can't we have events spaced out more? Why does one week have to be very busy and the next one relatively free?

Why is it that when you want to go away for a while there will be something just have to occur in the middle of that time frame?

Last month we were so busy and made several trips back to Londonderry each just for a few days but for several months before that we weren't back there at all.  Then I saw the clippers were coming into Londonderry at the end of the month but just felt that we couldn't really justify going back yet again. Sad to say we missed a really great event.

Sometimes I like to make the effort to do different things even if they are sort of smaller things but may turn out to be quite enjoyable. Last Sunday we went to Belfast to have lunch there with our son Daniel and then went on into the city centre to see the street theatre the circus school were organising. Fred was a bit dubious but I assured him we would have a relaxing time and be entertained. Well he enjoyed it - I could tell by how he clapped and laughed.

Now do we mention the restaurant or not?
Daniel says it is what you call modern /cool but I didn't think it was either. Food was okay, but I think that if I am paying to go somewhere and eat that I want nice surroundings and comfortable seats. I really don't want to be in a room where they have mismatched, chairs, plates etc.

Didn't have time to sample their coffee however and as it was an Italian place the coffee could have made a big difference.

I would like to go back to Belfast each Sunday afternoon and enjoy the Street Theatre so I'm praying for good weather each Sunday until the end of August.

It does make our Sunday rather busy though with Church in the morning, lunch, street theatres, preparation for the music for church in the evening and then church itself again.  However every day can be busy and we need to remember to keep time in each of those days for God especially on Sunday but not just on Sunday and that is often where we have to make another of those decisions   Bible Reading..........TV, Book, Tidy up etc.

Well we also had tea and biscuits after the evening service this Sunday so we didn't get home until after 9 o'clock to be greeted by the phone ringing and our oldest son Jonathan declaring
 "Are you only getting in now?   What kept you?   Well my day has been busy!"
He just had to hold on for a while until I made a cup of tea for Fred and got a coffee for me and then we sat down and listened to his day.

There could have been the temptation to say.

     Coffee........Jonathan ? 

but fortunately for him there are some pleasures you can have together and not have to make the big decision, because that could have been a difficult one, seeing how fond I am of my coffee.

Do you have a Daddy........Chips decision time?


  1. Yes, decisions can be so hard to make!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Judith so sorry for not replying before now, I remember reading this and was sure I had replied but must have got interrupted somehow. This is the second instance of this that I have found today. I do enjoy linking in with you each week at Wholehearted Wednesdays

  2. Yep, we have these sorts of decisions all the time. We've just come back from our hols and each night my little boy had the dilemma mini club or arcade and rides...decisions.decisions.


    1. Yes takes me back to when the kids were younger, mind you even at their age now they still deliberate over things and that can drive their dad crazy.

  3. Hope you've had lots of trips to Belfast since you wrote this post.

  4. It's a common phrase between myself and my mum too! Loved that advert.

    1. Oh I'm so glad someone else remembers that advert. It is nice too that one of the family just sometimes says the phrase and we all smile or laugh.

  5. Decisions can be hard to make, I try not to over think them too much as I do have a habit of doing that! #GoldenOldies

    1. Wouldn't it be great if we never had any decisions to make, so easy but then maybe boring too.

  6. My husband is awful at making decisions. Makes me crazy :) thanks for linking up #GoldenOldies