Thankfulness, Goodness, Love - A Dose of Encouragement

HAPPY  BIRTHDAY  to our daughter  LINDA

This is the first time you have been away from us for your birthday in all these 26 years.

The first time the boys have not had to complain that you get a day completely devoted to you and they never do because they are at school or work on their birthday.

Not that they ever minded because it was always a complete family affair.

The go-karting

       The ice-skating

              The bowling

                     The cinema   .........

                             and of course always dinner in the place of your choice.

First time apart might as well be on the other side of the world

        - oh yes South Korea does sort of fit the bill.

In church last night Pastor spoke on Psalm 107 v 1  and I think it is very appropriate for you.

Of course it's also appropriate for all of us.

Let's take some time today to focus on this thought from the verse.


We should be THANKFUL 


    Because  God's Love endures forever so He can NEVER STOP being GOOD!

Isn't it great that no matter where we are we can know that God will never stop being good because He will never stop loving us?


  1. Oh friend, my heart is with you! My son left to Panama and the Philippines a few years back and now my daughter is getting ready to leave on missions too. It is so hard, something no words or anything else can prepare you for! Thoughts and prayers for you during this new season! Blessings from UNITE, Jen

    1. Thank you Jen, we are just so happy that during these years there is such good technology that it is so much easier to keep in touch and see faces on a screen often.

  2. So thankful for HIs love that endures forever. Happy belated birthday to your daughter.

    1. Thank you Beth, we have so much to be thankful for.

  3. A very touching and inspiring article. There is so much family dysfunction in our world today that it is heart warming to see so much love and people still believing the family unit with God. Hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday even if she was so far away. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Tuesday W/ A Twist Link Up

    1. Hi Marla, thanks for dropping in, I'm enjoying Tuesdays with a Twist. Linda had a great birthday with a Korean friend who has the exact same birthday so they were facebooking about it with some comical selfie pics. We missed her but when the family unit is strong we can be anywhere in the world and still be close and still held by God's loving hand