Wednesday, February 26

Who's the Bestest Boy in the World? - A Dose of Encouragement

Okay!  I know there is no such word as "bestest". 

 I even knew that before my spell checker 
told me so.

We have 2 boys and a girl in that order.

JONATHAN  was born 5 years after we married and was named for Jonathan in the Bible because we felt God telling us to do this as Jonathan had been the right friend for David.

DANIEL was born 2 years later (well just 2 weeks short of 2 years) and was named for Daniel in the Bible because we felt God telling us to do this on the morning shortly before he arrived.

LINDA was born 3 years and 3 months later and was not named for anyone at all, we simply only felt led to this one girl's name.


DANIEL  means  GOD is my JUDGE


You could not imagine the number of times Linda has said  

"How come the boys got Bible names and I didn't?"  

but more often than that she has been happy with her name and what it means.  

When Jonathan was still a small baby I started to say  

"Who's the bestest boy in the world" 

and lift up his two arms above his head and say 

"Jonathan is"

It always got a smile from him and soon he was able to lift his hands by himself as soon as he would hear me say the familiar phrase.

So when Daniel was born we did exactly the same thing with him and got the same reaction of 

"Daniel is"

while Jonathan would shout 

"me too"

and eventually we had two small boys running around reacting to the phrase together. 

 Never really with any queries about how the two of them 
could both be the best.

Then when Linda arrived, we naturally had to make a slight change and say 

"Who's the bestest Girl in the World".

It was simply a little "in phrase" that was special to the five of us.

But at the same time it was something that I sort of secretly hoped would show them how much we believed in them and inspire them to believe that they were of great worth.
Did it work?

    Well one thing I have always been so happy about in our family is that there was never any competition between the children, they all accepted that we thought they were all the bestest in the world and they seemed to have thought that about each other too.  They are each proud and supportive of what the others have done in the past and are doing at present.

    All three are unique individuals with some very similar interests but also some very different interests and always have been.

Jonathan is a Pastor, also working on his Phd in Theology and lives in Leeds in England at present.

Daniel is the manager of a Church/Charity based Cafe and the Sound Engineer in his church.  He is now married and living in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Linda is an aspiring writer, has written a novel (unpublished) and working on a novella but also teaching English as a foreign language in Gangneung, South Korea at the moment.

All three of them are saved, love worship music and play the guitar, as do Fred and I but it has to be admitted that the 3 guys are better on the guitar than us girls.

All three of them love babies; I know most people do but they go to the extent of having to take many pics & videos of their cousin's little boy and share them with us all.

Were we telling them the truth when we used that phrase with them for years?

Strictly speaking - possibly no!

But to us parents, YES.  

We thought of each of them as being the best because we loved each of them the same.

They were good children but probably not the best children in the whole world.
And also who are we to judge who is better than anyone else.
But this phrase meant a lot to us and to them and I do believe that it made them feel loved and happy and accepted and contented all those years ago.

At the Grand Canyon while we were living in the US over 20 years ago

Of course that phrase is not the only thing that would have led them to grow up with love and acceptance but then there are always a lot of factors in the formation of anything.

All I know is we loved them greatly and they knew they were loved and they loved us and each other.  Then later they grew to know about God and the salvation he has offered us through His Son Jesus and they each acknowledged that they needed to ask God's forgiveness and accept this gift from God.

Who inspires you?

I would like to think that if our children had been asked this question when they were young they would have included Fred & I in the answer.

If you ask me that same question today my answer would have to be, my 3 children Jonathan, Daniel & Linda for the people they have turned out to be, not dependent on us, not intimidated by others and taking a stand for God. 

What more could parents want in the lives of their children?

I am thankful to God for the husband and children He has given me.


  1. It's really wonderful to see your children all following and serving the Lord. That is the most precious gift of all.

  2. Beautiful post! It is so true - as parents our words can instill so much in our children. In my opinion, I loved this because you were telling the truth - each one of them was the best them they could be and that is who God created them to be. Each one different & unique in Him & for His purposes. And as a mom, there is no greater joy than seeing them grow up & love Him. I so enjoyed this post today. Blessings!

    1. Hello again Joanne, Thank you for dropping in to encourage me.

  3. Your title reminded me of Jesse Stuart's "The Beatinist Boy" - and it made me smile. Ideally, children learn how God sees them through how their parents see them:) - What a wonderful history that shows that!

  4. Thank you for posting this.........our time to influence our children is so small, though it doesn't seem so at times...... Gentle Joy

    1. It does seem small as we look back, but let's hope we are not done influencing even when they are grown and married.

  5. What a blessed mother you are, as are your children to have supportive parents. I don't know what I would have become without the unconditional love and support of my dear parents.

    I found you through W2W, where we are neighbors. Have a blessed Wednesday.

    1. Just hopped over to find your post I see it was the one after mine, enjoyed the post and left a comment. Thanks for dropping in.

  6. I have a "bestest" friend, and we have been friends since we were three... granted it's not exactly the same, but it's nice to know there is someone in the world that I can call when life gets tough and vice versa and I think the title had a lot to do with it!

    Thank you for sharing with Cozy Reading Spot.


    1. Great word this "bestest" I love it because I think it just makes you think of something snug & cozy

  7. I love how God has knit your family together. Such strength and love in your bonds. AMEN!

  8. Wonderful, Sandra. So inspires me to be intentional when it comes to raising our daughter in the Light of Christ. Too awesome.

    Thanks for linking up with #EverydayJesus!

    1. Yes do be intentional, it will be worth it when you love back

  9. Such a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  10. Planting those words early in life: "You are special (Bestest) was a direct inspiration from God. You and God raised the bestest children!

  11. Thank you sharing with us here at "Tell Me a Story." I loved your bestest story and how sweet your children were realizing each of them was the Bestest! I am glad Jesus says I am the Bestest of His children :-) ♥

    1. Amen to that Hazel you are His bestest and so is Robert who I have just met above.

  12. Your children are very accomplished, so I think you can rightfully say they are the "bestest!"

    1. I love the way they are all three different, thanks for dropping in Lisa. I was sure I had replied here ages ago but must have got distracted and not hit the publish button. My kids may be grown and away but my husband works from home now and Ioften find myself running back and forth to the computer being distracted by him.

  13. Nothing brings more joy to a mother's heart than seeing their children follow the Lord, pursing them with their gifts and loving Him with all they have. Thank you for sharing at The Weekend Brew.

  14. A lovely post, and how proud you must be. We do a similar thing here. I'm always telling my kids they're the best, as I believe that they should believe good things about themselves. That's not to say I want them to think they're better than others, but equally, no-one is better than them. Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame x

    1. Thanks for the kind words, and it was lovely to find your linky I really like the idea of the different theme each time.

  15. Both my children are the bestest too-best boy and best girl. I hope they grow up to be happy and believe in themselves and know they are loved very much. I would love to be saying similar things to you in a few years time.
    Thank you for sharing with #TheThemeGame

    1. I pray you will be saying those kinds of things. Thanks for dropping in.

  16. I love this post! My wee man is defnitely the bestest thing I have ever done and each day I want him to know that!

    1. I just popped over and added you to my circles and then realised you are living in Scotland. I'm in Northern Ireland and have not really found too many UK bloggers, so it is extra nice to meet you. Thanks for dropping in.

  17. It's really great that your children have turned out so well and they do have the same love of GOD as you have. I hope my children too will get to know GOD better as they grow up.

  18. jonathan is a great name for a boy. And so many picks for a nickname {:-Deb

  19. Have two girls and one son. We named him Daniel Jonathan :):) Have to say, he lives up to both names. They differed as little kids, it would have been hard to treat them competitively.