Sunday, 17 August 2014

It's God's Love #7

This Sunday Series is all about God's Love.

There will be a simple, short post each week
consisting of a Bible Verse around the topic of
God's Love and I would be very pleased if you
would join me each Sunday.

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Without Love we would not be true followers of Jesus

The Love of God 
reach out 
to others
through us

Love is


Fruit of the Holy Spirit

given by God

for us


live for Him

You are welcome to copy the Bible Verse Graphic above and any of the others that will be in this Sunday Series on God's Love.  Please use it as it is with no editing for your own personal use including on social media but not in any commercial way. 

With regards to any other pictures or graphics - please contact me. 



  1. My mom reminds me this all the time. She always tells me in order of others to know God they must see it through you and what you do in everyday life and how you live.

  2. Love this. It is one of my favorite scriptures.

  3. God packed so much in the fruit of the spirit didn't He? He gives us provides us what we did to live out the command to love one another.

  4. How good of God to give us this bountiful gift! May we treasure His presence and live it out loud!

    How good to meet you, Sandra! Sabbath blessings ...

  5. Very fruitful, very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you for sharing last week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! And the message of love is always a beautiful one :) Please join in again this week~~

  7. I'm so glad to be popping in here from Janis's link up! God's love flowing to us and through us is so vital!

  8. Lovely Sandra. Great graphic. Thx for joining Sunday Stillness.