Wednesday, September 17

Do we really need this quote? - A Dose of Encouragement

Everywhere I am these days I see quotes.

Some are by famous writers - often ones whose work I have read.

Some are by famous people like Einstein or other people from recent history.

Some are by singers or songwriters

Some are by people who are in the news frequently.

Some are by people I have never heard of before.

But more and more my question is:

You see I find these quotes on my Facebook newsfeed or on GooglePlus posts.

Some are very artistically written in various fonts and colours and some are on beautiful backgrounds of mountains, rivers or lighthouses.

But again my question is:

My friends on facebook like these quotes and share these posts as do so many other people on facebook.

Acquaintances on GooglePlus  +1 these posts and share them and no-one needs to write anything themselves because it is just a quote.

But again my question is:

Then I see all the likes and shares and comments written on these quote posts and I realize that some of the posts that are shared the most throughout all Social Media are quotes.

People everywhere just seem to love quotes.

Now as I blogger I have even been instructed (by blogging experts and in blogging tips) that I should share quotes on various places because people love quotes.

But again my question is:

If we like them, +1 them, share them, even some of us make our own graphics with these quotes does that suddenly mean that they are the absolute truth?

Are we actually reading them and thinking about what they mean or do we just say

 "that sounds nice" 

and then pass it on for others to see without wondering what the meaning behind it is?

Now I like quotes and actually started my Friday Series off with my favourite quote and also wrote a previous post based on my favourite quote and enjoyed making a graphic for it

so I am not against all quotes.

But a quote is just a quote (or rather the correct word is quotation)

It is simply something that has already been written or said by someone else.

Because to quote is

One of the main concerns I have is that in some cases I see a picture with a nice sounding quote shared for everyone to see but the person sharing it has not realised that they are not just sharing a picture with a quote but actually a link to a website or blog post that is not so wholesome.

We need to actually click on these links ourselves 
and see all that is contained 
before we pass them on to others.

When we like or share something we are in a way endorsing it and that means endorsing all of it.

So we need to see what is under the tip of the iceberg - what does that person making the quote represent?

Today I want to make you think about what we are passing around for everyone to see and read.

Because I think we have a responsibility toward others that we do not pass on things that just sound nice but instead

 we should pass on good uplifting and encouraging words 
that do mean something substantial.

I look after a facebook page for our church and I made the decision that the only quotes we would have on that page would be from our Pastor and the sermons we hear in church.


Because our church has a responsibility not to lead others astray or to misquote others
 (which is another problem sometimes in the passing of quotes - they are not always accurately copied or not always written by the person they are claimed to be from).

So the main things that we actually share on the page are Bible verses.

Bible verses are the word of God so we can trust them and learn from them and we can say

Because this is a Bible Verse it is TRUTH!


much more than I need a quote.

So be encouraged when you see a Bible verse shared by a sound organisation or someone you trust, and know that it is spreading God's word.

And then be helpful towards others and share that verse to encourage them and direct them to the truth.

Let's be enthusiastic to share more Bible Verses 
within Social Media.

There is nothing so truthful, beautiful, enriching and uplifting as the Word of God

And if you want more Bible Verses to be able to share with others on Facebook then you might be interested in following my Blog Facebook Page where I share a bible verse each day and you can easily share that on your feed too.

Or for sharing on Twitter then follow me on Twitter  for verses I share there too.

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  1. When I was a teen, I went to a youth conference where one speaker brought up a question or said a comment about wearing brands. He said something like we wear shirts with a brand name or logo on it without even thinking about what that brand stands for or its business practices or philosophy. That we don't know what we're endorsing. And that's made me aware of what's behind things like shirts or quotes. I agree with you that we need to dig a little deeper before clicking "like" or sharing or retweeting. And another issue with quotes is that there are a lot of MIS-quotes! Like "be the change you want to see in the world" is attributed to Ghandi, but he never said it (although it's a nice summary of a message he conveyed a lot). Anyway, blessings to you for such a thought-provoking and relevant post! I'm your neighbor on Coffee for Your Heart :-)

    1. Hi Anna, yes we do endorse things by association and we do need to be careful for examples to others. Thanks for dropping in.

  2. I do like a good quote or two and have a few on pinterest that I especially like but I do agree it can all get a bit out of hand! My sons shared something with me the other day, I'm paraphrasing but it was something about Einstein and what a clever man he was if he said all the things attributed to him. Just because its on a pretty background and doing the rounds on the internet doesn't always mean it was said by the person it's attributed to.
    Food for thought anyway.

    1. Indeed we should treat all that we say and write as if it were food for thought for others and not mislead them in any way. Thanks for dropping in Julia.

  3. I do have some quotes I just LOVE, but I also see some that... are not true, just like your sign says.
    I actually knew an 18-year-old who would make pretty quote things for things he, himself said. They were all about loving others or believing in God, and good things, but I still thought it was funny. Perhaps I thought it was funny because I used to babysit him :)
    Thanks for the warning about not sharing quotes without looking at the website first. I am always amazed when Facebook tells me my little cousin "liked a board on Pinterest" and it shows a dirty image. Apparently she liked a different picture that was grouped with a dirty joke, and Pinterest shared it with all her Facebook friends.

    1. I know what you mean I keep seeing that my nephew has liked things which he hasn't liked and he is bewildered when he finds out. Things that he has no interest in at all. I always make sure that my social media accounts are not linked up with facebook because I don't want my friends getting their feeds full of everything I do. If I want something on facebook then I put it on facebook. Thanks for dropping in Julie

  4. What great points you bring up. I agree, it is important to know the source and the website that is posting the quote before sharing on social media. Thanks for a thought-provoking post today. Visiting from Three Word Wed.

  5. I have run into the issue where I click on a quote and it leads me to an unexpected place. I have become more careful about sharing quotes unless I check (although sometimes I still forget). And I agree, sometimes quotes are not true, are not even very good, and probably don't need to be shared! I do love a really positive, inspiring quote, though. Always a good feeling from those types!

    1. There is good to be found and mistakes and misguided stuff in all social media and I do always want to be careful.

  6. Thank you. I like your quote (question)!

    Saw it over at The Homemaking Party.

  7. Great thoughts. I normally only enjoy using and sharing quotes when it is something I heard or read directly from the person to whom I can give credit. I think the same thing applies to statistics...are they really true? Great things to consider, as writers we need to be sure we are speaking TRUTH!

    Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Wind-Down party!

    Nicole =)

  8. Thanks for sharing at the #WWDParty.

  9. I love this! So often I see a quote and think, "That sounds nice, but it could be taken in a not-so-nice or not-so-true way." I usually hesitate to share so I can simply read it fully and think about the meaning behind it.

  10. I agree, Sandra. Quotes are o.k. in most cases, but I prefer reading a Bible verse with a nice photo any day than reading a quote. I try to make sure the quotes I share come from a reputable never know what eyes will eventually read it?
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

  11. I enjoyed your post - - and also thought "Just because it is written in a book, doesn't make it true." Unless it is the Good Book - God's word. Thank you for sharing your inspiring post with us here at “Tell Me a Story."

  12. Excellent advice! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Beautifully said. I think we are all just looking to be inspired.. too bad people take advantage of that wish!

  14. Basically, all I can say is that in our present-day world, on fb or other computer connections words are spread around and about and some seem OK and some are breaking into our world and turning our Lord out. I'm very heart broken over that situation. My words don't work well enough with the world. Some consider me too picky and/or too stupid and/or too old. But, when I'm in heaven, I'll be a youngish one forever and ever, since many of them have been there for thousands of years and I'll be beginning, even when I ain't exceedingly young. Thanks for your charing and your thinking.

  15. This is so true! And sometimes it's not just the link or website that is not wholesome but the quote in itself. I love quotes too and I share them but we have responsability of what we share.

  16. This isa great reminder to not esteem man's words above God's! I am so guilty of often skim-reading Bible verses in a book/blog post etc… yet am drawn to man-written quotes. I need to think about this!

  17. This is so true! I think this a lot when I see quotes on social media. Every now and then there will be one that makes me think or resonates with me, but I think people usually give too much attention to quotes that are silly. Thanks for sharing with Hump Day Happenings!

  18. To me, a quote is a 'food for thought' - statement that conveys an emotional highlight/summary of an entire text. Like for this article, my quote is "Speak Loving Truth". (Am sharing your article on Google+ and Pinterest)

  19. Thank you so much for your article. I have seen so many quotes floating around Facebook linked back to an unsavory source. Even when I agree with the quote, I didn't feel comfortable liking it or forwarding it because of the source. Thanks for linking up at Titus 2 Tuesday! I'm a fellow link-up visitor. Also, I shared your article on Facebook :)

  20. Really enjoyed reading this post! Very Unique! I would love if you can share this on Fabulous Friday Party! Saw you on Tuesday With a Twist.. thanks Maria

  21. Wise advice to heed as we will all be accountable for what we say and what we do. No matter what it is, it should be for His glory alone. (1 Cor 10:31)

  22. A quote with a nice graphic has a way of capturing one's attention and it's easy to share; however, great points about knowing the source and watching what we actually endorse. Thanks for sharing in The Friday Five.

  23. Thanks for sharing this on Fabulous Friday, its a eye catching! Hugs Maria

  24. Really makes me think, Sandra. I try to be very aware of what I repost or share online and the links connected to them. I DO enjoy an inspirational and encouraging quote from time to time but I always love Scripture best because I have NO DOUBT the truth behind it :-) Thanks for sharing these great thoughts.

  25. Thanks for linking up on Weekends Are Fun!!! Have a great weekend, Karren

  26. Interesting topic! I do love a good quote! I am more careful with everything these days. At pinterest, which I love, I find half the recipes I see are clicking to spam or worse! So I am careful but I will have to go back and recheck everything sometime. Such a chore when it should be fun! I like the messages our pastors give us each week but they are always remind us to read our bible for ourselves and make sure what we hear is accurate around us I don't want to cause a landslide of angry people at my blog but I often hear people put their church leaders on pedestals. Others admire TV evangelists because if anyone can smooth talk a person into believing what they are selling,those guys have cornered the market! Positive thinking is great but only the word of God is truth and I often find myself biting my tongue so I don't upset their day! When our children were small we always told them "If we were perfect than Christ died for nothing." Another friend posted something similar about using the term "Karma"! She had a lot of mixed reviews. This was an interesting post and it makes one stop and think. Thanks for the share.

  27. Truth is found within ~ and I believe some quotes are good reminders whether you choose to believe them or not ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  28. Interesting viewpoint! Quotes can be misleading if taken out of context...

  29. Yes, we need to be careful. Just the other day on Pinterest I saw a pin that was supposed to have directions for making something. When I clicked on it McAfee put up a warning and I could see it wasn't a very nice site.

    I don't do Facebook but I'm thinking people do the quote thing because it's quick. For some it's more about quantity than quality.