Zoning Out - A Dose of Encouragement

We are just back from our trip to Malta.

Such a lovely way to spend our
                       37th Wedding Anniversary.

Just the two of us
              doing just what we felt like doing

                             just when we felt like doing it.

It is not often this type of thing happens even though our kids are grown and living away from home, even though I don't work and Fred works from home.

There is always something to be done for the blog, for church, for the house, for the kids (yes they still need us sometimes to help with something, to proof read an article, to ask questions about things, or just to have a little moan to when things are not so straight forward for them).

So it is very sweet to have a whole week of doing nothing by a deadline or by a phonecall or by an email.

It is very sweet to just relax and think of nothing (and also wonder how it is possible to sit by a pool in high temperatures and just close your eyes and think of nothing without always falling asleep) or to read a novel in a day or two or to do some puzzles.

Yes it is a delight to do all of this without thinking you should not be using your time on this when there are other things to be done.

Relaxing is good for you in so many ways and we were very blessed this past week to have all that lovely weather and location to relax in and to have someone special to relax with.

God always knew we would need times of relaxing and what we sometimes even call "Zoning Out" from everything that grabs at our attention and demands action.

God wants us to relax.
God wants us to Zone Out.
God wants us to refresh our minds and our bodies.

So what if we try to just relax for a little time each day?
Take some "Me Time" so that we can feel refreshed.

Don't feel guilty about doing it.
Enjoy it.

God can use the time to refresh and restore us

We really will benefit from it.

We really don't know what God will speak to us about once we are refreshed.


  1. What a wonderful trip to take with your husband! My husband and I just got back from a vacation and it was a wonderful time of relaxation. So happy to be next to you at Holley's.

  2. Definitely love this post. I used to feel selfish about telling people "no, sorry no can do" but now that the kids have left and I have a better perspective on things...People have to replenish themselves and stay in tune with what is important!

  3. What a beautiful place to visit. It sure looks relaxing in the photo.

  4. Hi Sandra! This is the second blogpost on rest that I've read. Hmmm...maybe God is trying to tell me something?
    I have been to Malta, it's gorgeous! I love the history and all the Della Robia's embedded in the buildings. Sigh...
    I'm glad you had a time to just 'zone out' and enjoy yourself. All work can wait, even though it seems like it's ever-present.
    Thank you for this reminder that I apparently really need :)
    From Recommendation Saturday,

  5. Could not agree with you more. Went to Malta twice as a child, what a wonderful place to relax and zone out. Our vacation this year took us to half of the West coast in the USA. We unplugged and drove and took it all in...... We zoned out too....

  6. Hey Sandra great blog. By the way I'm Maltese.

  7. Anonymous20:43

    My husband and I had our first no kids trip last year, and it was very strange! So necessary to have that unhurried, unplanned time. :)

  8. So glad you were able to get some time away! My latest post was about cutting myself some slack and being ok with a time when I'm not pressuring myself to get things done. (And somehow I don't believe that you don't "work"! You probably, like me, just don't get paid!)

  9. WOW such nice encouragement for us to zone out at least for a short time. Your trip sounds amazing with no worries and no deadlines. Thanks for sharing this true story with us here at "Tell Me a True Story."

  10. Sandra, I need a little more zoning out. I must admit I took some time yesterday to read a book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't know why I feel I have to be going all the time! I always feel that I am playing catch-up. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Working hard is great, but zoning out and resting is important too. The Lord rested on the 7th day :)

  12. Wonderful post & great photo! Rest seems to be the word God is speaking to me this week. We need time to rest, to take a break, in order to keep giving out. Rest replenishes & restores to us that which we lost all week. So glad to have visited from Spiritual Sundays this morning. Blessings!

  13. I'm so glad you got the chance to get away and rejuvenate with your love. That truly is SO important in our lives! Thanks for linking up with the Faith and Fellowship blog hop! :-)

  14. Happy (belated) Anniversary! Love this reminder. Relaxing/resting is something I am trying to do more of these days-- although my toddler seems to overrule those attempts sometimes. :-)

  15. Hi, Sandra! I love the thought of taking time to "zone out" each day! My hubby and I recently returned from a much needed 2-week get-a-way and loved it so much that we want to return next year, God willing. I keep going back and looking at our pics and videos from the trip! Such a wonderful time away!! So glad you got to enjoy yourselves, too!!
    Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

  16. So true. We have to be still long enough to be able to listen to Him. Thanks for the reminder.

  17. I went to the coast last week and did a bit of zoning out myself. It was wonderful!

  18. what a lovely setting. Happy Anniversary to you all. {:-Deb

  19. That looks like an amazing pool to relax by. How wonderful that you could get away and celebrate together. Happy Anniversary.