His Pyjamas on Another Bed! - A Dose of Encouragement

My husband Fred has been travelling more frequently with work in the last few months so a lot of our communication is via email, text messages, Kakaotalk, and Facetime.

I used to hate texting but now with three kids grown up and all living a distance from us I am well used to it even if my fingers seem to so often hit the buttons beside the ones I mean to hit so that I say things like  "I live yoi" instead of "I love you".

With our daughter Linda being in South Korea the rest of us were all introduced to Kakaotalk which is free messaging throughout the world provided you have wifi (Just like WhatsApp).

We message in groups of all of us and pairs of us and trios of us so we just decide who needs to be in the conversation and pick that group.

We can also send pictures and cute clipart things that Kakaotalk provide for us.

I love the sound of a message coming in - it actually goes "Kakao" in a little squeaky voice.

Then of course who couldn't like Facetime where I can prop the iPad up and sit and chat and make faces at the person at the other end of the call.  It is nice to see their faces when they are far away and we don't meet up for months on end.

So of course when Fred is away I am thankful that we can Facetime to have a proper chat but sometimes our time zones are different or when one of us is free the other one isn't so the Kakaotalk using comes into force then.

Well, being the type of people we are in this family there is usually something "random" that occurs or something we find funny or strange or just something that's different to normal and we have to send a picture or when on Facetime we wander round the house or room to show the other person something, angling the iPad as best we can.

This is exactly what happened the other day.

Fred is in Morocco at the moment (yet again) but this time he was in a different hotel to his previous trips.

This is what he showed me on facetime

Yes His Pyjamas on another bed!

Well you might say

 "What do you expect when he's travelling?"

My answer is

"Not him getting interested in some other woman setting his pyjamas out in a fancy way
 on the bed!"

He told me this was the second time it had been done and probably would have been the third but the day before he had thrown his pyjamas in his case so they didn't appear neatly presented on the bed that night.

Well we had a nice laugh about it.

And I said

"You should have taken a picture"

So he did then and there with the iPad.


This is the picture he sent me yesterday when he had moved to another location so another different hotel.

His comment was

"It must be a Moroccan thing"

"Not quite as fancy as Marrakech, but still!!"

Now let's go back to my thoughts from the first time.

I have to be honest and tell you that the woman responsible for that nice act was not the focus of my thoughts then.

The thing I was honing in on was

"He'd better not expect me to be placing his pyjamas on our bed neatly and artistically 
each day - or even once a week or once a year!"

We actually thought it was a lovely gesture that the cleaners would take the time to place the pyjamas not just folded on the bed but to arrange them neatly and with some thought put into it and in the first instance not only the pyjamas arranged so nicely but the covers on the bed presented differently too.

Obviously I am not as artistic or patient to take the time to do that.

But then later I thought about it again and

NO! I still did not think I was meant to start doing this for Fred

instead I considered this small act of kindness towards my husband and all the other people staying there on business trips

made by ladies who did not know them

ladies who were already busy

ladies working all day

but ladies who made people smile when they walked back into their rooms and saw that someone had just made that little bit of extra effort for them; and I was thankful for them.

"Obviously I am not as artistic or patient to take the time to do that!" she said.

So what kind of small things, that just take a little extra effort from us, can we do to make someone else feel more cared for?

Or what small things have others actually done for us that we can go around not noticing?

I encourage you today to think of some small things you can do each week just to take a little more care in something you normally do but that could just put a smile on someone's face or make them feel more appreciated.

I also encourage you today to notice these types of things when they are done for you and extend a smile and a word of thanks to show that you have appreciated the effort.


  1. such a great reminder... it really is the little things that bring a smile to someone's face.

  2. Excellent post, Sandra. It's true--the big differences are made up of small acts of kindness. And not only do they bring happiness to those we serve, but I have found that by doing them, they make ME happier, too!

  3. This is such a sweet post. Small things make a difference. I know it must be hard to be far away from each other. Those hotel ladies deserve something special.

  4. very sweet. funny too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Loved your presentation of the small things that can bring a smile.

  6. Anonymous00:29

    Great reminders today! The simple gestures are the ones that many times mean the most. I love how you stay connected with family all over the world. Blessed you linked up with The Weekend Brew.

  7. Anonymous21:33

    What sweet ladies! Puts me to shame with my family.....

  8. How fun, Sandra! Sweet and encouraging-- I have been trying to do more things for my husband like this (although washing his pajama pants is my act of kindness.) I think baby girl and I will make him some of his favorite cookies today, even though I can eat any during the fitness challenge I am doing with my trainer :-) Thanks for the reminder!

  9. What fun that you all keep in touch no matter where you are and can share the funny/odd moments using FaceTime :). I'll be thinking about little things I can do to bring a smile to someone else's face this week! Thank you for the encouragement!

  10. I love this post, Sandra! We often focus on the big things in life, but we need not underestimate the value of the small ones. Thanks for that reminder today. I love bringing my husband his tea, making favorite dinners for the kids, and special treats for the family. It's something I love doing for them and they love the gesture. It's all about love!

  11. It was a nice gesture, sort of like putting a wrapped chocolate on the pillow, or at one hotel, they left some cookies on the pillow. Anyway, to me the photo of the cute arrangement said, "I miss YOU very much." Thanks for sharing with us here at "Tell me a Story."

  12. What a great encouragement, Sandra. I love that you stay so connected with your husband while he is away. And that you can and do laugh about so much together. Many couples don't, as I'm sure you know. I love your challenge to us to look for ways to make someone's day a little more special. Praying the Lord will help me remember and be observant--and give me ideas. Thanks so much, Sandra. Connecting from Testimony Tuesdays at Holly Barrett's blog.

  13. My husband is traveling right now, too, and your post made me feel like making an extra effort for him when he gets home. :) Thank you.

  14. Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board.It is hard when they are away to keep in contact but you seem to be doing a great job and love they way you focused on the kind act - great way to think about it.

  15. Nice reminder that the little things people do for each other often mean more than the big things.

    saw this on Pin Worthy Wednesday

  16. Our present-day world is much different already re: connections. When I was in Morocco for about 3 weeks, mostly April, '01, cell phones and even local phones didn't allow me to keep with my husband who was here. I missed him so much, but could hardly stay in touch. Anyhow, as I've said, life has changed. My Bhutanese keep in touch with their families and friends who are in Nepal or Bhutan and the ones I'm connected to are here in Omaha. Your sharing was filled with reality. Thank you so much

  17. Small acts of kindness - yes, such a good reminder. Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday.

  18. Great encouragement, Sandra. I have been doing a challenged called #unwrapkindness this month and it has served as a great reminder to notice acts of kindness by others and to also encourage me more to do small things for others.
    And you know I love Facetime!!!
    Blessings to you.

  19. This made me smile too, I bet those ladies didn't know their small task would be bringing smiles to people half a world away in Australia.

  20. This is lovely. My sweet husband travels a lot and I am always looking for ways to remain near to him (when he's home or abroad!)

  21. Thanks for the reminder. I heard a story in church today about DL Moody and how he shined the shoes of all his fellow hotel guests so the hotel staff wouldn't have to. Such a wonderful, serving thing.

  22. Oh the joys of modern technology...


  23. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post today Sandra! I should have read it earlier in the hubby came in from his walk and handed me a package of chocolate cookies he bought for me; and I certainly didn't act very gracious to his offering. Instead I focused on the 1) I am trying to lose weight; 2) we already have snacks and food we just bought; 3) we may need that money later in the month (we get paid 3rd and 4th weeks of the month and what we receive is actually paying the next month's bills, etc.)...and I know it upset him. Then he came back and said if I didn't want them, I could take them to my grandsons who I will be watching later today...

    Talk about an "epic fail" (as my older grandson would say)...I need a lesson in something here!!

    As for the face time, I am not set up for that; but I do keep up with my son in Louisiana via text and facebook.

    I am not always that ungrateful! And I do things for others, too - like I was going to pick up my friend for church yesterday (she just finished chemo treatments and isn't getting around very well right now)...but she texted me in the morning and said she had a rough night and wouldn't be going.

    My goal is to do better in acting/reacting to my hubby - dementia and hearing and all!!

  24. Anonymous15:26

    Thanks for this wonderful reminder about the simple things in life that mean so much. Love how you shared such a great lesson from your experience. God bless!

  25. OH! This is a wonderful post. The first part tickled me. Then it made me reflect.
    Thank you for making me take a little time for self reflection.

  26. You are all too kind - I have to admit it was one of my most favourite posts to write

  27. Anonymous01:19

    Sandra this is a great post. I remember going on a cruise with my wife and the towels were folded into animal shapes. My wife thought they were great but I said to my wife, "Just because I can do origami doesn't I mean I fold towels." WE laughed it off of course but same idea right? Thanks for sharing, I had a great time laughing about it :-)

  28. It's true that just a little acts of love and joy are huge. We get busy and often forget to shower our mates with them. Thanks for the reminder!

    In HIS Service,
    Brett & Rose
    Blogger Care Group

  29. Sandra, I think I would have been uncomfortable as well at first but I like the positive spin you put on this. Thanks for sharing your post! #bloggercaregroup

  30. SO sweet -- little acts of love do make a big difference.