No Time For Study! - A Dose of Encouragement

I know that I am easily distracted.

Especially when I am trying to organise my Study which can get into such a mess very quickly and easily.

But also when I'm reading or trying to study something or preparing a talk for the kids at church.

You see I can see something that I have for a kids craft and then it reminds me of something else I saw on Pinterest and that means
  • I just have to go look for that pin again 
  • and then I will just have a look to see if there are any other nice ideas on Pinterest 
  • and then I will just check my emails when I'm on the laptop 
  • and then a quick look into Facebook working on something for the kids in church
  • and then my messages 
and then the time has flown and there is

And by STUDY I mean the verb not the room in my house that is always a mess.

Now all of this really spoke to me about this other type of


I can sit down when I know I have a decent amount of time and do a Bible Study and I know that lots of you can too.
But frankly this is not every day.

I can in fact sit down when I don't have a lot of time and read a few verses each day and I know you can too.
But I was also very conscious of the fact that I was always lifting my ipad and checking emails or facebook in the morning before I was picking up my Bible to read those few verses or to sit and study for a while.

Yes I could have been lifting the iPad to read my Bible App first thing but I wasn't.

You see I was too easily distracted by those "dings" and little notifications that keep popping up to draw me back into the virtual world.

So last Thursday 30th October I felt challenged 
to determine that I should make a change in my habits 

- because Yes it was a habit I had sunk into.

I was coming to the end of a month and the end of a blogging challenge so why not go straight into another personal challenge and make a new habit of reading

at least one verse from the bible 

before I do any lifting of the iPad for anything else.

Hence of course I needed to tell Fred about this because I need to have to be accountable to someone but then he is travelling a lot these days so I decided to take it to my friends on facebook as well.

On Friday 31st October I posted this so I would now be accountable to them as well.

And that is how I got myself started.

Each day since then I have got my bible and I'm reading through Proverbs 31 before I lift the iPad.
Sometimes one verse sometimes two verses and making a brief comment my Bible Reading Journal.

Then later when I eventually go to the computer I post the verse(s) and my notes on Facebook.

On the first day I even made a graphic of the first two verses (just because I like playing with graphics).

So I have now today reached verses 8 & 9 which is the end of the first section of Proverbs 31 and tomorrow I start unto the Virtuous Wife section.

I really do hope that by the end of the 30 days it will have become a habit and one that I will not find easy to break.

Why don't you think about this.

Are your Bible reading habits good?

You don't have to wait to start something like this at the beginning of a month - you could start today!

What chapter or Book of the Bible would you start this with?

Just remember

before you get drawn into all the other things in our 21st Century life.


  1. Sandra, you're not alone in needing to detach from electronic devices and put the Word first. I had been struggling with the same thing and made a similar commitment to myself a couple of weeks ago. For me it's the computer and like you said, one thing leads to the next and to the next. Before you know it, an hour has passed! Keep with it, Sandra! It's so nice to know there are others who are making this shift of priorities as well. :-)

  2. Cleaning any where in the house that is your dedicated spot is hard. You think, what should I donate, or throw away, or keep, or you start reminiscing. I've also taken to reading the Bible on an app on my phone, but I also get distracted and try hard not to. I started reading a few verses at night before going to sleep but I feel like I need a better practice for in the mornings as well. Great idea!

  3. Wow what a great post. I find myself in the same dilemma each morning. I get my coffee and sit down to read my Bible but the I-pad dings and I just have to see what it is about even though I know it is something that can wait until much later. And, the cycle begins - email, Facebook, and all the other things that draw you into that whirlwind of social media and the blog. I love your idea of the Bible reading journal to make myself accountable for reading and understanding what I have read by writing my thoughts down. I think this will work for me - thank you for sharing.

  4. My husband and I had started to read the bible every night before going to bed (at least the nights we went to bed together ~ I work nights) but that fell by the wayside. I don't know why we don't spend more time reading the bible.. don't that all other things will work out and we will have the time and energy to get to the study.

  5. Thank you for the encouragement. I am trying to read through Matthew but I have been terribly inconsistent. I like your reading one verse before doing anything else approach. In fact I am going to read Matthew 24:1 right now.

  6. I struggle with this as well.

  7. We are so on the same page with this, Sandra. Back when I first started blogging, I used to wake up, jump on my computer and send it out to all of the social media outlets before having my quiet time with God. Wouldn't you know, I usually got sucked in/distracted by work/technology then by the time I remember to get into The Word, it was time to head to work.

    Now, I leave ALL technological devices out of sight out of mind until I have sat down and had some time with God via my devotional, journal and Bible. It makes SUCH a difference in my life.

    Thanks for sharing what can be a convicting message for many of us!

  8. I can so relate. I am guilty of reading my emails in bed as soon as the alarm goes off. It "wakes me up." I wonder how I "woke up" before I had a stupid-smart phone...great advice. I might have to do that. The problem is, I will most likely do it from my phone, which will lead me, once again, down the path of electronic destruction. Sigh

  9. Anonymous17:05

    Great tips! You're right, there is always time for one verse. And often that verse is just the Word I need for the day. Thanks for joining the link party at Counting My Blessings! Enjoy a beautiful weekend!

  10. Thanks for this dose of encouragement! We sure have a lot of excuses but all it takes is sheer determination if we really want something.

  11. I myself don't read the bible but you mention some brilliant tips!! thanks for linking with #readwithme x

  12. Things get done one verse at a time, one day at a time, one application at a time! Thanks for the great suggestions.

  13. Thank you for sharing your interesting post with us here at “Tell Me a Story."

  14. You remind me of myself! I stop to look at pinterest and oops...time has gone away! I read a few emails and check Face Book and more time flying away! Our oldest son just bough his first home and he is moving the end of April. My downstairs family room is stacked high with sheet sets and other linens that he needs to help sort so he can take what he needs. He is always so coordinated when purchasing a comforter set and he has more sheet sets than anyone I know! LOL! My hubby is moving his younger brother back with us until his assisted living spot opens up. They lost their older brother a few days ago and life is full for us. I have new living room furniture coming in two weeks. Thank goodness that although our garage (2 cars) is filled to the rafters with "stuff" our oldest daughter lives two doors away so she is allowing us to store some of the furniture until Jeremy moves. Whew....I am tired just racking my brain about it. I am always encouraged with your scripture shares here. Tahnk you and enjoy a beautiful Easter! Have a good weekend as well.