A Fan for Christmas - A Dose of Encouragement

Children make a lot of crafts at school and Sunday School especially at special times like Christmas.

How many times have you run out of magnets to attach another picture created especially for you?

Some people keep all of their children's pictures but we didn't,

     we just enjoyed them at the time

          and then enjoyed the next one

               and the next one

                    and the next......

However some other things the children have made for us or bought us have been kept and one of these things is one of the decorations Fred and I put up on our Christmas Tree last week.

I have never worked out what a fan has to do with Christmas but then I suppose a lot of the decorations we have for this festive time do not really relate to Christmas time so why should this one have to.

It is gold and green and tones in with what we expect colour schemes to be at Christmas time.

It was made by our son Daniel many, many years ago and although we do not wrap it up carefully each year as we do with some of the other ornaments for the tree, it has never got damaged in all the years.

But even though this fan does not remind me especially of Christmas or the Bible it does remind me of Love.

Daniel made it carefully and it was well-made.

He gave it to us for the tree and even though this was probably prompted by his teacher, all these years later I see Love in this simple tree decoration.

I don't particularly think Daniel was thinking about how much he loved us when he gave it to us but I do know that because it was made by him that I love it.

It certainly is not because of the colours as I am not very fond of green but you see colours do not mean anything in this case.  It is the fact that this was made by my son, that is special to me.

God also took delight in His Son Jesus and His actions.

God even spoke out and told people how pleased He was with His Precious Son.

Do we speak favourably about our children?

Do we tell others how much we love our children?

Do we tell our children how much we love them?

The next time you see something that was given to you by your child or made by them think about when you last told them how precious they are to you.

If it was a while ago, go tell them now.

But even more importantly

if we are trusting in Jesus and know the importance of Christmas,

the Love that was expressed at Christmas and the love later expressed by Jesus on the cross 


are we speaking out about Christmas

and are we speaking out about Jesus


God's Love for us?

If you didn't read my previous blog post about our Tree Decorations you can do so at  3 Sleighs for Christmas


  1. I was trying to come up with something clever about the fan, but I came up empty. Perhaps it's that even in our uniqueness and individuality we belong.

  2. Hi Sandra. I'm visiting you from #TellHisStory today. That is sweet that your son made a fan. We have some old battered ornaments on our tree made by our children too. What a great idea to tell them how much their handiwork means to us.

  3. I love the fan ornament and your reflections on it. Thank your for this inspiring reminder to love and encourage my children and God loves and encourages me. Beautiful post!

  4. Oh my goodness...I have a few ornaments like this! My kids are still young and I feel like most of their creations are destroyed while still hanging on the tree rather than storage! But we have a few that seem to come back each year! Oh this will stick with me today! THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Ah, yes, our tree has many kid-made crafts on it. I love looking at them over time and seeing how they have changed through their art work. But I certainly could look even more favorably on them when I think about how God looked at his son and how he continues to look at me with a love I don't think I'll ever grasp. Thanks for sharing at #ThreeWordWednesday.

  6. I love the fan. It shows that you're a fan of Daniel. We have several homemade ornaments on our tree from things our girls made when they were small. Precious, every one. Thanks for sharing yours, Sandra.

  7. This is such a lovely post. My dad is the exact same way. He has things I've made when I was 4, he holds on to them because it was done by me out of love. I think it's good saving those types of things because now that I am older it kind of added to the fact that my dad loved me enough to save it even if the words were nothing but squiggle lines.

  8. What a wonderful post and yes we need to tell them how wonderful they are. I was just going through some pictures and videos that i have taken of my nieces and nephews over the year... such great memories and they are so precious.

  9. Love this post. I have some ornaments on my tree that I made way back in the day, as well as some of my children's. Jesus is the greatest gift and I am excited to tell people about Him.

  10. Anonymous17:43

    My girls are 6 and 8 and constantly bringing home what they made in school or church. (Or a random rock they thought was pretty. Ha!) I do need to show more appreciation for them. I need to demonstrate how happy I am that they were given to me to raise. :)

  11. Not going to lie-- I am really excited for the day when my daughter starts making these kinds of things (she is 21 months currently) I remember when she brought home her first finger-painted picture from daycare a few months ago... You could have mopped me up off the floor because I melted into a puddle of joy.

    I pray I never lose that feeling -- from the first to the five-hundredeth lovingly made gift from her! Thanks for this reminder, Sandra!

  12. Sharing words of encouragement with our children is so important! Thank you for the reminder! Oh, and I love the homemade ornaments that my kids have crafted. When we decorate the tree each year, they love to add the ones that they have made!

  13. I love the fact that Father God spoke aloud His love for His Son when Jesus was here on earth. And then Jesus said in John that the Father loves us like He loves Jesus. Amazing love!

  14. Thankfully, our family has always been quite open in expressing our love for each other. I'm always telling my son (and others) how much I love him...and miss him, as he is now an adult and lives 4 hours away. There have been times when I wondered if we can over-emphasize saying it, so it loses it's emphasis, but I don't really thing so. In fact, my love has only deepened for him over the years.I also have kept several of the homemade gifts, cards, and ornaments from him that have no great value, other than knowing he made them. have a blessed Christmas! Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

  15. Handmade ornaments are the best. I still have a few that I made in school, a long time ago, on my tree. Merry Christmas!

  16. What a beautiful fan! You bring up some great points, too--how we talk about our children in their presence says so much about how we really value and esteem them. May all of our thoughts be positive and kind and our words be uplifting and encouraging! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  17. A lovely post and I'm sure your son feels proud whenever he see the fan on your tree. :)

  18. We have some precious decorations handmade by our children! They speak LOVE to me.
    Thanks for highlighting this kind of love today!
    Merry Christmas!

  19. My granddaughter made me a scarf this year! It'll be treasured forever...

  20. Great post....wishing you much merriment this holiday season♪

  21. I am a Fan of Christmas! Enjoyed your post!

  22. Great post! I have some things my kids made when they were little that I still put up on our tree. They know I love handmade presents and ornaments and all. Glad I found this on Blogger Brag Weekly.

  23. Thank you for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  24. Love this! We have some 'old school/hand crafted' ornaments from back in the day, as well! I keep thinking of doing a brand new tree --but I know I would miss those nostalgic treasures not hanging on the tree! ;)