An Organised Sun Room

April was not a very industrious month house wise as there were things I would have needed Fred to help with and he was away travelling in some very hot countries with work.

Which somewhat ties in with the room I was tackling this month as well as us having done some of the garden at the start of the month  (again not keeping to schedule because of Fred's travels).

The Sun tried to come out on different occasions but was terribly hindered by the wintery conditions that kept butting in like winds and rain and sleet and hailstones.

But First - A Garden Update

We did manage an afternoon (that Fred was home) in the front garden again pruning a large bush in between showers (several of them)

This was not as big a job as last time on the Butterfly Tree thank goodness but still tiring enough.

And of course a trip to the dump with the cuttings of this job

He has a new bag to collect these shorter cuttings in and he was actually given this by someone he met at the dump on the last trip, very kind man.  This made the job of emptying the cuttings out at the dump even easier than before.

Notice Fred is smiling, glad to have almost finished his afternoon's work.

Unfortunately we were not smiling just before this when we saw what was hiding under the overgrown bush

Obviously we did not prune this bush far enough back in previous years because we had not seen any of this before.

Decluttering the garden just took on a new meaning here.

And Now - The Sun Room

I was tackling the Sun Room but this fact about the weather did not encourage me at all.
Though as I write this the back garden is brightly lit from the sun after another lot of hailstones yesterday.

The Sun Room in itself did not need much work as there are not too many places for items to be kept.

But a few tips are always useful to keeping it organised.

1.  Think about what you want in your Sun Room
2.  Think about what you want to be able to take outside quickly
3.  Think about how to make things HANDY!

The only cupboard we have in the Sun Room is in the TV unit and it is useful for storing light bulbs which I sorted and made a note of the types we did not have a spare one of.

Also in that cupboard we keep the 3D glasses that the kids got at various times just in case we need them to go see a 3D film sometime - which really is a very faint probability as Fred & I have not ever gone to a 3D film.  Perhaps the kids should have each kept theirs for wherever they are?

Then the other main things in that cupboard are

  • a few puzzle magazines,
  • Sun Tan lotion,
  • Sun Tan wipes
  • After Sun Wipes
  • and some pairs of sunglasses.

This is a useful spot to keep these as the Sun Room opens out to the Patio and when the sun appears (for the short periods that happens here in Northern Ireland and let's face it we need to make the best opportunity as we can of those short periods of time) we can grab those things on the way out to sit on the Patio or Deck area.

The bulbs were already in a basket but these Sunny Day items were just lying in the cupboard so I got one of my favourite small Lakeland Storage Caddies for these items that we need for hopping out to sit in the sun.
You can see in the pictures above & below that it is ideal in size and that handle makes it so easy to grab.

What else might I want in that cupboard if I am going to use it daily during the next 5/6 months?

Well I decided to add
  • a post it pad 
  • a notepad 
  • and a pen 

 because those are always useful things to have at hand instead of having to run to the study.

Lastly there was still room for the three remotes that are needed in that room.

There are two other things that I like to keep in the Sun Room but they will not be in that cupboard.

A navy fleecy throw which is very handy if it gets a bit cooler in the evenings 
or even if I just feel like curling up on the sofa to read .

The 4 cushions for the Patio Chairs which I keep in a jute type bag pretty much out of sight behind the chair which sits beside the door out to the patio so that any time we are going out for breakfast we just grab a cushion on the way past.  With our climate the cushions never stay out!

I have already written about how much I love Arks and pictures of Arks last year but now I had decided that some of these may go soon!!! but some will stay here in the Sun Room.  Some of my favourite Ark pictures just match in nicely with the style and decor of the Sun Room.

Here are two on the bookcase that holds most of our CDs

And here is another one above a window

That does not mean that some other Ark decor items will not be found in other rooms in the house of course.

NOW I have a puzzle for you!

In the Sun Room to the left and right of one of the windows are two screws.

The screws are screwed into the brick wall.

You can see their position relative to the window here.

Here is a close up of both screws

Obviously equi-spaced from the end of each side of the window.

 Can someone help me & come up with a reason as to why they are there?


  1. Thanks for sharing your organizing days! It is always inspiring to see and makes you want to work on your own home. Thank you also for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays each week! :)

  2. HMM what the heck are those screws doing there? I wish I could be of help... the only thing I can think of is maybe something to somehow hold the strings from the blinds if there were longer?? No Idea. Very cute sun room! Your book shelves look so organized! Keep up the great work! Thanks for joining the Link-It To Me Link Up Party this week! Hope to see you back out next week!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your organization tips each week on Inspiration Thursday. I love seeing the new ideas you have.