The Cows in the City! - A Dose of Encouragement

I know this sounded crazy to my husband who grew up on a dairy farm and who had often taken me out to the farm and then loved taking the children out to the farm when they came along.

But yes I was saying to him

I want to go and see the Cows in the city.

The city I was referring to was our hometown of Londonderry, in Northern Ireland, which is almost a 2 hour drive from the town of Banbridge, where we now live.

You see when we lived in Belgium I had just missed the cows in Brussels because they had come there shortly before us.  There was an odd cow here and there still in Brussels but I missed out on seeing all the cows that had been there.

Now you probably think I'm crazy because don't all cows look the same?

Well usually any one field of cows you might come across would have all the same breed of cow anyway.

But of course the cows I had wanted to go and see were not real live cows.

These cows were referred to as the painted cows.

During recent years different cities or countries have taken on this idea of having full size models of cows made and then painted by businesses, schools, organisations etc. as a form of advertising.

In Belgium apparently there had been many, many cows all over Brussels and perhaps in some other places too.

A few years ago Northern Ireland had the cows in a few places and one of the major places was in Londonderry.

Again there were cows painted by school children, businesses, charities and other organizations.

But there was one cow in particular that I really wanted to see in Londonderry.

The red one.

The one to commemorate Amelia Earhart (see info. on Amelia here)

Amelia was the first woman to fly the Atlantic and she landed in a field on the outskirts of Londonderry.  She is one of the claims to fame of my hometown and a small tourist attraction has been set up for any visitors who might be interested in learning more about this famous woman and her airplane and the special flight in which she succeeded in making history and showing that women could do some of the things that only seemed to be considered as things that men would do.

Google even celebrated Amelia Earhart's 115th Birthday with one of their Doodles.

Image from July 24, 2012

So I was thankful it did work out that within the time frame of the Cows being in Londonderry we were able to make a trip there to stay with my sister and her husband and I did have the opportunity to go to see the cows.

And we found the one in commemoration of Amelia,

the red one.

I thought this cow was very cleverly created because it was not just painted to depict Amelia as a famous and respected aviator but had also been shaped in a different way to the other cows.

To me this cow really stood out among the others.
Not just because of the expanse of red and because of the unique shape but also because of the simplicity in which the creator of it had portrayed the airplane and the woman who flew it.

It made me think of two things.

The cleverness of the creator and the respect to the person and their accomplishment.

We have the most clever creator of all.

We have the creator who made us so that every single little part of us works together to form a living being with an intellect and feelings.

How great is that?

We have the greatest creator of all.

We have the creator who respects us and all that we accomplish and has given us the ability to learn and create other things.

How wonderful to be part of such an intricate and planned creation.

How wonderful to be part of such an intricate and planned creation.

We have the best creator of all.

We have the original creator of all things.

I am thankful that God made us each unique and with abilities to do great things in all situations in life.

I am thankful that He respects us and cares about us so much we were not just a "toy" for Him.

I am thankful that we were created to have life and to love and to be loved by God.

We were created to have life and to love and to be loved by God.

I may have had my picture taken beside this clever cow creation but I (no matter how weak, sinful or small I am) am a more wonderful creation than this man-made one.

And so are you.


  1. We are wonderfully made by the creator of all things! I sometimes need to remind myself of this. Thank you for the reminder and the red cow is awesome! It makes we wonder what some of the other cows look like.

  2. Yes, those are so unique and fun. What a mighty genius of a Creator!

  3. I remember the cows all over Brussels, my neighbour even bought one and has it now in his front yard. The cow lost her colors over the years and now it looks awful ! But it was nice to see so many colorful cows !

  4. Anonymous18:33

    How cool!

  5. Anonymous18:35

    I love this! That artwork is beautiful and I ADORE Amelia's! So cool! I, too, am grateful to have THE most brilliant Artist to have created me!

  6. Several years ago we had horses. Painted horses all over the county. There was a map and you could visit all of them. It was pretty cool, so I get where you're coming from.

  7. Anonymous16:02

    Yay! We enjoyed a similar display in Chicago years ago. They are fun and creative - but oh when we look around at the beauty and creativity in nature . . . the variety. What a glorious Creator we worship. Thanks for sharing this at CMB.

  8. I love the fact that God made us all different and unique. Thanks for sharing. Visiting form Counting my Blessings.

  9. Love how bright red the cow is. Stopping by from the Friendship Friday hop, come say hi!

  10. Definitely a different take on that red cow - I'm so glad you got to go, find it and see it!

  11. What a wonderful trip to visit the city cows, and find your favorite one the RED cow. Yes, it is clever and our God is the clever creator who makes everything unique and different. I had to stare at the cow for a bit to see the airplane. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  12. I love being reminded that we are all unique and loved by God. I'm also fascinated by much of Amelia's story. So this was a great read for me!
    I'm your neighbor at #TellHisStory. This is my first time visiting and I'm glad to have a chance to drop by.

    Embracing the Journey,

  13. What a great reminder on how special we all are. I have never heard of the cows, I'll have to google search them and see what I'm missing,I love the red cow! Back home in Athens, Georgia, there are bulldogs painted throughout the area. Athens is home of the University of Georgia Bulldawgs.

  14. How fun! We have similar displays here in BC Canada. One is of various painted Orca Whales and the other is painted bears. I totally get your desire to see a bunch of painted cows. They are super cool.

  15. Lovely post #magicmoments

  16. I got to see the cows in Zurich with my sister in 1998. They were also in Scotland a few years later, so it turned out we didn't have to go so far afield to see them after all! You have drawn a very good analogy from them, and it was also interesting to hear that Amelia Earhart had landed in Londonderry- I never knew that before. Thank you for sharing this!

  17. Clever you! How did I miss the fact that you were in Ireland? If we go visit our Grandlittles this summer (they are in Dublin) we will have to meet!

    I always enjoy your charming posts and this is no exception!


    Thanks for linking.


  18. He is very bright and hard to miss but I love features like this in a city. #MagicMoments

  19. I hope I can go to Ireland one day. :) Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday.

  20. Anonymous23:04

    That is so neat! I love that you got to see it :)

  21. God did create us beautifully. He made us in his image - what an honor. You speak love to my heart today. Cheering you on from the #Raralinkup on Purposeful Faith.

  22. I love this and how God created us with intricacies that can never be replicated. My city created and displayed painted pigs with different themes much like your cows. They are amazing but not the same as the beauty created by God. Thank you for sharing at The Weekend Brew.

  23. Thank you for this beautiful message today, Sandra! This is spectacular and I have never heard of painted cows before and to have them commemorate someone in history is even better! Thanks for sharing with #bloggercaregroup and blessings to you :)

  24. This is so cool. We had some cows like that in Atlanta GA a looong time ago. Was so fun to see! thanks for the reminder of just how special we truly are!

  25. So thankful for God and His Wisdom! No way to know all the intricate details that only God knows about our lives and the amazing things we get to experience.

  26. Anonymous15:19

    Interesting post and yes our God is the creator of all things and full of creativity
    -Dee #bloggercaregoup

  27. Anonymous01:17

    Thanks for this great read, Sandra. Love the message the cows inspired you to share with us! Blessings to you.

  28. Cows inspire! Great post! Visiting from WWI, #32