Monday, 23 April 2018

The 5 Best Board Games

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Everyone loves at least one Board Game.

When we have some people round to our house for a meal we often get out a Board Game.

About 6 years ago I tried to get our kids (when they were all here visiting at the same time) to decide which games should go and which could stay expecting our second son to tell us he wasn't interested in any of them because he hadn't wanted to play any games for a few years, but instead he decided the very first one I presented was too good to go and we ended up playing it and not even looking at any others.

Then 5 years ago that same son and his wife had a Board Game Theme for the table decor at their wedding reception.

Now again I am thinking of what things can go as I am once again Decluttering & Organising Our Home.  So thinking about the Board Games I decided that at least the top 5 could definitely stay.

Basing this on what we all might play together and the ones we have been playing with others in the past year or so here are my Top 5 Board Games.


Being a Murder Mystery Fan I have always enjoyed the puzzle that this game brings but unfortunately even though I'm good at solving puzzles and have a very mathematical & logical mind;  I am always beaten by our first son or my husband.   But I'm a gracious loser.

Now to be honest I have only played this once but got hooked for that game and didn't want to stop it until all the world was conquered but others of us wanted to go to bed.  This is however the favourite of our first son and all his friends.  They started playing at university and had many games lasting all through the night until breakfast time and they still like to play it when they meet up at each others homes now 15 years later.


I know most people would play Scrabble  and on my iPad I play Scrabble but I do prefer the Board Game UpWords  because it gives so many choices for creating more words.  I have one of my Pastor's from a previous church to thank for introducing me to this one.
Plus this is the game I do better in than my husband.


I never thought I would enjoy this one but I was wrong.
Our son & daughter-in-law also use a large block version of this for guests to write comments at their wedding instead of a guest book.
Sometimes we have a couple of younger lads from our church for a meal and one of them is so good at this game and has great fun in beating the rest of us.


I just could not decide between these two.

I suppose I just love the first one when I feel more like having a fun laugh a lot at crazy pictures kind of mood and the second when I am more ready to concentrate on linking words. If Fred & I are playing in a team together then I go for Taboo as we can use all our 45 years together and know words which will remind us of places we have been or events that have happened to help each other guess the correct word.

Now I know this is not really a board game or at least I would never have thought of it as one but I have to share this game too because this is the one that our son said could not be thrown out, the one that he decided he liked so much that we played it and played it and played it and didn't get around to throwing out any of the Board Games.


If you are interested in any of these games or other games you can find them here on Amazon

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  1. What a wonderful walk down Memory Lane. I am familiar with some of these games, but not all. What a neat idea of using board games as a theme at the wedding reception. Love that! Thanks for sharing, Sandra.

  2. Thanks for the board games! Love to try them with my family

  3. Haha! I have to comment. When I was young my brother, sister, dad and I were all playing Sorry. My sister and I would burst into tears when my dad would send us back and say "Sorry!" in a very, jokingly, but at the time, hurtful voice. Like he would drag it out..."SSOOOORRRRYY!" and then laugh and laugh while we bawled and bawled. My mom finally got tired of the entire thing, picked the entire game up, board and all and threw it into the fireplace...with a fire going. That incident has made me cringe every time someone asks me to place games. LOL! My husband loves games so he has to play with friends. Our boys like games too since I did scar them for life by making them cry. They would love some of these I am sure! It's a great list.

  4. We have recently rediscovered board games with my family and have so much time.

  5. Scrabble... my all-time favorite. And, Dominoes Mexican Train is a family fave.

  6. Hi Sandra! We used to play Jenga at school with our middle school Special Ed kids all the time! They loved to make the pieces crash... ;) Playing games in the afternoons for motor learning skills was great!!! Years ago I played Risk but really I haven't played the others. Another fun one your family and some of the other readers might like: Farkle. Some of the folks out here at our RV park played it last summer and then more of us learned how. Really fun!

    Thanks for the fun game ideas,
    Barb :)

  7. Pictionary is always a great choice! :)

  8. Seeing these games brings back great memories.

  9. The big deal around these parts is Carcasonne and Settlers of Catan.
    Either one of these games can take up an entire evening, several batches of chip and dip, and a lot of chocolate chip cookies!

  10. I love a GOOD game of Risk! One of my favs. #trekkingthru

  11. How fun!!! I love board games. We love Balderdash. It's always a HOOT! And any game that we can laugh with is a great game!

  12. We like noisy games and Monopoly. I've also got Escape from Colditz and might give that a go during the summer. I remember it being fiendishly complicated and quite similar to Risk

  13. I used to play Taboo and Jenga when I was younger! Some happy memories there. Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest x

  14. My friends and I played Risk constantly when we were young. Most of the reason I originally signed up for Facebook was because at the time we could still all play again, even from different parts of the country

  15. I've never playword Upwords, but I do love a bit of Scrabble! I'll have to give Upwords a go! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  16. We have so many favorite board games and yet I have NEVER heard of Cluedo! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Love to Learn. Pinned.

  17. Thanks for sharing your list of favorite board games. A few of these I haven't heard of, but Taboo is a favorite at our house, too! Another one my older kids love is Ticket to Ride.

  18. Got to love board games and they certainly stand the test of time. Knew all of these well except Risk so will look into that. Always wanted Cluedo as a child so it was bought almost as soon as I was pregnant with my first child. Great for bringing different generations together too #AnythingGoes

  19. We love board games :) Monopoly is our favourite but we've also got a copy of Escape from Colditz to try

  20. We absolutely LOVE Jenga in this house but I am really curious about Upwords because I've never played what I guess is another version of Scrabble sounds interesting and a bit more flexible. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this! x