3 Little Letters - Do You Know What They Mean? - Coffee & Conversation

They are just 3 letters!

They are used in everyday language!

They are written in messages, tweets, comments, etc.

But just because other people have used them it doesn't mean that we ladies as Christians should be using them.

People write them down often but some people don't even stop to think what they mean.

They are often used in capitals to show immense unbelief.


They do not mean "Oh My Goodness"  which is what some people may consider to be their meaning.


The 3 letters 


DO NOT mean  "Oh My Goodness" 

Just google them and see that in every listing that comes up in Google it clearly states that these three letters mean

"Oh My God!"

Almost daily on facebook I see people sharing what they consider are fun quizes or fun games to play like

"What Job Suits Your Face?"

"What's Your Power Colour?"

"What Age Can You Pass For?"

"What is Your Life Story?"

"How Old Are You Based on Your Photo?

"What is Your Biography?"

"Who Loves You 100%?"

"Which Bible Verse Will Give You Strength?"

"Which Bible Verse Do You Need Today?"

Each time anyone clicks on that picture to get an answer about themselves they are promoting someone who is taking the Lord's Name in vain.

We need to have good standards and be obedient to God's word and therefore we should not say those words but we also should not support others who do.

I know that the Facebook page putting out these  "fun" click posts have this pic of a shocked face before the letters

 but that does not take away any meaning or severeness of the meaning of the letters.

Then the one that I really could not believe that Christians were clicking on was the following

"What Bible Verse Did God Write For You?"

because we as Christians should know that all the verses in the Bible have been written for us by God.

In fact I saw the same person do this one twice and they got a different verse each time.

So ladies I am saying that these 3 letters written or spoken are NOT glorifying to God.

We should be careful how we use God's name at any time and so we should look to His Word to determine just what are the right ways to use this Holy Name and in so doing Honour our heavenly Father.

Ladies let us take our cue from Mary who clearly recognised the Holiness of God's Name when she sang to God on knowing she was to bear His Son.

If we recognize as Mary did that God does great things for us how can we possibly not treat His Name with the reverence it deserves?