Marie & Mr Bee Kids Book - Book Review

It's time for another Children's Book Review.

Today it is a book for young children about a girl and a friend she makes.

We have always felt that books are very special to our family and share a love of reading but now that Fred and I have got to the "grandparent stage" we are once again looking at, buying and reading books that are suitable for young children.

So when I heard about this book and the fact that the main character is a girl in a wheelchair I was quick to get a copy but unfortunately very slow to review it.

I did buy this book and I am not being compensated in any way for this review.

So let's have a look at

Marie & Mr Bee

As with another Children's Book I reviewed

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We got our grandchildren involved and here is a short taster of how we did that:

If a book is meant for that young age group then it should be tested with children of that age.

We have 3 grandchildren Matthew 4 years and , Ruby almost 3 yrs now and Sarah the baby, all of whom fall in this age group.

Unfortunately Sarah was having a nap during this part of our facetime with the kids and this time we did not have the pleasure of cuddling with the other two on the couch as we would normally do to read a story book to them - well we are in lockdown at the moment so all our time with them is spent online.

You can see how we manage this in 10 Easy Ideas for Facetime with Kids

Well back to testing out the book.

You can see from that brief video above that this book is very bright and colourful with beautiful illustrations and very clearly presented with a lot of detail which means that the children will enjoy coming back to the book for further readings as they will not have remembered all the fine details of the pictures on each page even after several readings.

Look at the concentration on those faces below as they listen to Grandpa read the story.

Here is the front cover of the book

Here you can see the back cover of the book

There is also a pancake recipe included in the book - for the children to help the grownups to make and them and then everyone can enjoy eating them.

Now that I have told you about this beautifully illustrated book which I believe would be a great book for all children especially to make them more aware of the similarities between themselves and children with disabilities because they all have imaginations. 

I want to say that I believe it would make a great gift for any family to read together.

The book actually comes in two versions although the difference is very slight.

Zooming in closer to the front cover you can see that my version is the Scripture version denoted by this symbol on the front cover.

So you can choose between one which has a Bible verse included on the last page or one which does not.

This book is written by Margaret Welwood  and illustrated by Coralie Rycroft and you can check out  Grandmasbookshelf.net  for more info on this and other books by Margaret.

You can also watch this longer video of reading Marie & Mr Bee together. 

So Deciding thought on this book?

Yes it's a big Tick from me and Fred and the grandkids.

I have NOT been offered a free product to write this blog post nor any other compensation. 
I bought this book myself. 
The views expressed here are completely my own.