About Me

Hi there, let me introduce myself.

I'm Sandra married to Fred for over 40 years and I am a very contented wife & mum & grandma.

We have 3 grown-up kids who are all living away from home now.
Jonathan is a Pastor and is currently Lecturing in Theology at Regents Theological College in England.
Daniel is married to Suzie and they live in Belfast, Northern Ireland where he is working for CAP (Christians Against Poverty) and Suzie is a full time mum.
Linda is married to Stephen and is living in South Korea where she is teaching English as a second language in Seoul University and Stephen works in Marketing.

We are originally from Londonderry in Northern Ireland but as a family we have also lived in Delaware, USA while the kids were all under 12 and in Belgium while they were in their late teens to mid twenties; so we have survived different languages and different cultures together.

Christmas 2009 our last one in Belgium

We have also enjoyed many adventures together and I like to think of these as our Xtra Special Days

I like to travel and have been fortunate enough to have visited quite a few countries including Australia, South Korea & Hong Kong but not as many as Fred who has travelled extensively for his work.

Reading has always been one of my favourite things to do and as our children grew up we encouraged them to have a love of books.  Jonathan had done a lot of writing for his Phd in Theology, written and published a Systematic Theology Book and continues to write his blog, Daniel went back to university and did a years course in Theology but is now finding there is not so much time to read or study with a full-time job and a 3 children under 5.  Linda did her Masters Degree in Creative writing and has written a novel and some screenplays and also blogs occasionally

In December 2010 Fred and I returned to Northern Ireland and made our new home in Banbridge, which is a smaller town and a completely different area than we grew up in, hence another new experience.

Front Garden of new home in Banbridge, just after we moved in during the worst winter there in many years.

In October 2013 our family became 6 instead of 5 when Daniel and Suzie got married

Daniel & Suzie's wedding - a very happy day even through the cold and wind.

Then in 2015 our family grew to 7 with the arrival of our grandson Matthew.

The following year we grew to 8 when Linda and Stephen got married.

Linda & Stephen's Wedding - another very happy day.

Another addition brought us up to 9 as of July 2017, that was our beautiful granddaughter Ruby which makes Fred and I even happier than before.

The very happy grandparents.

Now we are 10 because we have a second granddaughter Sarah who was born in September 2019.
You can imagine the number of times we have to take and retake pictures now trying to get all 10 of us looking in the same direction at the same time and just hope most of us are smiling.

My main interests are my blog Sandra's Ark, my work on the curriculum for our church Sunday School, teaching English as a Second Language in our church each Wednesday evening and other church related work; so much so that I have now added a new blog series on Kids Songs and have set up a new blog for Kid related songs, activities and easy craft tutorials called The Ark Page.

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