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Advent Calendar - Review Through the Eyes of a Child

I received a free advent calendar but was not asked to do anything in return

Do you buy an Advent Calendar each year?   

I don't.

In fact I don't think I've ever bought one either for myself or for our children when they were growing up.

Am I a terrible mum?

But this year I actually considered it.

Well we have a little grandson now and I like chocolate and so does he so I did think about maybe getting one for him but as at other times I thought about it and then didn't do anything about it.

Then one day in the post I received a free Advent calendar full of chocolate.

It was a complimentary calendar for me because I have in the past bought the Easter Eggs for the children in the Sunday School at our Church from this company  Meaningful Chocolate. 

I even asked them for a free egg to do a review of it on my blog a couple of years ago and my husband and son scoffed it on me leaving only one small piece for me and you can see the proof of it at The Real Easter Egg - You've Got to Try One!

Well this time our grandson Matthew was with us for a sleep over on the 1st and 2nd of December so he had the privilege of looking for the numbers 1 and 2 on those two days and claiming the chocolates within.

So How do you open an Advent calendar with a 2 year old?

Well you don't! 

He grabs it, shouts Chocolate and tears it open.

He pulled hard on the tab for the first day and it tore on over across the next two sections which were not even the ones numbered 2 and 3.

Then he tried to tear up and down as well while we laughed and laughed and explained that he was only to open one section and have one chocolate each time.

Still wondering however how he knew that it was going to be chocolate inside.

Matthew is very fond of chocolate even though he doesn't get a lot of it.

No really, I am a very good grandmother, granny, nanny whatever he wants to call me and I do not give him a lot of chocolate.

Along with the Calendar full of chocolate there is a booklet telling the Christmas Story over the 24 days up to Christmas.

Now although Matthew is only 2 he loves books and pictures and having stories read to him or the latest now is stories told to him about ourselves.

He took some time (after eating his ONE PIECE of chocolate) to sit on the floor and look at some of the pages of the booklet.

And that was good considering his cars, buses, taxis and trains are very important to him and they sat stationary for a while until he turned the booklet over and said chocolate again.

We did not give in but explained he could have a piece the next day before he went back home.

Each page of the booklet has a picture and some text for one of the 24 days up to Christmas and you can see some of them below.

There are several Advent Challenges which are puzzles & activities for the children to work at.

Matthew clearly enjoyed the chocolate.

We will have to see what it is like when we open some days now when he will not be with us.

I liked the look of the booklet and was glad it was not just something to read but was also interactive for the kids.

Not the right time to buy one?
Then why not pin this for later.