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Thankful for More than the Silly Things that Make Me Laugh - Coffee & Conversation

I Love to laugh and giggle and I am so thankful that I have a husband who is full of fun and makes me laugh a lot.

There is only the two of us left at home now.

So you could think our home is quite quiet - which it is, 
there is still normally something to have a laugh about.

You see Fred really does have a good sense of humour and of course after all these years together he knows how to make me laugh.

Like one day when I was standing in the kitchen checking my phone and he suddenly announced he was just going to delete his post (as we call the mail in the UK) and I turned round to see this.

Then there was the day he got excited when his new toy arrived.  
It's a Cajon and he just unpacked it and sat down on it and started drumming on it and singing and was as happy as a kid.

Or one Christmas time when we went for a walk around the grounds of a castle with Jonathan and when Jonathan wanted to take a picture of us from the top of the ruins Fred and I were joking around and acting stupid and giggling our heads off.

But sometimes Fred just has to smile his cute little boy smile at me and I can't help but laugh at him.
It brightens me up at any time.

 Just look at that smile and the twinkle in his eyes.

 Our kids might be grown up but they enjoy a laugh 
and some silly fun too.

Here's Daniel and his dad at Daniel's stag do.

Linda is often referred to as the random one because she just starts talking about whatever comes into her head and she thinks up 
the silliest presents at times.

This pic is when she posted about having had a scarecrow massacre.

Jonathan may be the oldest and everyone thinks "the most serious" 
but he is often on his phone sending silly pics to his friends and his brother & sister.  

This picture below was taken in The Netherlands on a family outing 
quite a few years ago while we were living in Belgium.

Now just in case you think that I am only making fun of my family I can assure you that I do silly things myself (and laugh at myself) - like when our nephew was running with the Olympic Torch and I let myself be caught in a picture running alongside him.  Everyone had a good laugh at that one.

And here I am with two friends doing some Hawaiian dancing at an Hawaiian Themed party we had in our house in Belgium

I hope you laugh at silly things.

I hope you are thankful for bits of fun daily 
and can see the humour and fun and enjoyment 
in things around you.

I believe it is good to laugh and to share fun times with others
 planned and unplanned.

And I believe that God has given us a life and friends and family 
that he wants us to enjoy.

I don't believe that God wants us to be grim and gloomy
 all the time.

I don't believe that as Christians we have to be quiet and serious
 all the time.

Laughter is good for you and having fun is good for you and it is also really good for relationships.

I am thankful to God 
for the good relationships, friends, memories, 
and adventures that I have had


mostly I am thankful for the relationship I have with God, 
where He cares for me 
and I am constantly learning to leave everything in His hands 
I am thankful that 
His ways are best and His timing is best.