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Packing & Preparation for South Korea - Travel Preparation

Well we leave tomorrow so I had better be ready by now.

Last hotel bookings only done yesterday, we really leave it to the last minute in this family.

Hoping hotels are all ok, hard to tell from TripAdvisor etc. and Korean Sites, but our daughter has gone to the hotel near her and says she thinks its lovely so she booked us there for that part of the stay.

I love the initial preparation,
  • the making of lists, 
  • thinking what needs to be done before I go, 
  • clearing my calendar for while I'm away, 
  • making an itinerary, 
  • deciding on the schedule of all the preparation,
  • sorting my ongoing todo lists so that things are not due to be done while I'm away, 

I like to use packing lists and have downloaded a few different ones like this one 

and they can be so pretty and well laid out but often they are very Americanized whereas I am from the UK so I when I write pants I am referring to underwear and not to my trousers.

So I start with one of these lovely lists and then end up making my own

Also I like to detail which tops I'm planning to pack and which trousers and which swimsuits and not just write the number of them so in the end I usually ended up by resorting to my own hand written lists or a spreadsheet on the computer but now I love to use my iPad for most things and so I have tried packing apps as well and yet again I found them not just right for me.

In the end I went back to one of my favourite apps - one I use daily and used it for my packing needs for South Korea.  

The Things App by Cultured Code is my go to app for daily todos and now for lists too and it is on my iPad.

My todo lists for before and after trips are on the Things App too.

     Scheduling all the trip preparation is on the Things app too. 

          My ongoing todo lists are on the Things app too.

               AND   My calendar is on the iPad.

So in the end everything I need is on my iPad except for the itinerary for the trip.

Travel Packing and Preparation - the need to be organised

The itinerary is so involved with having to cope with 4 people travelling at different times and from different airports, then all the hotels we will be in and the different areas with a little 4 day trip for Fred & I over to Hong Kong from Seoul and of course all the times we are meeting up with friends.

I like colour coding and also prefer to have ALL details on my itinerary and then as well as that I have a labelling system for the things we need at various places and events.  (Hence the * column.)

This is what my itinerary ended up looking like

and that was just the first page of 3!

I don't like
  • the actual packing, 
  • preparation of clothes and items for packing,
  • the booking of flights and hotels 
                                 (thankfully the last one here is mostly done by my husband).

This time with a holiday to South Korea (2 locations within the country) and a trip to Hong Kong incorporated into it and then the boys coming to join us later my poor husband has to book 5 return flights & 5 single flights and this was just very taxing for him.

We are planning to meet up with 2 South Korean friends who we originally met in Belgium and spend some time with them in Seoul as well as going to Gangneung in the northeast to see places and people that our daughter is constantly telling us about so tying it all together was taking some effort.

So I said I would look after the hotels but they couldn't be booked until we knew exactly where we would be each day and the Hong Kong flights were only just done a couple of days ago so hotels just got booked yesterday.

Vaccinations are all done, easy for the boys as they were up to date with everything they needed as they have been to different African countries within the last 10 years, but not so easy for us as it took two separate trips to the health centre because we didn't have 3 arms each.

So at least these are now checked off the list too.

Plenty still to be done today though.

Itinerary in brief is:

  • Belfast to London tomorrow
  • London to Seoul tomorrow overnight to Friday morning
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday in Seoul with Linda and our friend Sharon who is going to take us shopping!!
  • Seoul to Hong Kong on Monday
  • Sightseeing just me and Fred in Hong Kong Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Hong Kong to Seoul on Friday 2nd Aug and Linda joins us then again
  • Jonathan & Daniel arrive in Seoul on Saturday 3rd
  • Sunday 4th and Monday 5th  in Seoul with our friend Sharon who is going to take us sightseeing this time and our other friend Park is coming to meet up with us too
  • Tuesday 6th we travel to Gangneung in the North East where Linda is living 
  • Wednesday to Sunday in Gangneung sightseeing and meeting Linda's new friends
  • Sunday night travel back to Seoul
  • Monday 12th Aug Seoul to London and on to Belfast

So thankful that we can all get together for this new Black family Experience.

Right better go and pack now and collect the foreign currency which the bank have finally got for us.  (That's another story of one of those things which shouldn't happen but do happen and are so infuriating.)

           Getting very excited now!!!!

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