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10 Things That Made Me Laugh in Ireland

Laughter is good for you.

I have often said it and I do believe it is true and it was certainly good for us during that trip we made for Fred with work in Ireland.

It's the trip that produced the blog post Top 10 things that make a good Hotel Room.

The first comment I had on that blog post was about a hospitality tray and it really made me laugh as I thought of a certain incident during that trip.

So where better to start my list of

1. The Missing ....?

It was in the same bedroom that had all those other failures of being a good hotel room and although it was something we definitely noticed we had to laugh at it because it just seemed so funny compared to everything else that was wrong in the room.

Have a look at this picture and see if you can notice the mistake.

Yes we were in a double room with 2 saucers & 2 spoons 
but only 1 cup.

I can quite understand it if a spoon is missing because well who takes sugar these days (don't laugh - we do) but I certainly think we might need the cup to actually drink the tea or coffee from.

2.  No Room for a Chair.  

Doesn't seem that funny well at least not until you see where there was no room for the chair.

Yes just the very place you need a chair - at the desk/dressing table.

There was so little space between it and the bottom of the bed that a chair could not be placed there and the only way I could work at the laptop was to pull the bed down even closer to the desk and sit on the end of the bed.

Oh yes and guess what  -  it was that same room again!

3.  The Gift of a Crunchie.

n a lovely hotel near Athlone we were greeted with this in our room.

We wondered how they greeted guests on any other days.

"Make it a Malteser Monday"
"Turn in with a Twirl on Tuesday"
"Wake up to a Walnut Whip this Wednesday"
"Take a Taste of a Twix on Thursday"
"Sit down with some Smarties this Saturday"
"Snooze after a Snickers on Sunday"

or maybe it was only the special visitors on Thursday Nights who received a special chocolate treat.

4.  The 9 Colours of Light.

One of the hotel rooms had a large wall mirror which was not unusual.

Then we discovered a panel with lots of buttons & switches beside the bed.

The buttons were numbered 1 to 9 so of course we had to press each one to see what it did.

And the result was the 9 different colours of light which appeared at the top of the mirrored wall.

The last one was just normal light but hasn't come up well in the picture.

It was rather hard to take all 9 pictures of the lights because I was giggling so much.

I just thought - What a waste of money!  Especially when lights 6 & 8 were so close in colour.

5.  The Picture Mystery.

The very next hotel brought us this puzzle.

How could they possibly manage to lose two parts of their pictures?

6.  The Cow Roundabout.

I enjoyed walking around this little town with its narrow streets and just as I realised I had got myself lost I saw this large roundabout with a cow.

Now I have nothing against roundabouts with animals as we had a beautiful one close to where we lived in Belgium but then there were several animals creating the Tervuren Fountain.
It always made me smile.

I really wasn't too sure whether it was the cow that made me laugh or the fact that the roundabout seemed too big for the narrow streets.

10 Things that made me laugh in Ireland

7.  The Case of the Missing Hotel Information Books.

In one hotel we wanted to find out the usual information about the opening hours of the hotel pool and restaurants along with info. on the surrounding area and the ever important checkout time.  So we hunted the room for the Information book or file.

The only thing I could find was a plastic covered page containing the Room Service Menu which had a rather ragged edge (never thought at the time to take a picture).

Eventually I rang reception to say that the hotel information was missing from our room only to be told that they had removed them from all of the rooms because

        wait for it

     they were getting new ones the following week.

Surely the sensible thing would have been to remove the old after they had received the new?

They must not have thought of that.

Oh and the ragged edge of the Room Service Menu   -  was obviously because they had torn the hotel information sheet out of the old info. book to be able to leave the book in the room.

Yes we could have the food menu so that we could spend more money in the hotel but we were not allowed to have other info.

8.  The Foggy Morning.

Our last morning was the morning when there was to be an eclipse of the sun but in Clonmel there was

as we had heavy fog to cover the sun.

9.  The Toilet Key.

Driving back home late that afternoon we had to make a pit stop.

and I laughed so hard when Fred held up the key on a chunky chain.

I had only ever seen that happen in the movies.

10.  A Very Appropriate Song.

We enjoy listening to music and chatting as we drive along.

Suddenly at one stage Fred started to sing "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" at which I really laughed because we were actually driving through the County of Tipperary at that time and he didn't know we were.

Of course I then suggested we might make a wee detour to go see

Tipperary town itself and we followed a few signposts only to find out that it actually was going to be a Long Way to Tipperary from where we were.

One of the hotels had given us a complimentary bottle of Tipperary water so that just had to be our Tipperary memory instead.

I'm looking forward to finding things to laugh about in other trips as well.


I'm too Sexy for this Card - A Dose of Encouragement


You can't sing that over the phone.

This is what my oldest son said to me in a telephone conversation last year.

So no doubt he will be saying


You can't say that word on your blog.

If he sees this post.


Okay I am a 55+ wife, mother, new mother-in-law, and ready to be a granny (if they can take the hint).

And I suppose 55+ mothers are not seen as sexy to their children, or to many other people for that matter.

But my husband bought me this card for my birthday last year.

Because He has a sense of humour.

All I could do for the first 10 mins was laugh, laugh, laugh.

Then I started to sing.

You see it is a musical card and when you open it this deep voice sings

"You're too sexy for this card, too sexy for this card, too sexy by far."

So after the 10 mins of laughing I just had to sing it and I danced around the lounge singing it.

Now what happens after you have a long laugh and a song and dance routine?

Well obviously you are very happy, in a good mood (and have had some exercise) so obviously it is good for you.

Then just at that moment comes the phone call from your son to wish you a Happy Birthday.

Of course being me I just can't resist it.

I just have to do it.

I say

"You're got to hear this"  

and I


He says

"What's That?"

and I tell him it's the card his father gave me.

Then I make the big mistake


I start singing it to him

and that's when he says


You can't sing that over the phone.

Yes there are certain things you don't talk to just anyone about.

You can't sing that over the phone!

Fred and I love a joke and teasing within the family and good friends, but yes there are some things that you don't talk to just anyone about.

I am so thankful that Fred and I can talk to each other about anything & everything because we know each other so well and we trust each other after all these years together.

I am saddened when I see other marriages where the couples do not share everything or would feel they need to keep secrets from each other.

If we cannot have the right relationship with our spouse then I feel it would be very difficult to have that right relationship with God.

Then the question also is could I have sung that song in front of God?
Well I did because when I was singing it and dancing round the lounge God was also there and let's face it He knows all about our relationships and what exactly we do, say and sing every day.

I'm too Sexy for this Card

We need to remember that we have to be honest before God and not pious.
He knows what we think and feel anyway.

But that does not mean that we do not still give Him honour and respect.

It just means that I know that He knows all about me and I am not going to pretend that I do not have a laugh and a dance with my husband when God has been there all the time.

Well it is my birthday on Friday and I will be opening that card again and no doubt Fred will laugh at me as I dance around the house but I'll try not to tell Jonathan when he calls this time as two years might just be too much for him to bear.


He is a Pastor you know.