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The 10 Commandments for Parents with FREE PRINTABLE - Coffee & Conversation

Many years ago I found these words but never knew exactly where they came from.

They were entitled:

The Ten Commandments for Parents.

"The 10 Commandments for Parents"

1.     Your sons and your daughters are not your's alone;
         bring them up to know ME before they are grown.

2.     Provide for their needs and know, as you do,
         that I will provide for each one of you.

3.     Live by MY WORD, in love and in fear,
         so you are living a message that children can hear.

4.     I delighted in sharing creation with you;
         help your children appreciate loveliness too.

5.     Respect them, for each is unique by design,
         welcome their specialness, help them to shine.

6.     Cultivate character, loyalty, truth -
          lessons in living, to carve in their youth.

7.     Take time to listen, to laugh and to play,
          when your children have grown the memories will stay.

8.     Teach them to talk to me often in prayer;
          I want them to trust that I'll always be there.

9.     I am there for you too.  Remember to ask,
          and I will equip you for this holy task.

10.   These are MY loved ones.  Thus it shall be:
          as you do unto them, you do it to ME.     

I printed them out on cards and gave them to the parents of the children who came to our "Good News" Club one year over 20 years ago and then recently when I was sorting out some old materials for Kids Work I found one of them and of course the words are as good now as they were then.

Now I have made a new copy of these and I hope you like it.

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