An Organised Storage Closet!

Today I have good news because I have

Finished my Storage Closet

Now my husband will be very pleased because (you know me when I start to sort things out in one place it messes up another) the area that was messed up in order to accomplish this task was the floor of the Dressing Room just where we walk through from the bedroom to our ensuite.

Needless to say Fred doesn't like tripping over things in the dark and that's what happened when he was up early and didn't want to put on the light to disturb me.

Any way back to the task.

This Storage Closet was just a rectangular walk-in cupboard off the Dressing Room  with nothing in it but some water pipes.

Such a waste of space

When we bought the house we had already decided that we were shelving that space as soon as possible.
Then I had the idea of using some of it to do what I had longed to do for years 
(more about that later).

So with the shelving etc. all done a few years ago at the same time as our wardrobes were all fitted in the dressing room it should have been used properly, but instead of that we put things in but didn't take enough time to sort everything properly and then ended up with too much stuff in it and the floor got covered and you may remember I showed a few pics of it in an earlier post when I started it but it needed now to be finished off properly.

On the left hand side behind the door I already had
 baskets and boxes
but then I got them sorted out and labelled.

Lowest shelf contains 2 large baskets:   Travel items   &   Ski Suits

Next Shelf up contains 2 large baskets:   Small  bags and containers  &  Bath Mats

Next Shelf up with a set of 3 baskets contains:  White guest towels,  Facecloths  &  Ensuite hand towels.

The shelf above that contains 2 darker baskets:  Pashminas / shawls  &  Winter Scarves

The shelf above that contains a lidded box and a dark basket:  Old Photos  &  Lightweight decorative Scarves

On the right hand side beside the door I already had 
baskets and handbags
but then I got them sorted out and labelled too.

Lowest shelf contains 2 large baskets:   Beach Towels   &   Bath towels

Next Shelf up contains:  Larger handbags

Next Shelf up with a set of 3 baskets contains:  Shoe expander & insoles etc.,  straps off large bags  &  my belts.

The shelf above that contains:   Smaller handbags

The top shelf had been so underused but now it has all my puzzle magazines.
Yes I know I have piles of them- mostly because I don't do them as often now because of the word game, logic puzzle game and number game I have on my iPad and all the time I spend blogging!
But I do love logic puzzles of all kinds and find it so relaxing to sit and solve them.

On the left hand side further into the closet 
there is a second set of shelves specially sized for Fred's shoes
never too bad but still too many shoes.

His shoes are now neatly stored and the right types together.

The few exercise items that had been thrown into the bottom shelf are now in a basket on the floor under the shelving behind the door.

I put up 2 hooks and his baseball caps are now hung up at the left of the top shelf.

On the right hand side further into the closet 
there is a second set of shelves specially sized for my shoes
never too bad but the bottom shelf was full of my Puzzle books.

My shoes are now neatly stored and the right types together.

The Puzzle books removed from that bottom shelf and it is used for shoes now as well so they can be spaced out a bit better and not on top of each other so much.

I put up 2 hooks and my baseball caps are now hung up at the right of the top shelf.

At the back of the cupboard facing the door there is one long shelf at the top (sloping ceiling) and then my great idea had been to put in rails instead of more shelves.
These shelves are not for clothes but for 
tablecloths and throws etc.

The tablecloths etc. are now more neatly stored and a few more put on the rails.

This simply means that they do not get creased by being folded up and put in drawers for periods of time - especially the tablecloths.

The last of the handbags were removed from the top shelf and I actually have a bit of extra space but I'm sure it will get used up when I sort out the Dressing Room.

Under the hanging rails (which are set at 3 different heights for ease of placing and removing items plus see what is there) there is still room on the left for a rucksack and 2 seagrass lidded baskets which hold sheets and pillowcases for our bed and on the right 2 small suitcases and a covered material container for sheets and pillowcases for the EZ bed which we put up in the dressing room when all six of us are here.

Now just to let you see some of my heart labels close up.

Aren't they cute?  I love them.

So I now have An Organised Storage Closet and I NEED to keep it that way.

This was more Housework than Funwork I'm afraid but very satisfying to see the end result.

Please tell me that I am not the only person to have difficulty in keeping this type of cupboard tidy.


No Time For Study! - A Dose of Encouragement

I know that I am easily distracted.

Especially when I am trying to organise my Study which can get into such a mess very quickly and easily.

But also when I'm reading or trying to study something or preparing a talk for the kids at church.

You see I can see something that I have for a kids craft and then it reminds me of something else I saw on Pinterest and that means
  • I just have to go look for that pin again 
  • and then I will just have a look to see if there are any other nice ideas on Pinterest 
  • and then I will just check my emails when I'm on the laptop 
  • and then a quick look into Facebook working on something for the kids in church
  • and then my messages 
and then the time has flown and there is

And by STUDY I mean the verb not the room in my house that is always a mess.

Now all of this really spoke to me about this other type of


I can sit down when I know I have a decent amount of time and do a Bible Study and I know that lots of you can too.
But frankly this is not every day.

I can in fact sit down when I don't have a lot of time and read a few verses each day and I know you can too.
But I was also very conscious of the fact that I was always lifting my ipad and checking emails or facebook in the morning before I was picking up my Bible to read those few verses or to sit and study for a while.

Yes I could have been lifting the iPad to read my Bible App first thing but I wasn't.

You see I was too easily distracted by those "dings" and little notifications that keep popping up to draw me back into the virtual world.

So last Thursday 30th October I felt challenged 
to determine that I should make a change in my habits 

- because Yes it was a habit I had sunk into.

I was coming to the end of a month and the end of a blogging challenge so why not go straight into another personal challenge and make a new habit of reading

at least one verse from the bible 

before I do any lifting of the iPad for anything else.

Hence of course I needed to tell Fred about this because I need to have to be accountable to someone but then he is travelling a lot these days so I decided to take it to my friends on facebook as well.

On Friday 31st October I posted this so I would now be accountable to them as well.

And that is how I got myself started.

Each day since then I have got my bible and I'm reading through Proverbs 31 before I lift the iPad.
Sometimes one verse sometimes two verses and making a brief comment my Bible Reading Journal.

Then later when I eventually go to the computer I post the verse(s) and my notes on Facebook.

On the first day I even made a graphic of the first two verses (just because I like playing with graphics).

So I have now today reached verses 8 & 9 which is the end of the first section of Proverbs 31 and tomorrow I start unto the Virtuous Wife section.

I really do hope that by the end of the 30 days it will have become a habit and one that I will not find easy to break.

Why don't you think about this.

Are your Bible reading habits good?

You don't have to wait to start something like this at the beginning of a month - you could start today!

What chapter or Book of the Bible would you start this with?

Just remember

before you get drawn into all the other things in our 21st Century life.


It's God's Love #18

This Sunday Series is all about God's Love.

A simple, short post consisting of a Bible Verse
around the topic of God's Love and I would be very
pleased if you would join me each Sunday.

God's Love

is everlasting


full of 

 goodness & kindness

towards us.

God's love

for us


never end

so it is constantly

around us

with no exceptions.

I Love Salvation - It's God's Love #17

This is just a simple, short post each week
consisting of a Bible Verse around the topic of
God's Love and I would be very pleased if you
would join me each Sunday.

I Love



it is

the outpouring of God's Love,

Mercy and Grace on me

even though I did not deserve it

but I was free to reach out

and receive it

and say

"Forgive me Lord"

Even if we had never 

loved God

He still had sent Jesus

to pay our ransom.

If you want to know more about Salvation you might want to have a look at this video


I Love Marriage - A Dose of Encouragement

Well I definitely have to say that

I agree with Marriage as God defined it.

Not only because that is the marriage that I undertook all those many years ago but also because I know that God only has what's best for us and so Marriage as He defined it is what is best for me and for everyone else He created.

I would tell anyone that I love my marriage and that I love the institution of marriage.

I have experienced marriage and what it has meant in my life.

I am not saying here that being married is better than being single. What I am saying is that my life would be different if I was not married as I see what God has done in my life through my marriage and it was the way He wanted to work in me.

God created marriage so it is a good thing, not always perfect because we are not perfect, but it is a good thing.

There is a great bond between two people in a marriage but also a bond between those two people and God.

I believe that Marriage can be an example of the security, hope and promise God has appointed for our eternal future with Him.

I Love the fact that God cares about all the ways we feel in relationships and He created marriage to be the true proper foundation for our romantic relationship.

I also believe the Bible is God's Word and it is truth so I agree with

Many people will quote the first verse above in Colossians about the wives and forget about the others, simply because they want to pick on how women are to be treated and complain that it is not right for this day and age.

Then others will quote the first two in Colossians and say it is a two-sided thing submitting and ruling over.

Then others will bring in  Ephesians 5 v 25 where we have the advice to consider Christ and the church which is great because we see that unconditional love exemplified for us.

But how many will bring all of these verses into the equation?

All are wise and helpful to us but surely it is only when we take them all together plus the context of the passages surrounding them that we truly get the best marital advice. 

My husband also believes in Marriage as God intended it to be 

and in the three sets of verses quoted above 

and I am thankful for that because if he didn't 

then our marriage would have been very different.

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I Love the Name of Jesus - It's God's Love #16

This is just a simple, short post each week

consisting of a Bible Verse around the topic of
God's Love and I would be very pleased if you
would join me each Sunday.

I Love

the Name of Jesus


His Name
 is the
most powerful name.

His Name 
is the
most beautiful name.

His Name 
is greater 
than any other name.

His Name 
is the only name 
we can call on for Salvation.


loves us

so much that He gave us

Eternal Life through Jesus.

Do you have this Life through Jesus?Have you called on the Name of Jesus to be saved?If not, you can do so today.

You can call on the Name of the Lord Jesus whenever you can call on no other.

He will never turn you away.


I Love my Husband - A Dose of Encouragement

and indeed I do love my husband

and I could list a whole string of reasons why I love him

but that's not what I'm going to do today.

I have seen lots of books and blog posts written about how to have a better relationship with your husband  and how to love him and there is a wealth of information out there for people who need to see ideas as to how to get back that love they feel has dimmed but I'm not thinking in that way today.

I'm just thinking of how I am so thankful to God that I still love Fred and he still loves me no matter what or who may have tried to make a difference in that situation throughout our many many many years of marriage and the 4 years of boyfriend/girlfriend.

I'm thinking about the times when I look at him leading worship in church and just think "I love that man", or the times I see him helping someone with something and I think "I love that man" or when he is smiling in a conversation with a friend, or lying sleeping, or sitting reading, or playing the guitar (with his guitar stare) or when he has on that comical smile as he teases me, or when he walks into the house from a work trip abroad or when he wears a suit. 

Yes you were probably sitting there following those times I was talking about and sort of understanding but when I got to that last one you probably went  


Well I have always loved to see Fred in a suit and I still get a special happy loving feeling when I see him in a suit.  I have also had many opportunities to feel like that because Fred mostly wears a suit to church and often has to wear one for work.

So hasn't God been good to me giving Fred a love for church and a specific job that means I get to see him in a suit lots of times?

I could go back to my list but I don't need to, I think you probably know that I simply mean that there is just that contented happy knowledge that we love each other.

So what do I do when I feel like that?

When he arrives home from a work trip I can hug and kiss him and talk about his trip and everything that has been going on at home and just spend a lot of time with him.

Similarly when he has that comical smile on his face.

When he's reading I can sit down beside him and tell him I love him.

When he's sleeping I can also tell him but he doesn't hear because I'll whisper and not wake him.

When he's helping someone or talking to someone else I'll just catch his eye and smile at him.

When he's leading worship I thank God for him - well it's not really appropriate to run up and give him a hug or a kiss is it?

Today I'm simply writing about that love we have which gives us the security in our relationship together.

The love that hasn't dimmed but it could dim if we let it.

That love which sometimes can be thrown out the window when there is a disagreement - but it shouldn't.

That love which sometimes can be forgotten about when we have to be apart often - but it mustn't.

That love which sometimes people just look on as a kind of contentment but instead it is the deep love which is cultivated by always remembering to share those feelings no matter how insignificant they may seem because they are not insignificant - Love is never insignificant.

Next time you feel "I love that man"  make sure you tell him at the FIRST suitable opportunity. 

Even if it is only in a whisper.