Baskets, Boxes & Bags - Organising My Home

There is so much to organize in any home
I'm sure you are like me
which means

we would rather have something that
looks nice
to help keep us organised.


There is nothing better
Great Storage Solutions

than the 3 B's


When I was working on the Dressing Room and Storage Closet Overhaul & Inventory I had done a bit of a mixture and it was all centred really around those
Baskets, Boxes and Bags that I love.

Some of you who laughed at these labelled baskets

in my Hall cloakroom will have fun today again
(just a little hint of what is to come)


Previously I had done a very quick tidy up in the Storage Closet because I had to get the floor cleared so that the walk-in closet could be a proper walk-in closet!

Now that meant that the closet did not look too bad on a cursory glance but the storage shelves and containers definitely needed more attention.

It is difficult to get pictures taken because of the smallness of the closet and only artificial lighting but I hope these are not too bad.

Left Hand side First set of Shelves

Doesn't look too bad here but top and bottom can't be seen here as it is too close to get a full length picture and they needed more work done on them, and some of the scarves had got mixed up so they got sorted neatly.

And then I got out my heart labels and strings.

I got these tags on Ebay and loved them so much I sent for more.

Because of being tied with string you can tie them tight or loose and let the tag hang just the right length to suit whatever basket you are using.

The top shelf had a smaller blue box than the two you can see in the BEFORE picture but there was room beside it to move the middle sized blue one up beside it leaving room for the third dark wicker basket which had been elsewhere in the closet so my sets of baskets are all together here now.

Right Hand side First set of Shelves

The top shelf here was not being used properly at all but because it is rather high up for me I couldn't use it for baskets or anything heavy that I might want on a regular basis so after looking around at the rest of the closet I decided that moving my Puzzle magazines up there would be better than having them take up a shelf under my shoes and would free up more space for my shoes, so up went the puzzle books.

I fixed up the handbag shelves as they get very untidy as I pull out and push in handbags all the time.
Then I change d the use of the three matching baskets here to take my sun caps, Fred's caps and my belts and of course labelled them too.

Okay there were definitely baskets here and yes a set of blue boxes but what about the bags?

The handbags?


we need to go downstairs for
the bags
more boxes.


In my Study the piece of furniture that was tackled now was the white console unit which is from the Hemnes range in Ikea.

I particularly love this range in white although I like it in the other colours too.

So this is what it looked like to start with.

What I needed was something to sit in the sections that would look like a good fit for them instead of all the different things I had stuck in them in the mean time.

The expanding files you can see in one of the bottom sections have now gone into the craft armoire in another Organising post and some other things have been housed in the armoire too but I have still to find a home for a few things since I have rearranged with my new
(wait for it)


with chalkboard panels

that I shared in my Storage Bargains

I just love them

and my other

A4 sized Butterfly and Silver Boxes

so now with the large chalkboard boxes in the bottom sections

and the Butterfly and Silver Boxes in the top sections

and the top cleared up

my console unit looks like this

Then I must show you the lovely stationary box I have which I keep letters in and paper to write letters (unfortunately not many letters are written these days) 

Well now you are thinking

"she still hasn't done the bags!"

I love bags because they are very useful for storage and of course for carrying items to and from places that I go regularly.

I have my Ark bags that I mentioned in other posts and they are used for taking Sunday School materials to Church on Sundays or if I do a School Assembly.

But then below there is (clockwise from top left):

  • my other Ark bag which is wider and this is the one that goes to the Kids After School Bible Club each Monday Afternoon to carry my Bible, songs, small games items and other miscellaneous items that I may need.
  • my Craft bag
  • my two bags for storing large songs and quizes
  • and my Ladybird Tesco's Bag which I use to keep my wool.

and loads too many other bags to mention


many times a bag

is better for storage than a box or a basket.

So even though I was sorting out and tidying up I was working with

"Things I love"



and dare I admit it

I still have more

Baskets, Boxes and Bags to use elsewhere!


Reading through The Bible - 3 JOHN

Some Books of the bible are very short and some are very long but this one is the 
  • shortest of them all by no. of words
  • joint shortest of them all by no. of chapters (5 books all have only 1)
  • second shortest of them all by no. of verses
you can find these comparisons in  The 10 Shortest Books

In fact it only takes 2 mins to read it according to Crossway and their lovely barchart


25th book of the NT 
64th book of the Bible

It starts with the reassurance that John prays for the elder Gaius
  in 3 John v 2 we read

"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers."

What is it?

The Book of 3 JOHN is one of the EPISTLES in the New Testament which means it is a Letter.

How Long is it?

It only has 1 chapter.

When was it Written?

It was written between 95 & 90 AD

Who Wrote it?

John the beloved disciple of Jesus

The name of the letter tells us the writer.
Other letters in the bible are named to show who the recipients of the letters were specifically intended to be but these were letters written by John son of Zebedee and brother of James.
One of the three disciples who Jesus often took with him apart from the others. 

Who was it Written to?

It was written to Gaius as stated in verse 1
"To the beloved Gaius, whom I love in truth:"

What is it normally well-known for?

That John was happy the believers were walking in the Truth as seen in the fourth verse 

but also about concern about a false teacher and John wanted the people to continue to remember to differentiate between good & evil as verse 11 says

The Overview Bible  tells us the following

"An even shorter letter about Christian fellowship."  

Teach Sunday School  tells us the following

"John criticised a false teacher in this very short letter.  He even called him out by name."  


Why was it Written? 

It was written to encourage about love and truth and to warn about the false teaching that was coming into the church and specifically warn about a certain person.

The Overview Bible  tells us the following

"This letter repeats many themes from John’s first letter, and Second John reflects these themes as well. Third John shows us what happens when people follow sound teaching . . . and when they don’t:
  • When Christians walk in truth, joy abounds (3 Jn 4). When someone in the church rejects the truth, everyone hurts (3 Jn 19).
  • When Christians support one another, they share fellowship in the truth (3 Jn 8). When someone seeks his own power, the fellowship is at risk (3 Jn 9–10).

Overall, the three letters from John give us an idea of what the apostle thought was most important at the time: sound teaching, obedience to God, and brotherly love."

Teach Sunday School  tells us the following

"The letter shows us that even when the church was less than 50 years old, it had the same types of problems we have today with divisions and dishonesty."  

Which other books of the Bible is this linked to? 

John wrote three epistles of which this is the third which follows
 1st John and 2nd John  

other books would be

  • The Gospel of John (also written by John)
  • Revelation (also written by John)
  • Jude (also only one chapter long)
  • Philemon (also only one chapter long)
  • Obadiah (also only one chapter long)

  • How does it end?

    With the wish to visit in person in the 
    first half of verse 13

    and a farewell greeting in the 
    second half of verse 13

    "Peace to you. Our friends greet you. Greet the friends by name."

    The Overview Bible  gives us this

    Quick outline of 3 John

    1. Praise for walking in truth (1–4)
    2. Praise for loving the brethren (5–8)
    3. Caution regarding Diotrephes (9–12)
    4. Anticipation of a visit (13–15)




    The Wooden EverEarth Noah's Ark Toy for Young Children - Review

    We will share the
    • Unboxing
    • Views & Features of the Ark
    • Animals
    • Our Opinion
    • The reaction of our grandson


    The Ark was double boxed and padded with polystyrene and extra cardboard boxes

    It was all a tight fit so this gave us great confidence for an unharmed Ark.

    We then saw that the smaller boxes contained the animals wrapped in polystyrene bags.

    As we had thought, the Ark was in perfect condition when we eventually got it maneuvered out of the box which we had to tear partly.


    The two sides were almost identical

    Side 1

    Side 2

    The main difference was the top was closer to one end than the other.  

    At the end with more space the top of the Ark had two swing opening doors.

    Both sides of the Ark could be opened & part of the roof lifted off.

    Plenty of room inside the bottom of the Ark for the animals and a set of steps went from the top to the bottom.

    Investigating these features let us see and feel the movement and thickness of the wood.


    As we unwrapped the animals they were placed on and entering the Ark

    and around the Ark


    We were very impressed with the sturdy frame and the simple decor to the outside of this wooden Ark.

    The inside was not forgotten when it came to detail as it featured a step/ramp and segregated area in the main section of the Ark; the top area had the opening down to the lower section and room for some of the animals too.

    The outer side doors were a large part of each side and were attached at the top with strong string/cord which were very apt for a boat.

    The finish of the wood left us with no doubt that this was a gift that would not be easily broken or damaged which is very important when it is for a young boy who is eager to investigate everything.

    The Reaction of our Grandson

    For his first birthday Matthew had received a piano (by Melissa & Doug) and the keys had been excitedly played or should we say banged.

    On seeing this, his second birthday gift, Matthew just launched in to explore it and did not speak to any of us for quite some time.

    Matthew takes a good look around and into the top of the Ark

    Matthew discovers the openings on each side of the Ark

    Matthew discovers the roof comes off

    Matthew is intrigued with the rope for opening the sides of the Everearth Ark

    Every bit of the Ark was opened, closed, turned around and every animal examined carefully, matched up with its pair and allotted a position outside and then inside it's home.

    Matthew was happy to share the Ark with his duplo as well as the animals

    The final thing was:

      Testing how it was to be moved.

    Matthew slides the Everearth Ark across the floor headed for the hallway

    This 2 year old was very happy with his gift because not only was it strong and could take the care (abuse) of a boisterous 2 year old but it also left enough room for different arrangements of play and for imagination which led to a lot of talk then about what the animals were going to do and where exactly they would reside.

    Nanny and Grandpa were very happy that on being pushed across the wooden floor the Everearth Ark did not leave any marks!!!


    The only thing I felt was disappointing was the fact that Noah and his wife and family where not part of the toy (or at least the husband and wife).

    The Everearth Ark is very expensive but we know without a doubt that this Ark is of extremely good quality and will survive the adventures with Matthew and his little sister Ruby when she is older and any other grandchildren we may have.

    I have not been compensated for this review - it is just my opinion of the gift we got for out first grandson.