Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Which Point of View? - A Dose of Encouragement

Groupon deal, one night in Kettles hotel near Dublin, breakfast, free wifi.
Get to the room and tv is not easy to work, wardrobe hanging space is only high enough to hang trousers so nowhere to even hang a coat.
One of the bedside lights missing has obviously been broken off the wall.
Wifi very poor, keeps losing connection, and basically not even strong enough to show emails with pictures and takes ages to download emails on my ipad plus most apps keep saying there is no network connection.

Husband trying to work (when he should be relaxing but as usual something has cropped up) & calls are ok but some stuff cannot be done as he can't get things downloaded.

What's the solution?
Go home the next day early and forget about actually going into Dublin City.

       Is this the best solution?    Yes

He needs to access the data and it can't be done tonight here so he needs to go home to a good (better connection) to do so.
We can come see round Dublin another time because we are not so far away from it and anyway after over 20 years since last being there another few weeks or months won't matter.
I don't need to get too annoyed because it will only affect me and him and that's not fair on him when he has work deadlines and stress enough from that.
I also don't need to make him stay and go around the city for hours when he will still have his mind on work so it will not be so pleasurable for either of us and will actually only be more stressful for him with a deadline approaching.

How do I spend my evening while he is struggling with the laptop?
Well it is the evening when Sandy (not named after me) is about to hit the East coast of America so I'm watching all the news on CNN (one of the few channels available in the room).  We lived in the state of Delaware for 3 years quite some time ago but because of that I know places that are being mentioned, I have been to some of the places where the reporters are actually standing & later tonight Delaware is going to be hit by the effects of this storm.

So when I consider how many people are already with electricity because of Sandy and how many are going to be left homeless; I can put my couple of days into perspective and not allow myself to get distraught over our situation and certainly not put more pressure on a good, loving, hardworking husband with whom I have spent 35 years of married life and intend to share many more.

It all boils down to how we allow ourselves to view things.
If it is only from our point of view and not taking others into consideration then we are on the wrong track as we will never be happy and others will know how much we don't care about them.

God has given us instructions which are always for our benefit and one of them is about loving others.




  1. Dear Sandra
    I cannot agree more! When we truly consider the other person's needs as more important than our own, life would have been bliss on this earth. I also have a husband that needs to have access to the website at all times, so I understand!
    Blessings XX

    1. So nice to meet others who understand this kind of lifestyle Mia, I believe our marriage is stronger for the understanding of the other one and what their job or life entails. Thanks for dropping in.

  2. Stopping over from Sunday Stillness ... Your post is true; not always easy to do, but worthwhile. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Nice to meet you Diane, I'm so glad you agree.
      I'm still trying to get round all the posts in Sunday Stillness too.
      Thanks for dropping in

  3. Hi Sandra,

    So glad to "meet" you here! I live in West Virginia in the USA, and I am visiting from Sunday Stillness. Yours is a timely post for me, as God is dealing with me about this very thing--putting others desires and needs ahead of my own.

    So exciting how the internet can easily connect so many of us from different areas (when we have wi-fi, that is--ha!_). It is great to know that we are not alone in the things we go through.


    1. Good to meet you too Selena, we lived in Delaware for 3 years and were able to visit West Virginia, lovely place. Glad you read the post when it was appropriate for you. God does lead us all well.

  4. It's definitely our default nature to view things from "my" perspective only. But I'm thankful for the encouragement here to do otherwise. God knows our lives are richer, fuller, if we expand them to think of others more than ourselves. Not easy to do, but worth our efforts.

    1. That's so true Lisa, I have seen His blessing in our lives. Thanks for dropping in.

  5. Sandra - Stopping by from Faith-filled Fridays! Great read! Yes, perspective seems to be so much of life, doesn't it! Such a difficult task sometimes, but so rewarding when we can see as He sees! ~ Jen

    1. So sorry Jen, I don't know how I missed replying here because I do remember reading it and thought I had replied then, probably got interrupted and then closed down the computer in mid reply or something. We try to pray each day for God to give us wisdom to know what he wants us to do and say, but we are all fallible. Thanks for dropping in again.

  6. How true! It is quite important to remember the bigger picture.

  7. I am so happy I am here! A breathe of fresh air! I was at a blog where there was much bashing of those of us who read our bibles! My goodness, I had to get away quickly. It sounds as if you had some frustrations on your vacation. Such things are quite annoying but I am happy you were able to save your trip for another time. You are quite kind in regard to your husband. Today I see a lot of people bashing their children, spouses, parents! Our world is difficult so I must pray and I am drawn to those who are similar to myself. Thank you for always being a positive light here. Enjoy a beautiful weekend.

  8. So very true ! All most people really need and want to be happy is love, kindness, respect, loyalty, friendship, a sense of belonging and being accepted for who they are !!!