Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Devil and Our Minds - A Dose of Encouragement

There is a passage in the Bible about someone very strange.

See Mark ch 5 v 1-17 

This passage tells us about the encounter the man called legion had with Jesus.

Below are some questions I asked the kids in our church one Sunday morning.

I'd like to ask you the same questions:

  • What was his name?
  • Where did he live?
  • What did he do?
  • Who loved him?
  • Who didn't love him?

When we think on these questions we get a picture of the circumstances of this man's life. Not a life we would like to have.  

He was tormented within and many people today are also tormented within, not perhaps in the same way as this man but still tormented within feeling unloved, lonely, no self-worth.

The answers to the last question is very important.

Satan doesn't love any of us. 

Satan wants us to

  • Feel unloved
  • Be lonely
  • Hurt others
  • Hurt ourselves
  • Hate God
  • Blame God for everything that happens
  • Or at the very least just not think about God

Satan didn't solve any of Legion's problems because he didn't care about Legion.

Jesus did care about Legion and deliberately went to help him.

Satan wanted to destroy Legion's mind

And he wants to destroy our minds too.

Satan wants to destroy our minds.

Jesus loved Legion.

And He loves us too.

Legion became like a new person, a new creation, when he met Jesus, and so can we when we turn our backs on Satan and don't listen to him and instead turn to Jesus and let him be the Lord of our lives.

I'm thankful that Jesus loves me and is my Lord.

Do you know that Jesus loves you too?


  1. Yes, Jesus did care for the troubled man, and brought deliverance to him. May we never fear to request the assistance of the Holy Spirit to bring us through a troubled time.

    1. Welcome Hazel, I agree we need more of the Holy Spirit working in our lives daily.

  2. Especially now in these troubled times where the elderly cannot pay for medication, and the poor cannot afford to eat, and our soldiers meals are cut by one and their benefits are next to none. Very sad indeed.

    1. Hi Marie, we need to pray for those. Thankfully Jesus cares more than anyone else can ever care.