Wednesday, March 13

14 inches of Snow!!! - A Dose of Encouragement

Tomorrow is the 14th March and 20 years ago today on 14th March 1993 we awoke to 14 inches of snow at our front door. 


Needless to say this was not in Northern Ireland, nor in Belgium but in the lovely village of Hockessan in the state of Delaware, USA.

The kids were young then and Fred and I were full of energy then too so as Fred dug down into the hard packed snow on the driveway and cut it away in blocks the kids and I used them to make an igloo on the front lawn.

Of course we could not form it completely to curve it in so it was an open-top igloo.

Then our neighbours (another couple from Northern Ireland) came out and we all went round to the back of our houses to enjoy sledding down the slope of our gardens which was a good distance because none of the houses had boundary fences or hedges or walls.  In fact our home garden just merged into the woods behind our neighbourhood or estate (as we call it in the UK).

We just got on the sleds and slid until we came to a natural stop, or an unnatural one where we ended up across the side cul-de-sac and up to the front door of another house (but that was mainly Fred).

That is one of the greatest memories we have of winter in Delaware.

Well last Saturday here in Banbridge, NI we had some snow and even though it made us think back to all those years ago, we could not even make a snowball let along an igloo in our front garden here.

Making lasting family memories is good for children.

Memories are great, especially when they make us smile or laugh, and they are something special that we have to share together. 

However we need to have spent time together to form these memories and these days I often look at the kids in church and everywhere else and wonder what memories they are building up with their families for the future while they are so engrossed in all these electronic games and gadgets. 

I am thankful to God for all the places we have been and all the experiences we have had as a family over the years but I'm also grateful for the fact that we became Christians before we got married and had our children so that God was a part of our marriage and family life together because that makes such a difference.

Are there any children in your neighbourhood or church who do not have the privilege of growing up in a Christian family?

Can we not find some ways of making a difference for Jesus in the lives of these children?


  1. Your post about the snow made me smile. We are in the midst of a midwestern snow storm in the U.S. We probably have a foot of snow on the ground and it is still snowing--winter storm warning for 20 more hours. I am thankful that our son made it back to college in Michigan just ahead of the storm.

    1. Hi again Carol, glad your son made the journey safely. We often don'y even think about our journeys until there is a chance they will not be safe. Glad you can relax and smile.

  2. My daughter is always inviting her friends to join as in our family and church activities. I'm blessed :) Here is my SS:


  3. Yes, we, too, have snow on the ground again - but at least it's not 14 inches!

    1. Hi Esther, I hope the temperature is not too low where you are. We have rain and rain and wind at the moment in Northern Ireland. But the spring time wil come again.

  4. Years ago we were stuck in a snow storm up in the mountains without chains. The electricity was out but our wood stove had a flat top and we could cook some beans and fry corn bread pancakes. After a few days a neighbor helped us up the steep incline to get to the main road. These kind of experiences do form good memories. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a True Story.

  5. We are the neighborhood light! I try to keep a stocked freezer in the summer and a stocked pantry with hot coco in the winter. Our door is always open. When they see my Bible or hear the praise music they know we are different and that is good! #trafficjam

  6. Sandra, your post brings back a ton of memories for me, and a chuckle as my kids are probably the only children that doesn't enjoy snow, perhaps it is because I homeschooled and they never really got the benefits of not going to school.

  7. That's so special and you made an igloo. WOW. Coming from South Africa I've never even seen snow but I've always wanted to touch it and make snowmen and igloos and throw snowballs. One day ;-)

  8. I can not wait for snow! It is like a gentle reminder from God to slow down and enjoy!