Tervuren Fountain - A Dose of Encouragement

We used to live in a country called Belgium, between France and Germany.

The house we chose there was in a nice village which was close to a former Royal Palace.

On the way to the house we could see that workmen were doing something at the large roundabout which sat in front of the palace.

Later someone told us that the roundabout was being changed from just having flowers on it to have a large sculpture on it, but people didn't know exactly what it was going to be like.

I like flowers on roundabouts and also while we had been driving around Belgium we had seen other large horrible looking sculptures on roundabouts so I was rather worried about what we were going to end up with here. You see we were going to be driving round this roundabout almost every time we would go out and come home again.

As the work went on there was a large screen around it so we could not see what was there, then one day as we drove past we could see the top of something and it looked strange and Green.
We heard rumours that there was going to be an animal in the sculpture so then the question was what animal would there be?

Then we heard there was going to be more than one animal?

Eventually we heard that the unveiling of the sculpture was going to be on a certain day in the early evening. We thought it a bit strange because we knew at that time of the year it would already be getting dark at that time. However lots of people gathered together that evening to see what had become of the roundabout.

You can imagine our surprise and delight when suddenly lights came on behind the screens and then as the screens were removed water flowed up into the air, not just one spray of water but several sprays of water.

The roundabout was now a fountain; but not just an ordinary fountain it was an animal fountain.

Can you guess what animals there were? 

                           What the animals were doing? 

                                                     And where the water was coming from?

Well isn't that a lovely thing to see when you are driving out from home each day?

Can you imagine how beautiful it was when we would come home in the evenings with the fountain flowing and the lights on?

In the Bible it tells us that Jesus is like a fountain.

Jesus says He has living water for everyone who is thirsty.

Jesus can satisfy all the needs we have. 

He has everything we need to live the life God wants us to live.

The Bible also tells us that just like the fountain has water bubbling up through it and out of it we can have God's joy bubbling up and out of us. God's joy is real, true, everlasting joy which will be in our lives when we ask Jesus to be our Saviour. This will be real true joy because it will be from God, through Jesus and nothing is more real or true or lasts forever without Jesus.

The water also reminds us of the way Jesus will wash our hearts clean when we ask Him to be our Saviour.

I will always be thankful that God placed us in a beautiful village with this beautiful fountain to look at and put a smile on my face.

                  Isn't God good to us?

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  1. We have roundabouts where we live now and I love them! They do take a little getting used to, though.

    This is certainly a fun fountain.

    Thank you for sharing it for the letter F.


  2. What a lovely fountain instead of an ugly statue !! With lights and water flowing it must be a lovely sight. In our small city, we have a round about instead of traffic lights in one intersection. Ours is not decorated but some flowers would be nice. I was encouraged by your illustrations of water bubbling up and out. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  3. I loved to see the photo and, when I'm in heaven I truly hope to see more and more things serving and worshiping the Lord, forever and ever. That's all that counts in my heart. Bless you... you made me smile and rejoice.

  4. I enjoyed reading this and was getting excited to no what the peace would be as you continued to read you kept the flow of the article rolling and had the audience attention. I did like the animals playing in a band was quite the concept to see I believe it is a great attraction and would gain a lot of tourism just to see the development. Great post

  5. s.I are exquisite art pieces that can enhance the beauty of your house to a great extent. Mostly when we think of fountains we visualize it either in the patio or in the lawn. water wall fountains

  6. Anonymous14:23

    WOW! I have never seen the likes of such a fountain! I am ready to hear some music coming as I drive around the circle! Cute...original..and clever. Funny too!

  7. It appears to me the animals are having a happy, hallelujah music jam. LOVE IT.

  8. Beautiful, lush fountain! The animals look refreshed and are just relishing in that fountain of water. Good illustration of how Jesus provides us with Living Water as well!

  9. Such an adorable fountain! Would love to see more pics of it! ;-)