Why We Worship #1

If someone were to ask you today why you worship God would you know how to answer?

If we are honest most of us would stutter or hmm and haw because we would either not have thought about it or we would be trying to think what the "expected" or "right" answer is.

Probably we all worship God for different reasons because worship is a very personal thing.

Perhaps because  we feel so blessed,

                             or  we feel so thankful,

                                    or  we feel that God has rescued us from a broken life,

                                           or  etc......

However if we ask a Theologian what answer would we get?

Well those who know me well will know that I can easily do that because my eldest son is a Theologian, so I did and this is what he said

"To respond with thanksgiving for God's grace to us in Christ"

                                                       Jonathan Black   
                                                          APOSTOLIC THEOLOGY BLOG

For myself I have always equated worship with glorifying God and so I thought of the Catechism I learnt growing up in the Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland.

Q:   What is man's chief end?

A:   Man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever

But I think in plain terms I would just have said because

We see this in Job 36 v 26

Taking it in context of the passage around the verse we see that it is voiced by one of Job's friends.

Elihu Proclaims God’s Majesty

24 “Remember to magnify His work,
Of which men have sung.
25 Everyone has seen it;
Man looks on it from afar.
26 “Behold, God is great, and we do not know Him;
Nor can the number of His years be discovered.

27 For He draws up drops of water,
Which distill as rain from the mist,
28 Which the clouds drop down
And pour abundantly on man.
29 Indeed, can anyone understand the spreading of clouds,
The thunder from His canopy?
30 Look, He scatters His light upon it,
And covers the depths of the sea.
31 For by these He judges the peoples;
He gives food in abundance.
32 He covers His hands with lightning,
And commands it to strike.
33 His thunder declares it,
The cattle also, concerning the rising storm.

There is no doubt that God is Great.

 In the evidence of creation of the world around us 
there is no doubt that 
God is great.


  1. Anonymous19:21

    We worship God to declare to Him his strength, glory and holiness. To worship God is not the same as giving thanks to Him. " It is the outpouring of a soul at rest in the presence of God" A. P. Gibbs.

    1. Sandra21:48

      That's true, it is Him we worship because of who He is, He is great.

  2. Amanda Milligan19:44

    I agree with you Sandra we worship God for God is Great. But I thought a bit more about why else I worship and I thought that in worship my focus is on God and through it I feel I get to know Him more, and just long for the day when I am truly in His presence. I wonder what my worship will be like then when His full glory surrounds me?

    1. Exactly Amanda, thinking of one aspect will lead to another and you have got me thinking about something else too. Talk to you on Sunday.

  3. I love that part of the catechism. I pray that worship will be my heart's rhythm -- to lift Him up and draw closer to Him.

    1. Hi Lyli, that is a ovely thing you have said about worship being your heart's rhythm - I may quote you on that in this series. Please come back and jooin with us for this series on worship each Sunday

  4. Why? to bring God glory. It really is simple and uncomplicated, isn't it? Thank you for sharing your encouraging words today.

    1. Hi Linda, yes it is simple and let's continue to bring Him all the glory.

  5. I pray that my worship will extend beyond Sunday mornings more and more and be part of my weekdays too.
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  6. Thanks for sharing this over at WholeHearted Home this past week. Worship is so important to me and if we don't happen to sing hymns on Sunday, I just don't get an aspect of what I need on Sunday. I love listening to hymns as I cook or wash dishes.

    1. That's right it shlud be an ongoing part of our lives. thanks Judith.

  7. Absolutely! He is amazing!

    1. Hi Jen, yes he's better than everything

  8. I agree! Visiting today from a couple link-ups. I think I linked up after you on two. :)

    1. Hi Laura, I think we have been linking up on the same ones lots of times as I recognise your face, but I don't seem to have been just after you. Although I do think I commented on one of your posts the other day.

  9. This is great-- and really makes me think. I totally agree with your reasons for worship. I know that when I worship God, he infuses his strength in to me too. What a recharge! Thanks again for connecting with #EverydayJesus.

    1. Hi again Sharita, I'm glad it's making you think. Short but to the point is what I'm aiming for in this series.

  10. I worship God to declare His worth and to give Him the glory due His Name! Thank you for linking to The Weekend Brew!

    1. Hi again Barbie, yes He is worthy and we can't hold back from glorifying His name

  11. Sandra,
    I worship God because I MUST. His love compels me to bring my two mites of worship to His endless treasury of grace, extended to me--amazing! How convenient to have your own theologian! Love it!!!

  12. I worship God to acknowledge His power, strength and grace. I worship Him to recognize His importance in my life.

  13. I worship God because I know there's nothing else I can give Him that would be enough. If I try to repay Him with gifts, He gave them to me in the first place.

  14. This kind of reminds me of the songs I learned as a kid. We sing about “Our God is an awesome God,” “How great is our God,” and so many others. He is definitely worthy of our prayer and worship.”