Sunday, 1 June 2014

Why We Worship 22

I am taking time each week to ask myself "Why we worship"

A chorus that we sing and a memory verse we learn as children tells us that  

  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

And today I want to think about truth.

Perhaps one way to think about it is to consider the opposite of true which is false. 

So we can say that God is not false.

God has no lies in Him

          God has no deceit in Him

                    God has no evil in Him

Also it means that God is not a false God.

God is not an imitation God

          God is not an idol or image

                    God is not the wrong God 

God is the right God

God is the true, living God.

Do you know this one true living God?

Do you know the right God?


  1. Hello, Sandra! I enjoy reading through this series you're doing, but this one I REALLY like. So simple. So profound. Blessings!

    1. Thank you Kaylene, I get so much out of this myself each week I'm glad it touches others too.

  2. Well, all I can say, which I do often, is: He is IT. I also say, God is BIGGER! I never consider any conflict in the spiritual world. He's got the universe and the foreverness of the foreverness forever. That's on my heart. Day by day.

    1. Again Caryjo, I agree He is Bigger than anything.

  3. Yes, Sandra, we can build our lives around the foundation of God's truth. Everything else fits when we acknowledge that He is truth. We can rest on the promises because His Word is truth. ~Pamela

  4. Hi Sandra! This is so simply put that it makes it so clear. Thanks so much!