Why We Worship 26

If you have been visiting with me for "Why We Worship" each week I would like to thank you for your company and your comments.

I have been writing this for 6 months and today we come to the final post in the series.  I think this is the only thing that I could have chosen for our final one.

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And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM:    Exodus 3v14

 This is the holiest name for God in the Old Testament.

There is no-one else who can make such a statement.

We serve a God who is the only "I AM"

He is the God of NOW!

Not a god of the past.

He is the God who is ALIVE with us!

Not an idol made of bronze or stone.

He is the God who is PERSONAL!

Not something that doesn't relate to us.

"What does it mean I Am?   He is what?"  some might scoff.

We could not answer that to suit them 


He is unfathomable to us.

He simply exists and is everything we could possibly think of
and even more besides.

Who could ever think of worshipping anyone else.