Tears Over a Little Letter - A Dose of Encouragement

She placed her hand on my shoulder after the prayer meeting in church and simply smiled when I looked up.
I stood up to give her a hug as I normally do and ask how she was.
Then I noticed the tears in her eyes as she quietly said
"I got a letter from your daughter today".

I was surprised that it had arrived so soon as our daughter Linda is living in South Korea, but I was pleased that it had.  I knew that she had written but I hadn't mentioned it to Irene.

So I reminded her that Linda had told her she would write but Irene said she had not really expected her to take the time to do it for someone like her.

Whether she meant this because she is an older lady in our church, or because she is someone Linda only got to know while staying with us for 6 months between doing her masters and going to South Korea, or because she felt that she was an insignificant member of the church, I'm not sure.

All I knew was that she was so delighted by a little letter from my daughter.

She had brought it with her and took it out of her handbag to share it with me.

Written on little sheets of paper shaped like Panda's heads, Linda had just shared some random little incidents and feelings with our older friend.

I had to laugh because it was so typical of Linda - the cute comic paper to make anyone smile and laugh and then the little random stories.

Then Irene shared something else with me; she told me how she had woken up that morning feeling very down but that all changed when she read Linda's letter.

It was not a very long letter, but it was just an act of kindness that certainly made a difference that morning.  In fact later our Pastor told me how this letter was the first thing she spoke of when he had arrived at her home to take her to the prayer meeting that evening.

So today I want to write about a very basic thing that more and more is getting overlooked by all of us these days.

A little thing like a handwritten letter can mean so much more to someone than we can imagine,

     it can bring tears of joy to someone,

          it can show love to someone,

               it can say "I still think of you and care about you even when I don't see you"

                    it can just keep that connection fresh between two people.

A little bit of effort on our part can mean a whole lot of joy and encouragement to someone else.

Who can you encourage this week?

So who are you going to write to this week?

Will it be a letter or will you buy a sweet card and add a greeting?

Will you make a card and give it the really personal touch?

Or will you think of other similar ways to connect with someone?

Let's see who God wants us to bless with our thoughtfulness this week.


  1. Anonymous22:03

    So, so sweet, Sandra. One act of kindness that truly touched a heart. I'm all for the lost art of letter writing. In our day of social media and bigger, better, faster the sweet handwritten note has lost it's value. I'm joining up with this group to spread some encouragement through the mail. If you haven't already, check out One card a week for 7 weeks, and you get one each week too! So blessed to have been your neighbor at #tellhisstory.

  2. I think handwritten cards and letters is fast becoming a lost art. I so love receiving and sending them. But, I am from an older era. Thank you for sharing. Cathy

  3. Oh lord. You just touched my heart so deeply and reminded me of a couple of tasks I need to take care of today. Thank you.

  4. I am currently doing a series about loving more and one of the steps is for the next 21 days to write a note to someone about why you love them. I've written to my husband for the first two because he is in need of encouragement right now, but it is amazing the love and happiness you feel by loving and serving others. I find myself need encouragement today, and taking those moments to focus on others really helps. This was a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Anonymous23:43

    Wow, God has blessed your daughter with a tender heart and using her to bless others. Thank you so much for sharing this. Beautiful!!

  6. Sandra, what a beautiful way to remind us how a simple handwritten note can minister in ways we know not. I think I am going to write some today! I truly am grateful I stopped here this morning from the Weekend Brew! Blessings!

  7. Anonymous20:30

    You are so right! A handwritten card or note can make all the difference in someone's day. I remember how my mom treasured notes like this even more than a phone call or visit. Blessed you linked up with The Weekend Brew.

  8. What a wonderful post, and what a wonderful gift your daughter gave to Irene, we can all learn so much from this. I like to cook for people but your post has opened my eyes to the simple things like a letter or card being just as important. Blessings

  9. Anonymous16:16

    I love that you raised your daughter to write letters! :) it was ingrained in me growing up, and I agree it is very important!

  10. Thank you for the reminder. There are so many times when a little letter makes a huge difference. Of to brainstorm recipients :)

  11. Our Pastor's wife lost her mother a few days ago and today I mailed two letters with a card. One a sympathy and the other a friendship card. I had only intended to send one, but the second one was for someone else, but in error I addressed both cards to Ginger. I will be writing my Grandson soon, and send him a copy of Sunday's digested sermon. He is on an LDS mission, even though we are not of that direction, he was getting into trouble, and the leaders took him aside and he made an about face. My hubby says, are we happy - maybe not, but it could be a lot worse, and he is having a great time.

  12. Anonymous02:02

    aw... letter writing - such a lost art

  13. What a wonderful reminder on the beauty of a hand-written letter! Now to consider who could use one in m life right now...Thanks for sharing at the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week!

  14. So many times we do put off that encouraging email or letter we do need to send. I've been putting one off that yes, friend - I'm adding to my list to Friday (grace grace grace)...

  15. I love to write and receive handwritten letters. Thanks for the reminder that these things matter. And thanks for joining #ThreeWordWednesday so faithfully.

  16. Sandra,

    I totally agree that the little things like letters can have such a huge impact. I always cherish snail mail, and I wish I would get snail mail more often. My grandmother who passed away several years ago, would always make sure me and my cousins, aunts, uncles got a birthday card for our birthdays! It was so fun to look forward to, and I miss that. I still have her last card.
    I just put three hand-made birthday cards in the mail today.

    I hope I will get a card too for my birthday tomorrow.

  17. One of my God-sized dreams for this year is to send encouragement to people in my life, one week at a time-- I have already done it a couple of times this month and how it comes back around to bless me is blowing my mind :-)

    Thanks for affirming my call and sharing this great bit of encouragement!

  18. Anonymous21:50

    Hi, Sandra. I'm stopping by from the Grace and Truth link-up. What an excellent reminder to take a little extra time to encourage others. You made me think of a friend whom I've been planning to send a card to. Thanks for sharing with us this week! :)
    Jen @ Being Confident of This

  19. Nice reminder. I know someone who needs to hear from me and now I realize how important it is.

  20. Yes, the art of letter writing has fallen by the wayside....will be giving your idea some thought♪

  21. Thank you for this post. Now and then I think of writing letters to friends far away I haven't seen in a long time, but do I? No. That shall change.

  22. Awesome. I think we should make the effort to write letters. It is always nice to receive something in the mail other than bills.

  23. Your story brought tears to my eyes! My friend Suzanne use to do a Seniors Birthday list. Each month she would e mail us a list of birthday folks, lots of them in assisted living etc. She would ask each of us to include a dollar if we could. One lady Suzanne knew at a nursing home facility told her she had no shoes and was borrowing someones when she went to appointments! The lady was able to purchase her own shoes! Touched my heart but Suzanne had to give it up. I wish someone would revive it! I enjoyed it! I lost my job in November and getting rejection after rejection really can get a person down. I could use a nice handwritten note or simple card. I still send them to all my kids and my sister and nieces too. I just mailed a bunch of Valentine cards. I love getting them and giving them too. Thanks for your share, have a beautiful day. Your daughter is a kind heart and your neighbor is a sweetheart too! Thank you

  24. Anonymous05:05

    This is a wonderful reminder of the power of doing something for someone that can make a huge difference in their life, even changing their mood. Thanks for the encouragement to do that something today! God bless!

  25. Nothing like the written word to make a difference to someone especially the older generation who are less comfortable with online communication #MagicMoments

  26. This is such a sweet story and a beautiful truth. Thank you for reminding me the encouragement that a simple letter can bring. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  27. what a lovely post, reminding us of what taking the time to write can do for another .. beautiful
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments (sorry i am late)

  28. What a sweet reminder to connect with others. The little things we do often mean the most. Thank you for linking up with #JoyHopeLive It was an honor to connect with you here.

  29. People email each other so frequently that handwritten letters are rare. A matter a fact they have stopped teaching cursive writing in school. I get cards with little letters from my grandmother on occassion.

  30. What a sweet story! Handwritten letters & cards are the best. I remember when the stores would be filled with pretty note paper to write letters on. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  31. Writing notes to people makes so much difference in their lives, especially through the mail but even a facebook message can uplift a soul. Thanks for sharing this I will pass it along as well.