Does My Nose Look Big in This? - A Dose of Encouragement

Someone said that 2014 was the year of the selfie.

So what was the greatest selfie?

The Greatest Selfie  -  There is none.

No Seriously  -  Does any selfie ever turn out really well?

They make your nose look enormous.

They put you all out of proportion.

They normally make one head look bigger than another when there are two or more of you.

Now Fred & I may be up to date with a lot of technical things (most people know that we like computers and iPads) but we are not that much into phones.

However in the past year we have taken a few selfies on our phones when we were on holiday in Malta in August (top left & middle left below), waiting for the St. Patrick's Day parade here in Northern Ireland in March (bottom right) and when we were having a walk around a lake near our home in the summertime when we wanted to get the ducks in the background (middle right).

Then I remembered we had taken one the previous Christmas time with our son on a walk around an old castle (bottom left) and over 5 years ago we had taken some when we were on a hot air balloon flight in Belgium (top right)

But in no way would I have thought of any of those as being great photos of us, just ones that make us laugh.

However there are a few different types of selfies within our family that are more unique

Daniel and Linda outside Daniel's old music studio about 7 years ago.

One I took in the mirror in our hallway early last year.

Then there is this one that I took last week on the iPad when Fred & I were chatting on facetime while he was working in Luxembourg.

Selfies are definitely the in thing and that is further proved by all the new poles to hold your phone so that you can have the phone further out to help take a decent selfie, to make sure the camera is not too close to that nose.

And the other factor about the selfie is that we can have the picture right there and then on our phone or iPad, no waiting!

Yes, This is a selfie generation.

Which ultimately leads it to being a selfish generation.

Selfies focus all attention on you.

It is all about you.

Life today is full of 

the ME mentality, 

the NOW mentality 


the MUST HAVE mentality.

Oh Lord that we would be able to look beyond ourselves and have the panoramic picture of what you want for the world and for each of us and not the selfie picture.

If we get drawn into this selfie mentality we are not going to be in the plan of God.

The Bible teaches us to love others, to care for others, to intercede for others but how will we know how to do this if we have this selfie mentality, if we are only focused on ourselves?

Let's focus on God instead because as we do so we will find that we will be more open to the prompting of His Spirit to intercede for others.

Let's focus on God because as we do so we will have more love to extend to others.

Let's focus on God because as we do so we will become more like Jesus and experience His caring nature for others.

I don't want to be in the little group of me, myself and I - do you?

The Bible also teaches us that people will know we are Christians by our Love which will be like Christ's Love.

I am so thankful that Jesus did not have the selfie mentality.


  1. "I am so thankful that Jesus did not have the selfie mentality." --> Amen. Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday.

    1. I'm right with you Kristin. Amen!

  2. Anonymous01:39

    So appropriate for this generation to hear! and me! oh, I do hate selfies! it does make my nose look big - thanks for helping me see it's not just me.

  3. I'm also thankful that Jesus did not have the selfie mentality! I'd much rather take pictures of God's creation than myself.

  4. Great perspective! I completely agree. Being self absorbed is good only in the short run, if we are reflective and trying to correct our vision of the world God put us into. Thanks so much for your encouraging words.

  5. I'm not a selfie fan. I NEVER like the way I come out in them so I avoid them like the plague! A pet peeve on FB is when certain friends obsess with selfies and flood their feed and mine with a host of them. Thankfully, Jesus' camera eye was never on Himself . . . but on the sparrow.

  6. I hadn't really thought much about selfies until I saw a blog post a few weeks back about how they are very me focused. When fb first came our and before everyone had phones in their camera my hubby and I would take selfies with our camera and my mom always called fb photos. Now they are everywhere. We really do love ourselves. I'm glad Jesus isn't like us. Great reflection.

  7. Amen! I am ready to join the revolution! Enough of the selfie (and entitlement) mentality. "FOCUS ON GOD!"

  8. This makes me laugh... And grateful I am not really into selfies either :-) While my nose usually isn't the issue, I am not really a huge fan. And yes, super thankful Jesus wasn't selfie motivated either! Thanks for sharing this, Sandra. Much appreciate it.

  9. Anonymous17:28

    Amen! So thankful for our Savior's selfless love. Thanks so much for linking up at CMB.

  10. Wonderful thoughts. Thank you for linking up at pin worthy Wednesday, this has been pinned.

  11. Loved this blog & the analogy you drew from "selfies". So grateful to have stopped here this morning! Blessings!

  12. I am like you, that I don't do many selfies bc I am never happy with how I look, But after reading your post, I may live to much of a selfie life. :( May I focus more on God than myself. ~gina

  13. This is so fun to read. So true. We've become a narcissistic people because of Selfie. Gone are the days when you take selfie only because there's no one to take your photo and you want to capture the moment.

  14. I never take selfless because I just don't like how they turn out. Thanks for sharing at The Weekend Brew!

  15. I don't have the equipment to do the selfie thing, but I do enjoy the quick head shot that is sent to me on FB. Your photos are fun and give your family a look at the good time you are having. Being able to chat with your hubby while he is away at his work, is a wonderful item to enjoy. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a True Story.

  16. You've successfully used something we're all familiar with to connect us to a truth we all need. Well done!

  17. Amen! Thanks for sharing this post. This selfie thing has gotten out of control. Time to focus on the One who really is worth our adoration! Thanks for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

  18. Amen! I despise selfies! I am thankful Jesus chose to be self-less. Wonderful post!

  19. I absolutely LOVE what you had to say in this post, Sandra! While I get that everyone takes a picture of themselves and possibly a friend/family member now and again, I am NOT a fan of the recent obsession with selfies. I def agree that they seem to be all about the unholy trinity: Me, Myself, and I. Thank you for driving home this point:

    "The Bible teaches us to love others, to care for others, to intercede for others but how will we know how to do this if we have this selfie mentality..."

    Praising God for this reminder and His overflowing grace for those still a little late jumping on the anti-selfie bandwagon.

    God Bless,

    PS: Visiting you today via the Grace & Truth Linkup :)

  20. Much truth here! I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago on this very topic. When we make ourselves our focus, we have set ourselves up as an idol. Blech! Only Jesus should be our focus. Thanks for linking up at Grace & Truth

  21. Wonderful post and photos on 'My Nose' selfies ~

    Happy Weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  22. Anonymous04:56

    Never was into selfies or phones - but cameras, yes!

  23. Nicely written, Sandra. I used to say that Jesus had no 'groupies'.
    Now I can say that He has not selfies either. Right on, :)

  24. I don't like it when I'm out with friends and all they want to do is take pictures! I'd much rather chat and eat.

  25. Oh my gosh! I thought I was the ONLY ONE who hated selfies.
    And yes, you're right, they're disturbing on two levels. They flatter neither the face nor the soul.

  26. I have never mastered the selfie so I am not too troubled by it. Sometime I hate seeing people primping in front of the camera and on social media. Especially the younger generation. I just don't think they think sometime. I enjoyed this read. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I love this title! What a fun way to look at selfies and the fact that God had the opposite philosophy!