Give Me an Eighth Day in the Week!!! - A Dose of Encouragement

Well I've been more busy reading books and other bloggers than thinking about or writing my own blog so I had to get caught up and ahead of myself because the whole family will be here together soon for a week and I won't have time to write posts then.

There are just so many distractions and daily chores (just added that in to try to make you believe that I do some housework) that a day can soon be filled up.

I enjoy going on twitter each morning and evening to catch up with what some interesting people are saying but this usually involves reading blog posts and website write ups so I get carried away and amazed at how much time I spend on this especially when I do scroll quickly through the tweets of all these twitterers ( is that a real word?) probably it should be tweeters but I'm not too worried about being completely up to date with all the jargon.

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Then there are all the lures by the freebies offered and retweeted by everyone.  
I am amazed that anyone makes any money by selling ebooks or apps as they all seem to be offered free on a regular basis, but I'm not complaining and my iPad and my kindle will prove that as they are filling up very nicely with apps and ebooks that I'm not sure I ever will get round to using and reading.  Oh no I need more time to do everything!

Of course there is this great thing where I just "favourite" a tweet so that when I have more time I can come back and read the web article in full, but when do I have more time?

There is a growing store of these starred tweets which are patiently sitting waiting for me to think of them and free up some time to come and take proper notice of them.  "Give me an eighth day in the week Lord because I need to read my favourites" is my cry.  

Then there are those notifications that pop up to let me know that there is some activity on facebook and so I delve in to see who has put up something good, what my daughter is doing in South Korea via photos, and of course get into a discussion thread in one of the blogging groups.

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There are loads of interesting things here too so I'm saving posts to read in detail later and then there goes that cry again because I don't know when I'll ever find enough time to do all the catching up I want to.

And we can't forget about Pinterest because there are all those lovely pictures to click and pin and create boards for and to hope that lots of people will follow our boards and repin our pins and there again is the cry for that eighth day because someday I do want to go back and find that particular pin I pinned and make the item because that was my original intention.

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My husband Fred's cry is give me an eighth day in the week so that I can get up-to-date with my personal emails & my travel expenses (at least the latter would be profitable monetarily but the former would be profitable in keeping up with his life).

But I know that ours is not the only household where people are saying I don't have enough time for everything.

I often look back and say how did I manage to get three children out to school each day, go out and teach at another school, look after the house and regularly be involved in Kids Work through the church.  Plus still have time to read and enjoy activities with Fred & the kids.

Was I crying out for an eighth day in the week then too?     YES!

How do we all do the things we do?   
Why do we feel like we never get caught up?

What gets the shove?
What gets put on the todo list today and constantly gets flipped on to tomorrow's list and then the next day?

It should be: 

The things that are NOT the most important for the quality of our time spent here on earth.

The things that we will not regret having shoved to one side.

The things that will not be in our minds as "If only I had used my time for that" later in our lives.

The things that we often misguidedly think need to be done to make our homes the greatest homes possible.

It should not be: 

The things that ARE the most important for the quality of our time sent here on earth.

The things that God has asked us to do for Him.

The things that go hand in hand with us raising a good God fearing family.

The things that help others.

The things that show God's Love to others.

The things that bring others to know Salvation.

The things that draw us closer to God.

These should be our priorities because they are God's priorities

So if God ever did give me an eighth day in the week I think I would manage to do all that He wants me to do and then I would probably want a ninth day to do all the rest.

But I have to make the effort to manage the time He has given me as a good steward and believe that He knows just the right amount of time that I need because He is the perfect one and I am only human.

God has given you the right time you need too.



  1. Hi Sandra, I can certainly relate to having your time eaten by nonessentials. Distractions eat my time too. I'm challenged by Jesus' words to Martha in Luke 10:41-42. He commended Mary for choosing what wouldn't be taken away from her. How I want to live knowing I've done the one thing—loved Him in the way He's called me to this day.

    1. Exactly Debbie, the quality things in life

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Cassidy, nice to meet you, thanks for dropping by

  3. Time is such a gift and sadly we all take mis-manage it. I recently read power of a half hour and it has really helped me understand how important using our time wisely is.

    1. Hi Jen, yes every hour & half hour count.

  4. Oh, there has been so many weeks when I wanted 8 days but then I would just fill them up to the brim again. So the secret isn't in more time but in using that time better. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Counting My Blessings.

  5. Haha, Sandra. How you've summed all up what most of us are thinking. Will an 8th day really suffice? Not sure. :)

  6. We would just fill up the 8th day too!

    I am in the midst of raising the kiddos and just wonder when it will ever slow down. Thanks for shooting down my hope ;-)

    Enjoy your family and know you are not the only one hoping for an eighth day of the week!

  7. Anonymous02:00

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sandra, on an "eighth" day. Love how you ended this post by encouraging us to spend our time wisely, on the things that really matter....spreading God to all we meet. Blessings!

  8. Well said, Sandra! I feel like that too some days but I think we would find a way to get that 8th day busy also lol! Thanks so much for sharing your article. Blessings from #bloggercaregroup :)

  9. ohh I'm with you! Never enough time but I figure, hey, things will wait for me! :)

  10. Visiting from Words of Comfort and this was a great reminder. We really have to prioritize our time and lives. I definitely want to be more intentional about the things that matter. Great post!

  11. Great post and reminder for us Sandra! Thanks for sharing your words of encouragement with us at #WordsOfComfort Link Up today! I'm blessed and happy to have you in my blog sharing!


  12. I'd be in trouble having an 8th day, but I understand where you are coming from. I'm thankful for your lists of what's important here and that God directs out steps. Following you at Holley's today.

  13. I know how it feels to want an eighth day. I have so much to do. I think if we prioritize Him all the rest will fall into place.

  14. Anonymous18:57

    Oh to have my priorities line up with God's!

  15. I've never asked for another day, but I have asked for a few more hours in each day. Days seem to fill up with tasks and chores, don't they? What a great article and reminder for all of us to slow down and guard our time. Thanks so much for posting in Reflect His Love and Glory.

  16. Over the years, I have found myself setting a timer to help cut back on all the exciting things going on on social media and blogs. I can't help but wonder what kind of neat things I missed out on because my priorities were not in proper alignment. Thank you for this reminder, because I need to pull that timer back out to get me where I need to be. Thank you for linking up with Thankful Thursdays.

  17. Super post, Sandra! :) Thanks for linking at Women With Intention Wednesdays!

  18. I can relate to that!! Reading The Best Yes by Lysa Terkuerst has halped me is so many ways. Check it out!!

  19. Sandra, I have been teaching on this very subject recently-- thanks for affirming this, esp as I learn to live out my One Word of Rest this year.

  20. Anonymous04:12

    I can definitely relate to this! It's so easy to get caught up in the digital world that I forget the important things here in the real world. I'm trying to make more time to set things aside and take a breath and enjoy. It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and not really see or feel any of it.

  21. thanks for great post .it is realy helpful