Friday, 11 September 2015

How to PREPARE for a Car Boot Sale! - Housework/Funwork

Very busy recently with clearing out some of our daughters things from our house while she was here for a short holiday from South Korea.

She was sooooo good about making decisions on the things that she had left behind in our Guest Room.

I should have taken pictures of the before but I didn't think at the time.

Anyway she had things in:

  • two sets of drawers, 
  • one hanging rail 
  • several bags and boxes piled up in another hanging area

Now she has things in:
  • one sets of drawers, 
  • half of one hanging rail 

Didn't she do well!!

She spurred me on so that I packed up quite a few things for the Church Car Boot Sale (as well as the things she was donating) and actually was able to go and help out at one of them.

Here again I should have got some pictures of the Car Boot Sale but hindsight is a great thing.

I do have some pictures of the things I decluttered and put out for the Car Boot Sale however.

Car Boot Sale

Before going to a Car Boot Sale it really is a good idea to be as organised as possible as well as making sure that the items you are going to sell are clean and not broken or chipped.

I was going with a friend but we were both taking our own cars and setting up our own tables.

Make sure you go early, yes earlier than the organisers of the Car Boot Sale tell you to be there because the people who want to buy will come early and you really need to be set up first.

We parked the cars side by side and had our Church Charity Banner to tie between the two cars.

If you are selling for a charity or special cause do make sure you have some kind of banner or sign up because some people will be a little more generous when they know the money is not just going into your pocket.  

Our church has been doing this for a few years now so we have a good banner and we also have some postcard sized cards with more info. printed for giving out.

I have two tables to take with me:  a large square one and a small, low rectangular one.

Then I can also put some baskets on the ground too.

I put all the Dvds into one basket

I put all the books into one basket

I put small items that I could charge 20p for into a tin

I put items I could charge 50p for into a basket

I put all the clothes into one bag for carrying there and then they can be placed neatly on a table or hung up.

I put all the kitchen, dining or ornamental things in one bag for carrying to the Car Boot Sale and then these would be placed on the table there.

I put all the candles into one lidded container

I placed all the Christmas items in one bag together.
Yes I know it's only September but people are buying Christmas decorations already.

I had a brand new King size Sheet and a brand new pair of pyjamas to take as well

I had 3 large craft type bags and two handbags but only took this picture of 2 of the bags (all 3 large craft bags sold easily - should have asked for more money)

I also had a pile of hangers to use or to sell

I also made some notices on card to show the price of the items in certain containers

All of this make it easier to pack the car to go to the sale, unload unto the tables and ground for the sale, pack the things away again into the same bags and just lift the baskets back into the car.

Then of course when I got home again it was easy to unload the bags and baskets etc. into the garage to wait for the next one.

Don't forget to have a float of money with you for the car boot sale to give 
your customers change from the nice large notes you hope they will be parting with 
and also to pay for your spot at the event.

365 Items in 365 Days

You may have noticed that I didn't mention how I was doing with my decluttering at the end of last month and this was simply because the blog post about the new shed was rather long so I'm catching up for August  here now.

Because of the Car Boot Sale and Linda's good clear-out a lot of things went from the house in August but I am only going to count my things for the 365 in 365

2 items Thrown Out

64  items To Car Boot Sale

1 item Given Away

So running total gives me

January     29
February   42
March       31
April           8
May            0
June          57
July           26
August      67
TOTAL    260 items  in  243 days  

So I am 17 ahead at the moment!


A Car Boot Sale can be hard work but if you are friendly with the people who come to look around then they will be friendly too and make the event more pleasant plus going with a friend means you can have a chat now and again and a break for coffee as you can take it in turn to look after both sets.
This can be classed in my eyes as more FUNWORK than HOUSEWORK especially as once you have everything sorted out and signs made for the sale the next one is much easier to tackle.


  1. You're doing great with the 365 Items in 365 Days challenge Sandra! And great job inspiring your daughter to declutter too :)

  2. Well done! I am the pitcher in my family. My husband is the keeper. It is a constant battle, but I am starting to make some headway!

  3. Great organization! Just another reminder that I need to go through my stuff. ;)

  4. Great tips! I love that you kept everything organized. Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday!

  5. It sounds like you were very organized for your sale. These are super suggestions. Thanks for sharing them at the #AnythingGoes Link Party.