Friday, 15 January 2016

A Simple Little Heart Recycle - Housework/Funwork

Preparations coming up to Christmas and having family here over Christmas doesn't leave a lot of time to declutter or tackle any jobs I might have on my list but even getting a little thing done is helpful.

As I was sorting out some of the many things that had accumulated around my desk (which I have been gradually working on for ages) I came across two hearts.

They were from our niece Joanne's Wedding over 2 years ago and had been our place names at the wedding reception.

I like black and white and was sure that I could find some way of using them on a project so had kept them, but up to now I had not thought of how to use them.

Then now after two years I see them and suddenly have an idea.

If you have read previous blog posts of mine about my study and about things I love then you will know that I really do love hearts and have quite a few hearts around the study and the house.

In fact on the bathroom door and the back toilet door I have hearts to show what the room is

I had got these on ebay and loved them so I also later contacted the lady selling them to see if she had ones with study and office on them but she didn't.

Well I know that these hearts are not the same but I just thought I would use them anyway and all I needed was some blu tac and a pair of scissors.

I snipped off the long parts of the black ribbon just leaving the little bows on each heart, then stuck them to the doors with some blu tac.

How simple a recycle was that?

I didn't add the words study or office because I would not be able to match the special calligraphy already on them but the names would do just fine as the study is mine and the office is Fred's.

Well now to look at the final results of my

DECLUTTERING  &  365 in 365 for 2015

If you are interested in more detail or see what room or job was tackled around the house then click on the Month to go see the relevant post.


Total of 29 items for this month.
Not bad only 2 short for the 31 days in January


Total of 42 items for this month.
Not bad for the 28 days in February.


Total of 31 this month so exactly right in 31 Days


Total 8 out of 30  for April
Not so good


Nothing decluttered this month


I did really well!
57 items this month

26 items went this month

So running total gives me


67 things this month really helped me catch up and actually get ahead.

So running total gives me


Fighting a Throat infection kept me back in September getting only 9 items decluttered 


Again only 12 in October but I think I can blame the fact that we were waiting for the birth of our first grandchild at the end of the month

but  better in November with 28 items

so total now up to November was

January        29
February      42
March          31
April              8
May               0
June             57
July              26
August         67
September    9
October      12
November   28
TOTAL    309 items  in  334 days  

This left me with 56 items to declutter in December to reach my goal and here's how I did


Car Boot Sale  -  18 items

Thrown Out   -   21 items

Selling on GUMTREE  -  23 items

62 in total

so final total of  371 in 365 days  -  SUCCESS!


  1. Way to go Sandra! I'm so proud of you and I bet your home is feeling much less cluttered after all your hard work.

  2. Hey Sandra,

    Wow! You've been busy decluttering! It feels good to get rid of the junk, doesn't it!

    And, I love those hearts! My baby was born on Valentines, and I've really loved hearts more since then!

    Found your post today on Wise Woman.
    Hope you have a blessed day~

  3. These hearts are so cute! I love them! Thanks so much for sharing at Inspiration Thursday Sandra. I really enjoy partying with you every week.

  4. Oh my God I cannot keep up with those numbers! Great idea with the hearts though! As always your blog is so homey!

  5. Nice work decluttering! Love the upcycle! :)

  6. I love what you did with those hearts and way to go with getting rid of all that stuff! Thanks for joining us at Friday Frivolity and hope to see you again this week.