Scrapbooking Freebies!!! - Coffee & Conversation

I have an interest in Scrapbooking but I'm not so keen that I have done several.

For my mother's 90th Birthday I made a scrap book covering all the big events in her and daddy's life together.  This was an actual scrap book and I have always thought that I would do more to cover special events in my life too but so far they have only been in the planning list stage with only a few items gathered together.

Now the emphasis is all on digital scrap booking and I have started to dabble into this too.

Of course unless I am sure that I will make great use of something, I am reluctant to spend money on it (hence my iPad is full of free apps - and they are very good too).  So when I discovered a place where I could get free downloads I waded in and now I get emails with scrapbooking freebies.


So I thought I would share this with you for any other dabblers like me or more serious digital scrappers.

Go along to My Memories and register for the emails which will bring you notifications of lots of free items.  You will also receive info on all the products for sale and special offers on a regular basis.

Then have a look on the left side bar of their site for the words  "Free Kits" and make sure you free up some time to look through all the many pages of these.

I won't guarantee these will to make you a better scrapper
but there is the potential to do so 


please don't blame me if you are tempted to buy some things too.


  1. I love scrapbooking; though I will admit I haven't put a page together for over a year. It was so much easier when my boys were little. Sounds funny to say that but somehow I always found time to scrapbook all their firsts and our vacations and day trips...

  2. Thanks for sharing at Booknificent Thursday on!

  3. I tried scrapbooking once and was so terrible at it! LOL My mother did it for awhile as well but I think it was the cost that ultimately did her in. I printed out 200 family photos last year and they haven't even made it into the plain old photo albums I bought! hahaha It's wonderful to have a scrapbook!

  4. Well this was timely for me! I am going to include this post in my blog post coming up about preserving family memories and faith stories! Thanks so much for sharing this. I used to do paper scrap booking, but have fallen off. This sounds very interesting, and also a great tool for graphics in general.