Dumb Witness - Book Review

I am reading through the novels of Agatha Christie in the order in which they were written and writing a review on each one.

Dumb Witness



An elderly spinster has been poisoned in her country home…
Everyone blamed Emily’s accident on a rubber ball left on the stairs by her frisky terrier. But the more she thought about her fall, the more convinced she became that one of her relatives was trying to kill her.
On April 17th she wrote her suspicions in a letter to Hercule Poirot. Mysteriously he didn’t receive the letter until June 28th… by which time Emily was already dead…

My Thoughts

This is the 28th book by Agatha Christie and the 15th Poirot Mystery

Okay I don't like cats, I do like dogs but not enough to be a dog owner.  So I would not particularly be drawn to a story which seems to be written about a dog.

However I love this book.

I have read it a few times and always enjoy how she has carefully written certain aspects to each of the suspects' character.  I like the way they are each not how we expect them to be and actually in the end nearly all of them are displaying different feelings and actions than before.  It is as if we have an aquaintance with them to start with but then get to know them and they have relaxed in front of us by the end.

Of course the dog Bob cannot speak but by getting to know his character as well the mystery is solved.

I would almost guarantee that the first person you think is the murderer will not be the one you think of half way through the book and certainly not the one who is revealed at the end.

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