Smile God Loves You! Ephesians 5:2 - Sunday Scripture

This Sunday's Scripture on God's Love is Ephesians 5:2  

So many times when looking at a verse from Scripture I come back to these 
Question Words.





 In this verse we are exhorted to Walk in Love but the verse goes on to tell us how to do this 
by following the example of God's Love.

Who gives the example for us to follow?
Christ.   We have seen that He loves us.

How do we know He loves us?
He gave Himself in our place.

What did He become?
An offering for us to God, a sacrifice instead of us.

Why did He do that?
To make an aroma of fragrance for God to be able to enjoy.

Because of Jesus we can be a sweet fragrance unto God.

If God had not had such great love for us then Christ would not have loved us and there would have been no sacrifice to prepare our way back to God.

It all stems from God's Love to us.

There is no hope for us without God's Love for us.

Surely this should make us smile each day.


  1. Sandra,

    God's love is good reason to smile. Thanks for sharing this blessing with me this morning! :D

  2. What a great reminder: Walk in LOVE!
    As we gather with family and friends on the 4th, this is terrific encouragement to keep the party going by remembering we've been empowered by God to love.

  3. These are beautiful thoughts on love, Sandra! Thank you for sharing this over at GraceFull Tuesday today.

  4. Thank you Sandra. I love how you used "Who, How, What and Why" to explain the scripture.

  5. Such a cute Title, it did make me smile :-)

  6. LOVE! Yes, always the best advice!

  7. Yes, it all stems from God's love for us! Great truth.

  8. God's love is overwhelming and all encompassing. It goes before us, behind us and holds us together. We could meditate on it a lifetime and still on scratch the surface of its magnificence! Thanks for your post!

  9. On a particularly challenging day I needed this reminder so thank you #AnythingGoes