Saturday, April 25

Looking to Listen to Good Christian Songs - Stuck at Home & Need Help?

Are you stuck in the house?

If you are confined to home

             or self-isolating

                          or off work because the kids are ill

    or perhaps the weather is just too cold or stormy to get out

 then you probably want some good songs to listen to.

If So  


This is the place to find all my posts on Songs I have mentioned or ones I like to listen to.

Just click on the pics or the Titles to find out more.

There is a Series called Songs for Worship

There is a Series called Songs for Kids

Creation  -    Who Made?
Easter  -    He's Alive
Prayer  -    Whisper a Prayer
Bible  -    I will Make you Fishers of Men
Love of Jesus  -    Jesus Loves the Little Children
Love of Jesus  -    Jesus' Love is very Wonderful
The Attributes of God  -    God is So Good 
The Promises of God  -    No Never Alone

Then there are some of

This link will take you to my private folder on You Tube 

This post will of course be updated at different times in the future so do check back.

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